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Team #94: Michael and Kevin (TAR17)

2020.08.07 23:34 AriasLover Team #94: Michael and Kevin (TAR17)

Team #94) Michael and Kevin (TAR17, 7th)
The first TAR season filmed in the 2010’s fittingly features the first of a new type of TAR team: the social media star. This team consists of YouTuber Kevjumba and his father Michael. This was somewhat of a big deal at the time when YouTube/social media culture was in its heyday. However unlike one would expect from a YouTuber team, they aren’t super “camera aware” or OTT. It was very easy to forget they were a stunt casting team in the first place as they just felt like a normal team with a normal relationship.
Their relationship was interesting to watch. Michael is a Taiwanese immigrant and Kevin was raised in America. Obviously there are some cultural differences between the two and they have some trouble “getting” the other in a way that plenty of other parent-child teams do as well. In particular Kevin comes off as heavily critical of his father and the way he performs in the race, often making subtle backhanded comments about his father being weak. Despite this they manage to be endearing and likable overall, and get plenty of sweet moments like Kevin encouraging Michael in Ghana when they finish last in the NEL, or sitting on the ice chairs in Sweden.
They eventually go out after incurring two penalties in Russia, on top of Michael struggling with the roadblock which pushed them from second to the back of the pack. 7th felt like a fitting placement for them, as they had time to make their mark on the season without overstaying their welcome, and barely cracking the top 100 feels like a fitting place to go in the rankdown for them as well.
My replacement is Laura and Tyler (TAR26), another vanilla winning team, but this one at least has some complexity due to the blind date dynamic.
Current pool:
-Chris and Alex (TAR2, winners)
-Brian and Greg (TAR7, 6th)
-Fran and Berry (TAR9, 5th)
-Rachel and Dave (TAR20, winners)
-Tim and Te Jay (TAR25, 6th)
-Kym and Alli (TAR25, 5th)
-Laura and Tyler (TAR26, winners)
Azaria and Hendekea safe until cut 83.
Flight Time and Big Easy 2.0 safe until cut 54.
Denise and James Earl safe until cut 53.
Kynt and Vyxsin 1.0 safe until cut 52.
Meredith and Gretchen safe until cut 50.
Margie and Luke 1.0 safe until cut 50.
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2018.08.30 08:37 halafunny What are your thoughts of the metrosexual look being more desired by non-asian females?

I'm talking about the pretty boy pop singer look. Seems like the ones that date out the most are the wannabe kpop idols and not the frat guys that lift weights.
This guy scored a date like it was nothing because of his style.
Seems like girls dig that style on asians more than a fung bros, kevjumba, or niga higa style.
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2016.04.10 01:19 throwaway47916 White woman, attracted to asian and hapa men, feeling inferior

Hey everyone. I'm a mid-20ies woman living in Europe. I've been lurking this subreddit for a while now and finally wanted to make a post (but anonymously). The first few times reading here, I was quite shocked. I've always known that asian men are very under- and misrepresented in media, and that asian sex tourism and mail order brides exist, but I never knew things were this bad. I feel genuinely sorry for everyone here who has to live with racism, both from society and their parents.
Tbh, I always thought of mixed white-asian people as "the best of both worlds", in a weird way. I've always been equally attracted to white men and asian men. I like dark hair, slenderness and "fine" facial features and a bit of a "fragile" look. Personality wise, it's all about kindness, intelligence and integrity for me. Some examples of men I find attractive: one (asian), two (hapa), three (white), four (asian), five (white), six (asian), seven (white, but looks mixed asian).
Despite this, I've never dated an asian or half-asian guy. Why is that? It's because I feel somewhat inferior around them. Asian women are considered more beautiful than white women on average, they're thinner, have better skin, fuller and silkier hair, age slower and have no cellulite. When I see or meet an asian guy, I automatically think that there's no way he could be attracted to an average looking white girl. I imagine him literally screaming in terror at the sight of my thighs :D :/ I'm not bad looking, but from what I've seen and heard I would probably be considered ugly and fat in Korea, Japan or China. Wouldn't the asian and half-asian men living in my country share the beauty ideals of his race? Reality seems to prove these negative thoughts right: I've never ever been "hit on" by an asian or half asian man, whether in real life or online, whereas I get hit on a good amount by white and arab men. I sometimes see asian men that I consider pretty cute (last example was just a few hours ago at the supermarket, which made me start this post actually) but I never dare to try flirting with them or even make eye contact for longer than a second. It's like, why would he be interested in me when I don't fit the asian standard of beauty?
So ... what's your input on this? Is it true that asian and half asian men have high standards in terms of beauty? Or at least higher than white, arab and black men?
P.S.: I wanna make it very clear that I'm not an "asian chaser". I don't watch anime or manga and I don't listen to k-pop. I'm on average more often attracted to europeans, because those are the majority where I live. But I'm also attracted to asians, hence this post.
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2014.08.06 02:19 Tyron14 A short analysis about The Know.

TL;DR in comments.
In this report I will go over 3 main topics:
View count
View count isn't everything when it comes to judging internet videos and youtube, but it certainly is a major factor. Generally, a video or a channel that gets more views will make more money than a video or channel with less views. This is thinking about it in a purely cost per impression driven revenue stream which isn't always the case but is close enough for what I'll be going through. Comparing view count however, isn't exactly straight forward. For example, isn't it unfair to compare the view count of a video that has been up for 2 months to a video that has been up for 1 year? If you were to compare the view count, you would think that a video being up 10 months longer would give it a major advantage in this category. Is this true in actuality? Lets start by looking at the Youtube's Golden Child, Gangnam style. Gangnam style's view count over time looks like this:
Gangnam View Count Over Time
Notice how its cumulative view count over time curve never really plateaus. This is more evident when you look at its daily view count below. From this you can see that Gangnam Style is still getting a considerable number of views per day with a number of considerable spikes in its view count, even after being up for almost 2 years.
Gangnam Daily View Count
Below is the curve for the Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour video. Like the Gangnam Style curve, this videos view count is still significantly increasing over time, despite being over 3 years old.
Rooster Teeth Facility Tour
If you were to compare the view count of two Gangnam Style or RT Facility Tour type videos, then the video that has been up longer would have a major advantage. Based on this, I should create some equation that allows me to raise or age the view count of videos uploaded by The Know so that with a clean conscience I can compare that data to to the older videos uploaded by RT News. However, will all the work I put into developing and curve fitting some general equation really make a difference when I go to compare the two? I personally don't think so. Gangnam Style and RT Facility Tour are a whole different type of video compared to the ones I will be looking at. Gangnam Style is something people will want to watch a few times and will want to come back and watch after a month or so. RT News and The Know are not videos that people will generally watch twice or again after a month. I get it, Ashley and Meg are hot and Gus's voice while doing ad reads makes me weak in the knees but this really doesn't have anything to do with them and almost solely is dependant on the fact that they are reporting news. Almost all news has an expiry date. I mean even CNN ultimately stopped reporting on MH370. Not very many sane people like to go back and read the daily paper from 6 months ago. At least not enough to be significant. So the view count over time and daily views of RT News and The Know looks like this.
News View Count
News Daily Views
As you would expect, the subscribers (or any avid follower) of the channel make up a vast majority of the total views, all within the first few days. The next 5 days or so some stragglers come in and after more than a week the amount of views that continue to roll in amounts to close to zero. Now obviously given enough time (or people with too much time) these stragglers can add up to a significant portion of the views, however for this analysis I will imagine that they have a negligible effect because of the time frame I am working with.
TLDR; Thus far. I have given rational for why I will directly compare the view count of videos which have different upload dates and pretend (or perhaps make up is more accurate) that all factors, other than which channel posted them, are controlled.
Alright lets jump into some data.
I looked at the view count of 212 videos of The Know (all data was gathered June 9th and I omitted a number of videos to allow for that greater than one week plateau that I talked about earlier) and determined that The Know had a mean view count of 37,732 with a standard deviation of 18,256. This means that 68% of The Know videos have a view count between 19,476 and 55,988. The videos made up a right tailed distribution as seen from the histogram below.
The Know Histogram
For the statistically uninitiated, this plot isn't anything mind boggling and easy for anyone to grasp. Essentially the horizontal axis shows a range of view count and the vertical axis shows how many videos fall between that range. So for example, there are 6 videos that have between 12,500 and 15,000 views. 11 videos that have between 15,000 and 17,500 views and so on. This histogram isn't incredibly important to what I have to say at this part but I will come back to it later. The significance of this distribution being right tailed means that videos below the mean are closer together as opposed to the videos that have view counts above the mean, which are more spread out.
From all 140 RT News videos I found that they had a mean view count of 198,021 with a standard deviation of 73,200. This means that 68% of RT News videos have between 124,821 and 271,221 views. RT News has a much more symmetrical distribution which can be seen below.
RT News Histogram
Now you may be wondering, who was fired over this terrible decision because they created such a massive drop in viewership? How could a Youtube veteran like Rooster Teeth make such an appalling mistake? And is Burnie now spending every possible minute furiously refreshing a browser with 20 tabs of The Know videos in hopes that if he can get the view count high enough, Matt won't be forced to fire his girlfriend?
Nah, this change in view count isn't really a big deal. Well view count is a big deal and no Youtube channel or internet video based company with any sense of self preservation will let their average view count drop to less than 20% of its original value without making some drastic changes. But like I said, this change in view count isn't really a big deal. Why? Lets look at some more stats.
RT News posted its 140 videos over a period of 197 days. These 140 videos pulled in 27,722,954 total views. That means that RT News was averaging 140,726 views per day by posting 0.71 videos per day. The Know on the other hand posted its 212 videos over a period of just 75 days. These videos pulled in 7,999,125 views. The Know was averaging 106,655 views per day by posting 2.83 videos per day. Doesn't seem like such a wide margin now does it?
Change in Content
Now the skeptics might say “but now RT has to produce nearly 4 times the amount of content to get only 76% of the views.” To that I would answer that RT only has to produce about 2.35 times the content to get 76% of the views. Over its 140 video span, RT News had an averaged video length of 4:08 with a standard deviation of 59 seconds. That means RT News was producing 2.94 minutes of content per day. Now I firmly believe that his next part is the biggest reason, if not the sole reason, why RT decided to split The Know into its own channel. The 245 The Know videos I looked at (didn't have to exclude any videos because unlike view count, the length of a posted video doesn't change with time... I hope) had an average length of 2:19 with a standard deviation of 40 seconds. This means that 100% of the videos had a length between -12 and 5 quintillion seconds. Quite impressive really. The Know was on average producing 6.91 minutes of content every day. Take 6.91 and divide it by 2.94, and thats how I got 2.35 which I mentioned at the start of this paragraph.
So whats this big reason I talked about? I bet that the reason had something to do with Ashley being sick of ugly video titles that looked like this “News: Steam Passes 65 Million Users + PS4's Full Capabilities + Something Totally Unrelated To The First Two.” First of all, who wants to read all that? No one on the internet reads anything longer than a few words. Which gives me so much hope that all the work I put into writing this will payoff by having other people enjoy and learn from it. And second, when you look a the front page of New York Times, do they have three stories grouped into one mega article or video? Of course not. I think the big reason that the RT News people wanted their own channel was so they could make shorter more direct videos that focused on 1 item of news per video instead of 3 while still ramping up the generation of news content. One response to that statement is “so brave of you to say that when you have 3 months of hindsight and all the data that comes with it at your disposal.” But the vastly more interesting response is why didn't Rooster Teeth allow shorter news videos to be posted more frequently on their main channel? I have trouble believing that Rooster Teeth was surprised when the view count of The Know didn't compare to the view count of RT News. So if they knew that they were going to lose views, why did they split the channels? I think its because they are aware of the #1 Youtube channel killer.
This part is going to have to be more anecdotal and less fact based. In advance I apologize for not screen caping all the relevant info and interviewing people 5 or more years ago to build my case for my conclusion. You're just going to have to trust me on this or bring up any grievances you have in the comments.
Youtube is a very different place then it was 6 or 7 years ago. Back then there seemed to be more people wanting to consume content then there was content. If there was a good video on the internet, almost everyone saw it. Regardless if it was on game trailers or where ever, people would see it because they were content starved. In that time you could post any video on Youtube and people would see it. I remember posting a video to google video (yes google had its own video service before buying Youtube) in late 2005. It was some 3 minute video of me playing Counter Strike. In a few months I got 2,000 views. Not because the video was good. Not because people wanted to watch me play Counter Strike. I had no base of subscribers, it was the first video I ever posted. There was no commentary or nothing special about the video in any way. And this wasn't just my video, if you searched around even the darkest depths of Youtube, it was challenging to find a video with less than 500 views. They just didn't exist. If you uploaded it people would watch it. This is because there were more people looking to consume content then there were people creating it. If you created a brand new Youtube channel today and posted a 3 minute video of you playing the latest Call of Duty and gave it a generic title like Call of Duty Gameplay (my original video was titled “Counter Strike: Source Video” I'm not kidding) you'd be lucky to get 30 views. Maybe even lucky to get 10. I reposted the original video back on to Youtube in 2012 because I realized that I could no longer find my google video and since then the video has recieved 20 views, of which at least 10 are me accidentally going to the page. Some more proof of this change can be seen in the massive gap between subscriber count and view count. You'd think that if a channel had X amount of subs they'd get at least X amount of views per video right? Back in those days you would be right. I remember developing as a rule of thumb that a channels average video view count would generally be 1.5x its amount of subscribers. I developed this rule mainly based off of the data I saw on kevjumbas videos when he had around 600,000 subscribers, I think. I can't remember the exactly but I remember thinking about that before Fred hit a million subs so somewhere in that time. In fact go to Daxflames channel. Look at his subscriber count and look at his view count. Keep in mind that his sub count wasn't always what it is now but the evidence for what I'm saying is right there! Anyways, Youtube isn't like that anymore. I don't need to point out channels now that have videos with view counts consistently below subscriber count because it is essentially every channel. Some channels now are happy if they can get 40% of their subscribers to watch their videos. Anyways I'm getting off topic. The point I'm trying to make is now people aren't starved for content. If you aren't satisfying them or are over saturating them so they don't feel the need to watch all of the videos you post, they will go somewhere else with zero hesitation. And the bits of the internet move faster than the atoms of the real world. You know it took till January of this year for Block Buster to permanently close its remaining stores? Physical industries enjoy a luxury of inertia that Youtube channels simply do not have. Remember Call of Duty commentators? They used to run the top views list. Now where are they? And more importantly what killed them? I believe it was saturation. They simply posted too many videos of the same type so often that their subscribers no longer felt they had to watch all of their videos. After they skipped a few videos, they would skip a few more, and eventually skip them all. This is the reason why RT decided to split off The Know before ramping up content production and posting shorter videos more often.
Now sadly this is getting a bit long and I should end it here. This is a list of things that I never talked about but would have liked to:
If people like this I will continue my write up and address those points. I enjoy this stuff however I'm not a huge fan of the writing part. I'm not very good at it and it takes me a long time. Now I'm not trying to fish for compliments or anything but if you did enjoy this and would like to read more, let me know and I will write more. But like I said this is the least enjoyable of the whole discovery and exploring process for me. So I'll only do it for other peoples enjoyment and if some interesting conversation can be started because of it.
This results summary should help discussion. Results Summary
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2012.12.28 08:21 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Jimmy Wong, actor and musician. I played Fred Chu in the film John Dies at the End. AMA

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Date: 2012-12-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
What was the biggest audience you've ever performed in front of? Also have you been in any bands? What were the band names? Biggest audience definitely was last VidCon. I'd estimate 2,000 people? Main band I've been in is The Keep with Sam and Niko from CorridorDigital. College band was called The Gremlin's Kremlin with my old roomie and others.
You're a rockstar Harley!
CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG? Ching chong ya too baby! Much love :)
I've noticed that you only play Asian characters. Is this something you choose, or did you just start doing it early on and end up getting type cast? How do you feel about this? Would you ever consider playing a white guy, or maybe a black guy? I don't think anyone in their right mind would cast me as a black person. Save for the Wachowski siblings!
I've played characters that haven't had any racial specification before in other shows and series! For the most part though I don't mind playing an Asian character, because well, I am asian. As long it's not represented in a racist or demeaning fashion like Long Duk Dong then I have no problem with it.
As a tag on to this question. do you think asian actors will ever rise to prominence in hollywood to assume leading roles that are not ethnically or race-related? and/or be able to break the mould of being type-cast into roles as the "triad mob boss" etc. Not to mention Sung Kang totally makes out with a supermodel in that movie.
Ie. just off the top of my head, in "fast five" i thought it was cool that fernando chien was able to be cast as a regular team member in hobbs' DSS taskforce and not be stereotyped. I can't predict the future, but I can help shape it. With what we're doing at Rocketjump with Freddie et al, we want to make Asian actors rise to prominence in Hollywood, not wait around for someone else to give us that opportunity.
What is it like hanging out with Freddie, Brandon, Niko, and Sam? Always a blast, you can see how we interact a lot with the WiiU Lan Party episodes recently! We're all very chummy around each other - we all also lived in the same apartment/loft for a year when I first moved to LA.
Have you finally learned what "Ting tong" means? Not yet my friend. The day I meet Alexandra Wallace, perhaps then we'll get an answer.
Have you met the real life David Wong (Jason Pargin), or John Cheese (Mack Leighty)? If so, what were they like? I haven't had a chance to meet John Cheese but I met Jason/David at the Sundance premiere. He was a really super nice guy! You could tell he definitely was the man to write the book, a lot of great stuff brewing up in his head. I do tweet with John occasionally, and I helped him out with his recent wedding (congrats!!!). John also seems like a really upstanding dude with a wicked sense of humor.
Thanks, and I love your work. You were brilliant in VGHS! (Just got the kickstarter DVD!) - can't wait to see the movie, one way or the other ;) Thank you so much for the VGHS praise! Hope you enjoy all the extra little goodies in the DVD :)
VGHS was awesome and your character was great! Is there any word on the second season? Yes!! Thank you so much btw. We are looking at beginning principal photography on the second season early next year (2013). I think we could be shooting as early as February in and around Los Angeles. This season's gonna be bigger, better, and from what I've seen of the scripts so far, a total blast.
Kudos to you. No questions but I think you should've put VGHS in your IAMA title, more people would've recognized you ;) Perhaps! Most questions in here are about VGHS anyway :)
Where do you find the recipes for Feast of Fiction? Do you and your co-host experiment and create them or take similar recipes and modify them for the videos? Thanks for doing an AMA~ Most always we search for pre-existing recipes and modify them. A lot of fictional food is based off of real existing foods so it's not too hard to find a similar recipe, or at least a good starting point. I'll make sure to keep the recipes similar to the universe they're from as well, but some times they're not 100% historically accurate, etc.
How difficult is it to make a living as an actor? Pretty darn tough. Imagine going in for 5 job applications a week and getting about one a month if you're lucky. Then imagine sometimes that job only works one day the next month and you don't get paid until another month after that. It was extremely hard to start out, but slowly you make it work.
But it looks like you have a lot of recording equipment, and your brother never seems to run out of props, people to hire to help shoot movies, and cameras. And from feast of fiction... your house is pretty nice... not to seem stalker-ish. Just being in a short film of a friend doesn't mean you'll be making any money from that work you do. And work really is few and far between - it's up to you to make your own living and put consistent stuff out on YouTube to earn money.
Does two Wongs make a right? Yes.
Have you read the John Dies at the End book? If so, do you feel the film lives up to it? Tough question! The book is really super indepth compared to what a movie can accomplish in a couple of hours. I think Don did a really fantastic job of adapting the source material into something digestible in 90 minutes, and the way he manipulates the stories to fit is really genius IMO.
What was the best/worse part of making Video Game High School? Best part was being able to work with friends and family. There's nothing better than getting on a set and feeling completely 100% comfortable with being there. Takes a lot of pressure off and you can really have a lot of fun and be more creative and take bigger risks as an actor.
Worst part? Hrm... we did film in November in LA. I know this will come off as very wimpy, but it was quite rainy and cold for a lot for a lot of the outdoor scenes for everyone else (I didn't have very many), so you could tell that it was a bit tougher for everyone to get those shots off. But really that was the "worst" of it - the rest of the experience really was fantastic.
I'm really excited for JDATE. I'm wondering of I should hold off on watching it this weekend and try to catch a showing in january. Do you think that it's worth the wait to experience it in a theater, or should I watch it on my rinkydink tv at home? I agree with Oaklandnative for the most part. Watching this with a group of friends or with a crowd is definitely the way to go. So many references, so many jokes, it would benefit from a group watching.
What was your favorite scene to shoot for the movie? That being said, I sat down last night and watched it beginning to end at 2 in the morning and had a blast just by myself. There are definitely ups and downs to both sides of it, but I can imagine the movie would be a lotta fun with headphones on in front of a computer too. Plus you don't have to hide your massive boner the entire time (cuz you like the movie so much).
Makes me a sad panda that Netflix knows what JDATE is, but doesn't have it available to stream. :( Super excited about seeing it in the theatre though. I think it's currently only on single purchase/rental sites. Netflix won't have it til after its theatrical release most likely.
Have you read This book is full of spiders? Not yet!! I have to pick it up still.
What do you think of the new youtube layout? It's interesting. Puts a lot of highlight on bigger profile creators, and is also very, very customized to each individual browser. Even if you're logged out the site will pull from your cookies and history and figure out what you like to watch and put those videos on the front page. So the game is very different now. I've heard from a lot of different YouTubers that the new site layout has gotten them a bunch of subscribers, and I've heard from others that their general view count for videos has dipped by almost half. So some win, some don't.
Do you have any other acting projects coming up? VGHS (Video Game High School) is definitely the biggest acting project coming up. Other than that I have some personal work planned that I'm writing and plan on directing, and also some collabs with a couple of friends that have promise.
There are also a few auditions and preexisting projects that I am in the dark about, but am crossing my fingers for them to go through!
How did you get such a wanted youtube username? What Jonpaz said - with the right connections you can reclaim a username if it's been unused for several years.
Sup Jimmy! Huge fan. What is/are your favorite video game(s)? Thanks!! Old school: Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Kirby Super Star.
New school: Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock series, Dishonored.
OMG OMG OMG JIMMY REPLIED TO ME :D. Also nice choice in vg! Do you use steam? if you do feel free to pm me your steamid so we can play like tf2 sometime :D. I do use Steam! Id is discorobot.
What was your first big hit on youtube? CHING CHONG BABY! Link to
Tell us, did racing games become your true calling? Funny thing is, I've always really sucked at racing games! I have a tendency to crash into walls. A lot.
Hey Jimmy! Thanks for responding to me on twitter! You made my day! All my friends who I showed video game high were so jealous! There are some questions I wanted to ask you. 1: Did VGHS raise your fan base a lot? Or maybe a little? 2: Where do you see yourself in 2 years? What are some of your Youtube projects? 3:VGHS season 2? 4: What is you relationship with your older brother Freddie like? No problemo dude! Thanks for asking the questions :)
Definitely raised it a lot. I got a ton of exposure to a lot of Freddiew fans that didn't know I was his brother or that I even made videos! That helped a bunch.
In two years I'd love to be a well established actor and a prominent force in the Asian American community. We need more Asians in the entertainment business. I have no idea where YouTube will be or where I'll fit into all of it, but I can definitely see myself still making a lot of videos one way or the other.
VGHS season 2 begins filming this next year! We hope to release it in the summertime.
We get along really well! We're very similar in a lot of aspects, very different in others. We grew up close to each other tho so that goes a long way when you're friends from a young age.
Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality? Open your eyes, look up to the skies and seee.
I saw John Dies at the End at Sundance earlier this year. As with most films premiering at Sundance, there was a lot of good Q&A after the credits rolled. Does the final cut of John Dies at the End differ from what premiered at Sundance? Do those discussions with the initial viewers ever impact the film? The final cut is drastically different than the Sundance cut. Things are more polished, the running time is brought down to 90 minutes (I think the original was well over 100). The initial discussions definitely have an impact I think - but moreso the initial audience reactions. I can't say specifically for Don, but when I show my own work to other people I always pay attention to when their attention falters or what they have to say afterwards. Sometimes I make a lot of adjustments as a result!
Did you read JDATE to prepare for the role? What else did you so to prepare? Have you met Cheese and Wong? Which is the funny one? I read JDATE after I got the role to familiarize myself with the character and the movie. I didn't really keep a lot of that in my head when approaching the role though, I left much of the direction to Don and tried to make Fred as human as possible.
Do you have any specific strategy(s) when marketing your videos/yourself online? It's about building an organic fan base and being transparent. People don't like secretly being marketed to, and given the chance, people WANT to share content with other people online. Give yourself a chance by making that kind of content and a lot of the marketing will be done by your fans. I'd say be careful not to go too crazy on any social media platform, you're ultimately defining yourself through all your status updates over time. Don't go down a road that's hard to come back from.
Why don't you post videos regularly on the jimmy channel? Hey Johny - unfortunately music takes a lot of time and I sort of lost my way after I released Ching Chong. Too many covers, not enough songs that I enjoyed doing. You'll see the music I do like to do more recently pop up when I feel inspired - but the burden of having to write a song every week or thinking I had to cover a new pop single was exhausting and not rewarding.
Do you still have your chains on - or did you want a bunch of kids? Confused! Restate your question. Or give context.
Who is your favorite actoactress? Just recently became the biggest fan of Michael Fassbender. I think his work is really fantastic and you can tell he's someone who takes his craft very seriously. Also a huge fan of Ryan Gosling for similar reasons. Female wise I think Rose Byrne is amazing as well as Carey Mulligan.
Have you only watched Shame and A Place Beyond the Pines? Haven't seen either - just saw a trailer for Place Beyond the Pines and it looks awesome. Gonna see both soon.
Do you enjoy being the best part of VGHS? Hahahaha thank you very much. I believe that honor goes to the whole ensemble cast!
What has been your favorite project so far and why? VGHS by far. Being a part of a project with just your friends and family is a dream come true. So much fun, so laid back and so intense at the same time. Loved it.
Also, would you be interested in doing another TableTop episode? What game would you want to play? Is there anyone you'd want to play with/against? I would definitely be interested in doing more TableTop. Hopefully they'll have a champions bracket next year. A more strategy oriented game this time would be great, maybe something like Haunting at the House on the Hill or Seven Wonders. I'd love to play against my brother :D.
I just watched VGHS with my husband a few weeks ago, your performance definitely shows how much you enjoyed it. We are so excited for the next season. A lot of the games we played were singleplayer and we'd just watch each other play and talk about it and stuff. Definitely settled into the younger brother role for a lot of that. More recently we've been playing co op games, but to be honest not many good ones exist. Not to mention co-op really only started developing for first person shooters in the last 4 years.
Regarding gaming with Freddie, did you guys play games together often as kids? Was it more co-op or competition? So glad you enjoyed VGHS!! I can't wait to continue the project :)
How was it playing your own nephew in vghs? Also how did Meghan feel about you kissing Ellary for this role cause i have to admit it was rather touching. Playing my own nephew! Was a little disorienting, but ultimately a bunch of fun. And acting is acting! I was playing Ted Wong kissing Ki Swan, not Jimmy Wong :)
I hope you get bigger as an actor. Hollywood is sorely in need of Asian-Americans. Thank you so much! I hope to continue my career path upwards as much as possible.
Why do you think Asian-Americans are so popular on YouTube? For a smaller minority than Latinos, Asians seem to have a larger representation on YouTube. I think a lot of asian popularity has to do with the fact that the internet is a tool that is as sharp or as powerful as its wielder. I think the Asian American community really latched onto the internet and its power when stars like NigaHiga or KevJumba burst onto the scene. I don't want to make generalizations, but I think Asians as fans are very, very dedicated. Not to say Bieber doesn't have his own rabid following, but there's something about the collectivist culture that maybe lends to us being really huge dedicated fans to the people we admire online. Other than that I don't want to say too much. I'm not entirely sure why our representation is so strong on YouTube other than we make for great fans, and that people like NigaHiga and KevJumba were sorely needed. They were the firsts and they were pioneers. They filled in a gap that had been there for a long, long time.
I've read JDATE 9000 times, so i know it pretty well. As we all sadly know, some parts from books don't make it into the film. What was a part from the book that you felt should have been in the film, and what do you think is one thing they did wrong in the movie? Another tough question! A lot of the book didn't make it in but Don did a great job condensing the source material into the movie.
SPOILER ALERT: Las Vegas and all that craziness isn't necessarily IN the movie, but is adapted to fit into the storyline. Would've loved to see that entire arc get expanded.
If there's one thing they did wrong, it's not give Fred Chu every single line there was. LEGEND OF FRED CHU forever. Kidding.
If you could choose one "standard" comment that people would not be allowed to make on your videos, what would it be? I wonder this for just about every big YouTube channel. For music, I really don't like seeing "THIS VERSION IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!". At the very least I'd love for that commenter to expound on exactly why that is the case, but otherwise I see this comment everywhere, and as an artist I really don't think you can compare music on a level of "better or not" since each song has its own merits and faults, etc.
I'd also say stop posting FIRST or whatever, but ultimately I don't really mind. If you want to be the first, then go for it!
I'm watching JDATE right now, and I love it! Great job all around! I must ask, what was your favourite part of either A. The Book or B. The Making of the Movie? No idea about the BluRay - I'd say probably a few months after the theatrical release? Maybe sometime this summer.
Also, when is this coming out on Blu-Ray. This is a must own. My favorite part of making the movie was doing all the stunt stuff at the Mall of the Dead - getting to run around a creepy old mall was fantastic, and seeing a car flip was also equally awesome.
Why is your family so cool? do you think your ancestors were amazing wizards or something? I am 1/4 Mongolian, so I like to believe that I am distantly related to Genghis Khan.
I just remembered how you tweeted Bill Lawrence your acting reel about a year ago. hehe, I was totally all for that you do a project together, remember? And I still think that it could be pretty kick ass thing to do. So any news on your cooperation with Bill? Hahah yes! Thanks Marek. I unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to work with Bill yet, but hopefully in the future there's room for a role for me in one of his projects. He's got a great sense of humor and style.
What are some of your videos that you are most proud of? Also side question is that airsoft battle between you and the other interwebs people still going to happen? I really was looking forward to that! I was looking forward to it too! It got cancelled because of rain and as far as I can tell, no efforts have been made yet to reschedule. Hopefully it'll go through tho, I'd love to do it still.
I of course am very proud of Ching Chong for many reasons. Other videos I really loved doing was my most recent WiiU song, Don't Let Go, and It All Ends. For Feast of Fiction - Portal Cake and Krabby Patties by far.
Loved you in VGHS and am I am super happy you guys are doing a second season. I have few questions - How many "takes" did it take to get the kiss with Ellary Porterfield right? How did the joke of your character being horrible at rhythm gaming come to be? Seeing you are a musician in your own right and of course the whole tie in with Freddie and his GH2 antics. Are you REALLY good at Drift racing and do you think you could beat the Drift King? The "takes" it took was really how long did we have to shoot the scene. All the stuff at the arcade took place in a single night of shooting and there was a LOT of stuff we had to cover, so each scene we were limited to 3-4 takes max before we knew we had to move on to the next set up in order to finish on time. We had I think 3-4 takes on the kiss covered from three different angles. I'd say we hit all the marks for the scene each time with only a few small modifications in between, and none of those had to do with the kiss, but rather the dialogue beforehand. The joke was more Freddie used to be great at rhythm games and the dynamic between his son is that he will never live up to his father, thus of course he would have to be terrible at rhythm gaming.
How was filming for VGHS? I know it was a major production, but was it disheartening or weird knowing that all your time and efforts were going into an online rocketjump/YouTube series instead of on TV or cinema? VGHS was truly awesome, btw. I think we all knew when we embarked on VGHS that we were purposely doing it to be a pioneer series for the web in the same way that Felicia Day's The Guild was. We didn't want to go to TV or cinema, but we wanted to prove that the quality of our show could easily hold up to those standards for a fraction of the budget.
How well did you and Ellary click? Ellary and I get along super well! We both have a pretty fun loving personality so goofing off is always a priority.
Thanks for doing the Feast of Fiction for Skyrim's Sunlight Souffle. It was tasty! We lost our band space recently and with how busy the CorridorDigital guys are (along with myself) it's been hard to play or write much music. But we definitely will reunite come VidCon 2013, so perhaps we can expect some new tunes then :)
Is your band "The Keep" going release any more music beyond your EP any time soon? And you're welcome for the Sunlight Souffle! It's a crazy recipe.
Whoa, thanks for answering so many questions! No idea - you'd have to ask senor Don Coscarelli that himself to see if there'll be a sequel to the movie. The second book is out, there's tons of material untouched, so I guess it depends on how this first one turns out. You never know!
Do you think there will be a sequel to JDatE? what do you think the lifespan of the movie will be? What kind of positive news can lovers of the franchise hold on to? Don did however make 5 Phantasms, so there's always a glimmer of hope for a sequel.
Do you watch himym? (How I met your mother) Only here and there!
Hey, you're a fellow Washingtonian! Thank you so much! I am a fellow Washingtonian. Beautiful state, and (currently) an even better football team!
1) How many languages can you speak, and what are they? 2) What is your favorite place to eat at in Seattle? 3) What is your favorite color? I can speak Mandarin Chinese pretty fluently, and am conversationally fluent in French, less so in Spanish.
What is Freddie like as a brother? Is it different to when you were both kids? Freddie is definitely a fun guy to have around. We interact pretty similarly to how we did when we were kids as well.
What was your favourite Feast of Fiction meal you made? I personally loved the Sandvich. I really like doing the sandvich too! Even if most people didn't enjoy the simplicity of the episode. I'd say the tastiest FoF meal was the ratatouille, and my favorite to make were the Krabby Patties. It just looked exactly how we wanted it to :)
Does John die at the end? Says so in the title! Maybe. Perhaps.
Where did you grow up? How did that influence you? Highschool? Grew up in Seattle, WA. Rainy weather makes you appreciate the rain and not be spoiled by the sun I suppose. Highschool was Lakeside High School in North Seattle.
What was is it like being in the webseries VGHS? did you get starstruck from the few Hollywood actors that were part of the show? The first time I met Zachary Levi he was really just the coolest dude ever. I wasn't necessarily starstruck, but more humanstruck. He's got a great energy about him, is really a stand up guy, and a man of faith. I respect all of those things a lot.
Also do you know if there is going to be a VGHS season 2? I tend not to get starstruck, for whatever reason. I did however freak out when I saw Reggie Fils-Aime in person at E3, so that tells you a lot about me.
1: If you could play any character in history, be it from film, television, literature, real life, etc., which one would you choose and why? If it's really ANY character, I'm assuming we're ignoring the race component of it all... hrm... one of my favorite musicals growing up was Les Miserables, and I named myself Jean in french class as a kid so I'd say Jean Valjean. Great character.
Get Disney on the phone. Let's make this happen. If I could be in the new Star Wars movie in any fashion (even as an extra that falls into a Sarlacc pit) I would die of happiness.
Multiple questions... What was it like to work with Johanna Braddy in VGHS? (Woo kickstarter supporter right here) Similar to that, how is it having a brother like Freddy who also does crazy awesome stuff, and being able to work with him on stuff like VGHS? Johanna is an awesome actress and a ton of fun to work with. Very lighthearted and a professional as well. We didn't get many scenes together but she always brought a great fun energy to everything.
Being brothers with Freddie and working on projects together with family is a blessing. You couldn't ask for anything better in Hollywood.
Jimmy Wong? Of the Mars Wongs? Of the Freddie and Jimmy Wongs.
What's your favorite scene from the movie? Favorite scene was one that we unfortunately had to cut out - but it involves us in the truck confronting Shitload with a plan to escape. Maybe that'll make the DVD/BluRay.
Were you a fan of the book prior to getting the role or is this just another gig? I had heard of the book prior to the movie but never actually read it. Don chanced upon my headshot at the production company when I was working for them on another job, they asked me to audition, and just like that magic was made! I am extremely fortunate it ended up like that.
Who's the coolest dude (besides yourself) among the cast for the film? Haha! I got to work primarily with Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes (who played John and Dave) and Fabianne Therese (Amy). Chase and Rob are both incredibly funny and charming guys. Another standout actor was Glynn Turman, who some of you may know from The Wire or Gremlins or Super 8. He was super cool.
What first got you interested in the film industry? My brother being in LA with a lot of friends definitely helped. I wanted to act and it was a no brainer I'd come to LA.
Also do you ever feel any musical sibling rivalry with Freddie? Freddie and I have very different but similar musical sensibilities. Freddie is a technical master whereas I go more for the feels. Never any rivalry though, we complement each other very well.
How would you react if a fan knocked on your front door? Has this ever happened to you? Haha! I'd be slightly creeped out, maybe let them know it's not the best way to meet someone, but greet them and talk to them nonetheless. It hasn't happened to be but has happened multiple times to Freddie and Sam and Niko at our offices.
John Dies at the End? Forget that, hows working at VGHS? VGHS is a blast and will continue to be a blast. Next season is gonna be huge in comparison to the first, I'm really excited to get working on it again with all my friends. Dream job, really.
I know you've been busy, but what game(s) are you into recently? What game(s) are you looking forward to getting your hands on? Been trying to start AC3 for the longest time (I love the AC series). Also been playing Professor Layton on my 3DS. Looking forward to the new Bioshock.
Are you jealous of your brother stealing the spotlight (for the most part) in your career? Freddie never stole the spotlight from anyone, he took it for himself! I wasn't interested in YouTube when he began his path down it, I was more focused on the traditional acting route. The thing is there is plenty of room for everyone to get their spotlight in Hollywood - Freddie being up there helps me out more than anything else.
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2012.04.11 10:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I played a lost boy in the movie, "Hook" (1991) ask me anything.

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What was that "Imaginary dessert goo of wonderfulness" made of? And, if edible, was it delicious? Haha, well when i had to reptend there was food there, i pretended it was corn on the cob. thers a shot where you can see me trying to eat corn on the cob, copying another lost boy who was doing it well, i wanted to do it like him.
But when there was real food on the table it was whipped cream with food coloring. and we where told not to eat it cause it was covered in fly poison.
Oh, just fly poison. FLY POISON. HAHAHA, yeah... the food sat out all day.
Wait! Didn't you guys fling it at each other's faces? Double wait! Is this you? Yes, we did fling it at each others faces, keep in mind we filmed that scene over three days... and yes, that is me.
That scene is one of my favorite scenes and I totally remember you. Did anyone eat it anyway? I would have. Well, there was some pieces of food that were not covered in poison that we were ment to eat. you do see some kids actually eating.
This just ruined so many of my childhood fantasies...The lost boys' feast was legendary in my household. So many hours spent thinking about how good that food would be, just to be wham bam thank you ma'am'd into oblivion by the cold hard truth of fly poison. Haha, sorry... you can still have a food fight in your house though, lol.
Is this practice acceptable these days? This seems like a real hazard in a set full of kids. Well, i havent been on a set like that in 20 years, so i cant speak to these days... but nothing stopped him back then, so...
Holy shit, you were the cute kid??? My mother has told me all my childhood: "How I wish my kids were this cute." You, sir, are my nemesis. Oh crap, really? your mom said she wished you where as cute as me?? thats kinda... messed up! sorry about that.
Ahhhh man! I totally remember you! This movie represents my childhood! My grandma used to sprinkle fairy dust on us at night so when we go to sleep, we would go to Neverland lol. Awe.
3 days? Wow. What took so long? (Disclosure, I know little to nothing about film production) Well, it was a huge production. there where TONS of things to make sure we got right. the over all production took 7 months... well i should say that was how long i was on set. i cant speak to how long it went on before i came on set, but i know it had been going on for a while!
YOU WERE THE CUTEST ONE <3. Well thanks. i was also the youngest one. Steven didnt want to hire any kid younger then 9, and i was 6. he hired me anyway (obviously, lol) so i was the only person on set younger then 9.
Holy shit! I'm not even kidding, you were my favorite lost boy! I thought you were the most adorable thing ever! I probably should have started this post with, I am a 22 year old girl... So you can be less creeped out... But seriously... Just made my day. Haha, well thanks... and thanks for clearing it up so i dont have to be creeped out, lol.
Best scene ever. How fun was that to film as a six year old? Oh, it was all kinds of fun! most kids get in trouble when they through food, i was told to!
Peter Pan's gots kids?! Yup, that was me.
I hate it when through food. Im sorry, lol.
Yeah, I can remember watching that as a child and looking on in jealousy. The pudding shit? So throwable. Lol sorry... hook was the only major motion picture i was in, though i was also in a few tv shows, cheers, mad about you, and a pilot for a show called middle ages that never went any where. and a few other things, like a commercial... i was however cast as the youngest brother on home improvment, but they had to recast cause i was busy with hook, and they couldnt wait for me.
Were you in any other films besides Hook? More recently though, in my adult life, i have directed 7 short independant films.
One does not simply be cast as the younger brother on home improvement and then shrug it off. That shit better be on your resume, or list of Top 100 Accomplishments in Life. Haha, well i cant prove it. so its basically just a claim. but i had no choice. they had already postponed production on the pilot to wait for me. hook was supose to be finished at a certain date, but wasnt, it kept going. and kept going. eventually the producers from home improvement decided they could wait no longer and re cast the roll... such is life. i mean, for all the auditions i went on where i got turned down, you kinda get used to stuff like that.
This is the first thing I've ever posted...because I've been waiting for something worth it and amazing to come along. AND THIS IS IT. 2) What was your FAVORITE part about filming? 3) Which other lost boys did you hang out with on set? Any stories? At the time i was 6 and had no idea about the gravity of what i was doing, it was all just play time for me. i actually became good friends with Robin Williams, he and i hung out alot. i went to his biorthday, he served gummy bears and cool-aid. He used to come to my trailer and ask my mom, "Can tommy come out to play?"
I also spent alot of time hanging out with amber scott, peter pan's daughter. i still have a pic of her and i hanging out in our costumes.
of all, I absolutely adore this movie. Second of all, is it just me or are the mermaids in this movie pretty much the hottest ones anyone has ever seen in any movie ever? Did you ever get a chance to interact with the mer-ladies when the cameras were off? There was one mermaid in particuler who i did get to hang out with off camera, though I was 6 at the time, so i wasnt really thinking that she was hot, lol. I have her on my facebook friend list now though.
Is yelling "bangarang!" with Robin Williams as awesome as it is in my dreams? Every bit.
I bet he's just as awesome in person as you see on TV. Any cool stories from working with him? He used to come to my trailler and ask my mom, in his little kid voice, "can tommy come out to play??" hes basically a big kid. i had all kinds of fun hanging out with him off camera. he was my best buddy.
The scene where the lost boys are trying to decided to believe in him or not and rufio draws a line and the lost boys who believe in him are supose to goto rufios side. remember it? well i was supose to go to rufios side and be against peter. but i refused, i felt like it would be betraying my freind, robin. i insisted on staying on his side. so you see me run to his side, and stay there, when the others are running back and forth.
There you are Peter! The scene where they choose sides! Yeah. though Isah, the kid who said "oh there you are peter" eventually got kicked off the set for mis behaving. which explains why you suddenly stop seeing him. i was told by steven that if he knew that was gonna happen i would have had his lines... oh well, lol.
When I read the title of this thread, your face was the first to pop into my head when I read "lost boy". (Weird, huh?) Now that I think about it, I think that scene is why you stood out in my head. Lol, well ive been told i was one of the most memorable lost boys. though my line in that scene, "well, welcome back to neverland pan the man" wsas tough, steven thought my laugh wasnt convincing enough, he threatened to sit behind me and tickle me while trying to give that line. haha.
That was one of my favorite parts! How you stuck by him. That's the best, I love that you made that up as a little kid. Well thanks! i didnt want to betray my friend!
For my entire childhood and even to today I always thought the line was "Welcome back to neverland pandaman" .... I could never understand why you were calling him pandaman .... now it makes complete sense - you have just cleared up 21 years of confusion - I am free now. Haha, lol, sorry for my poor delivery on that line, haha. this actually isnt the first time i have heard people think its panda man. its kinda amusing to me, lol. well, your welcome for clearing up the confusion.
You were definitely the most memorable lost boy to me. I wish I owned this movie. It's one of my classics that I rented at blockbuster too many times to count. Awe, well thank you... i recently saw the movie in the wal mart $5 bin... so theres that, lol.
Oh, is that what you said? I've always had a hard time deciphering that, although you were absolutely adorable. Lol, yeah. sorry, thes most likely because of my poor delivery. thank you.
That was a great scene! Absolutely one of my favorite movies growing up. Thanks for being a part of it! Your welcome./ thanks for likiung it so much!
Are you still looking after the neverbugs? You know.. the little ones? Haha... well, my girlfriend's screen name is never bug... i know, i know, that just made things mushy.
I supose it would be very fitting if i said that i became an exterminator, or an endangered insect preserv worker or something. lol, but no, i hesitate not when killing bugs. lol, big or little.
How did you get the role as one of the lost boys? Do you still keep in contact with any of the other lost boys? I just auditioned... i walked into Steven Spielberg's office, pounded my fist on his desk and declaired, "YOU ARE GOING TO PUT ME IN YOUR MOVIE!" ... and thus i got the part.
And i am friends with a few of them on facebook, and we talk some times. mostly Raushan (ThudButt)
i walked into Steven Spielberg's office, pounded my fist on his desk and declaired, "YOU ARE GOING TO PUT ME IN YOUR MOVIE!" ... and thus i got the part. Total awesomeness right there. Would never work for any other part. :D. Lol, prettyy much.
Man ThudButt was the best, me and my friends were just talking about his quote "He sho' did!" Haha, yeah.
ThudButt was my personal favorite lost boy. (no offense) Anyway who was your favorite lost boy on the set to hang out with? Non taken. of the lost boys, i hung out alot with (i cant for the life of me remember the character name) the kid with the red curly hair (that i often get mistaken for) he ran down the sairs shouting "pans back, pans back!"
Its kinda funny cause i would often go on auditions and find him at the same auditions going for the same parts, after the movie finished.
What was is like working with a tiny Julia Roberts? Lol, well actually julia was the only cast member i didnt get to meet or hang out with or anything. i guess she had a stalker at the time, so she had really tight security at all times. the only people that she worked directly with was Robin and Steven... the rest was just movie magic!
I guess she was mostly blue screened and filmed on completely different sets with objects hugely increased in size to make her appear tiny. Having someone on set that's meant to appear normal sized isn't a good use of movie resources. Basically, yeah.
She was also going through a big breakup at the time of filming, IIRC. Yeah, i remember hearing about that later on. i didnt know that at the time.
How much money did you make from that role? Alot acutally, though i cant say a specific number as i dont know. unfortunatly, i am one of those childhood actor cases you hear about where their parents spent all their money... only mine failed to pay my income taxes for 3 consecutive years, leaving me with a large back tax debt and no money to pay it off... i can say though that i made enough to owe 20 grand in taxes.
Wow, that's awful - what's your relationship with them like now? Well, lol, we dont speak. though its not all because of that.
You ARE a lost boy then! Grown-ups suck! Yeah, grown ups suck, and it sucks to be one... the term lost boy (and girl) should be a thing, for when some one doesnt talk to their parents.
What was Spielberg like? Lol, he was like the fun uncle that spoiled you, but protected you from the monsters in the closet.
Do you have any specific memories of Spielberg directing you and the other lost boys? He always seems able to get amazing natural performances out of kids and I always wondered how he does it (besides just casting great kids, of course). Lol, yeah, in an above thread we talked about my line "well, welcome back to never land, pan the man." and how i couldnt get a believable laugh, steven threatened to hid behind me and tickle me while delivering the line, to make my laugh more believable.
Does being a lost boy get you chicks? Haha, yeah actually. infact my current fiance, who i have been with for 5 years, internet talked me cause she was a fan of the movie, for like 6 moinths before we started dating.
Calm down reddit. SHE stalked HIM. big difference. if it's the other way around, this doesn't happen. Haha, true... when the guy stalks the girl it tends to be much more creepy, lol.
One of my favorite movies of all time. I was obsessed with the guy who played Jack for quite some time. Ah, Raushan (Thud Butt) yeah he is friend on facebook, and we talk some times. we have been talking about possabily doing a documentary on the lost boys, kind of a where are they now type of thing...
Are you still in touch with any of the other lost boys? The one who had the old man's marbles, perhaps? He was my favorite (no offense! you were a close second!) Though, for the record, the scene with the marbles was supose to be mine. steven didnt know what lost boy he wanted to do it, so he gave me and him the sscript, and was going to have us both read it for him and he'd pick the one he liked better. Raushan read first, and he chose him with out even seeing me read it... even though the producer who saw me read it said he liked me doing it better.
Well well. I sense some resentment. Don't worry. Your candle scene was fabulous. Lol, ah, its all good. i harbor no resentment. it was 20 years ago. some people are entertained by that story though, lol.
You mean they didn't really shrink her? Rick moranis wouldnt let us use his shrinking machine.
Do you ever wish you could have been a Goonie sometimes instead? Haha, that was a good movie. i cant say i have ever had that thought though.
Sigh. I might be too late, since this was hours ago and I just got home...but... I will give it a shot, since I have ALWAYS wanted to know. There is a scene in the movie with you and Robin in it. Robin is kneeling down, and I think the lines were "Welcome back to Neverland, Panda man (?)". It looks like Robin is lip syncing your lines. Was he trying to help you with that line in the movie? While you did miss me yesterday, im back on now answering some more questions, so thanks for posting it anyway...
The line was in fact "welcome back to neverland, pan the man" as sarahbjones points out below.
And over the years many people have asked me if robin was helping me with the line there, and no, he was not. im not sure what robin was doing, or why people think he was lip sinking it to me. my gf pointed it out to me and it does kind of look like it. but i didnt notice till she pointed it out... sorry, but he was not trying to help me with the line, lol.
So is that you at 0:26?Link to Yes. that was me...
When we filmed that scene, i was originally supose to just blow the candle out. it was not a real candle, it was a little light bulb, and there was a guy behind the camera who was supose to turn the light off when i blew on it. but he could never get the timing right. take after take after take he would either turn it off to early or to late, cause i guess he couldnt see me. finally steven told me to spit on it, loudly so he can hear me. so i did, one time, he got it on the first take, and thats the one that made it into the film.
I collect autographs, how could I receive yours? Also, what were Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams like? Wow, you are the first person to ask for my autograph in years. um, im not sure how i could get it to you, but i wouldnt mind doing it if you like.
Today, Dante Basco aka Rufio is working with KevJumba. REALLY?!?! dante is working with kevjumba?!?! does he appear in his videos? or is he working behind the sense as an editor or something?
Anyone who is a fan of Hook must see Pogo's remix of it. Will blow you away. :) Link to Enjoy! Oh yes, i have seen that. i am subscribed to that youtube channel, and i enjoy all of his remixes. particularly the one for alice in wonderland. also the visuals he did on his little princess remix where very impressive.
What was Dustin Hoffman like? Any funny/weird stories? I remember dustin being a very cool guy.
Did you get to keep anything cool from the set? Pics if you still have it? And yeah i got some cool things from the set, i show them off in this video on my youtube channel Link to
Was there any "lost boys" that were impossible on set? Cause trouble? And there was one kid that misbehaved alot, ended up getting kicked off the set. i cant remember any specifics about his behaviour. but if you notice, suddenly hes not in the movie any more. the kid that touched robins face and said "oh there you are peter"
Sweet. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I was 10 when that movie came out. It was my favorite movie for the looongest time. My favorite line was in the end when Peter is leaving to go back to London and the camera pans down at the lost boys and you say "that was a great game." Epic!!! <3. Lol, yeah. i have the last line in never land, lol.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing this. This is the best IAmA I've read and Hook was the best movie of my childhood! Actually, it's still one of my favorite movies!!! :D It's so nice to see that you seem like a very, normal, down-to-earth person too. Well, you are welcome. this has been pretty fun for me, actually. i try to be down to earth. i hope i dont come accross as full of myself or anything like that. i mean, im just a normal guy like every one else. the sets where HUGE, the tree house took up like 4 or 5 different sound stages. the pirate ship stage was just amazingly huge. there was this giant tank with three feet of water, it was like a huge indoor lake, that they built the ship and pirate town on. there was a wooden bridge over the water, i actually tripped on it, got my toe caught between two boards on the bridge. i ended up breaking my toe... still had fun!
Just wondering what the sets of the pirate ship and lost boys' home were like...were they huge? or just filmed in little pieces of a set?
Kinda surprised myself with how excited I got when I saw this. I just watched Hook again this past weekend. My mom was like: "You've seen this a million times already." I was just like "But Mom, it's Hook." You played my favorite Lost Boy. Hmmm...I better actually think of a! Did everyone get along with each other on set or was there ever any tension? I heard that Dustin Hoffman told the kid who played Jack to not continue with acting so that he could have a normal childhood or something. Do you think children should become actors or do you think it will ruin their childhood? How did being in Hook affect your childhood? We're you recognized? Honeslty, i get recognised all the time. more so when i was younger. for a very long time i resented it and wanted a normal childhood. it doesnt really seem to have messed me up, other then some self confidence issues from being turned down on many auditions. though from what ive seen being a child actor tends to mess people up. my advice would be to avoid it. honestly. whether you stop acting, or keepo with it, both tend to mess with the mind... and the way i heard the story was dustin liked the kid who playd jack so much that he insisted he play his son in his next movie. the movie hero.
Oh, one of my alltime favorite movies growing up! You were a cutie! As for my question: were you ever on set at the same time with Julia Roberts? Did you have any funny stories about filming? Actually, no. the only people who got to work directly with julia where robin and steven. i guess she had a stalker at the time, so she was always surrounded by body guards.
Can't Hardly Wait Charlie Korsmo. Lol, well i only knew him in hook, but i really liked cant hardly wait... though i gada be honest, i liked that movie cause of jennifer love hewitt. i have the biggest celebrity crush on her... her and michelle tratchenburg.
When Too Small welcomes Peter back, you can clearly see that Robin Williams is mouthing Thomas Tulak's lines along with him. Yeah, i just read a few of those. a few of those are wrong. the thing about rufio saying your dead jolly man is wrong. infact that whol shot was done backward, then reversed in editing. that way rufios sword can get really close to peters face with out actually hitting him. so rufio had to announciate the line backward with his lips, then over dub the actual line and make it line up with his lips.
And peter did not whisper the lines to me. it was only recently that some one pointed out to me that it looks like that. i dont know what robin is doing with his mouth, but he was not mouthing the words to me.
Onto a more serious question... Wow, good question. one of the very few non-hook question.
How in touch are you with the YouTube community? Ever plan on going to any of the conventions (Playlist LIVE, VidCon)? Ive been deep in the youtube community for atleast three years. i tried to go to vidcon the past two years but couldnt afford to. im a nerdfighter and a beardlover, and im in the defranco nation, i used to be in the pogotribe but not so much since dan3.0 started. and i post videos to my channel every monday, very much in the style of wheezy waiter. who is my favorite tuber... and btw, i very much dispize RWJ. about two years ago he left a nast comment on one of my videos, thus hurting my opinion of hium forever.
Recorded the movie on a VHS? Must be you who's stealing Hollywood's money. You should be ashamed. Hahaaha.
I have to let you know that my heart skipped a beat once I saw you were doing this AMA. I'm sure this will be lost in the comments, but Hook was and still is my favorite movie of all time. My dad and I can quote that movie from beginning to end, and it still makes me giddy every time I watch it! Do you ever dream of Neverland, or did you ever? AND, how big of a Peter Pan fan were you before you did the movie? Well, im flattered that your heart skipped a beat. and though its very far down the list, its not compleatly lost. lol. im very flattered you liked it so much. i dream of it some times in the way that i remember how much fun i had on set and sometimes wish i could go back... thats right, a former lost boy who has grown up longs to return to neverland... lol... but before i got the role i didnt really know anything of peter pan besides the disney cartoon. but i was a huge fan of that cartoon. it was one of my favorite movies.
Thanks for answering! Shame that RWJ did that, especially considering that he's one of the most subscribed people on YouTube. You'd think that someone with that many subscribers would be supportive in the community. Anyway, I went to Playlist LIVE this year for the first time. It was my first YT convention and it was AWESOME! I don't want to take up more of your AMA, but I was wondering if it would be cool if we could continue this conversation via PMs? You can friend me on Facebook and we can talk on chat there :)
Done! Cool... but i just got like 70 somethin facebook friend request... hit me up and let me know which one you are, lol.
So pretty much, the lost boy you played is my favorite character in 'Hook', which happens to be my favorite movie. Not going to lie here, I'm trying pretty hart not to freak out about this. Haha, its ok. dont freak out. im just a normal guy like every one else. when some told me "remember, who ever you talk to, they wipe their butt just like you do." really humanizes it.
Okay, so trying not to freak out isn't working so well for me. You practically made my childhood awesome. I'm going to press "save" now before I can continue. And the insult battle was histarical. robin likes to improv. lol.
Do you still keep in touch with the fat kid that became the new guardian of Neverland? Raushan Hammond. yeah he and i are friends on facebook, we talk some times.
Did you feel obligated to have distaste for the pirate actors? Any antics with them? Good question. no ones asked that before. no actually. there wasnt much interaction between the pirates and the lost boys, but when there was it was perfectly pleasant... atleast as far as i was exposed to. being 6 years old, and the youngest person on set im sure there was alot i wasnt exposed to.
What was Prince Fielder (Thud Butt) like at that age? Do you guys still keep in touch? Prince fielder?? is that like a nick name? the actor who playd thud butt was raushan hammond. and he is on my facebook friend list, we talk some times. we where talking about doing a "where are they noiw" style documentary on all the lost boys... no promises, but we'll see, lol.
Are you a member of SAG? If so, what does that entail? I was always curious. My SAG membership expired in 96. i do still have the card with my little 6 year old signature on it, but it means nothing now, just a keep sack. and honestly, i dont really know details of sag like that, i mean, i was 6. things like that escaped me.
WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR LINE when you're like "FAT CRAPPA MAN". That's what it sounds like to me. what are you really saying!?!?! I've wondered this for years! Hahaha, sorry. its "he's an old fat grandpa man!" happy to clear up the confusion.
I actually answered that to some one else. aparently alot of people couldnt figure that out. the line is "he's and old fat grandpa man"
Every time I see this movie I tell myself that it must have been the most fun to film a movie could ever be, particularly for robin williams. How much fun did you, as a child, have on the set? or am I going to be disappointed and find out that robin williams was super stressed and kind of a dick? Oh no, robin was the best, like a big kid... a big kid with ADD, lol. it was awesome hanging out with him. he and i where very close. i went to his birthday party. he served gummy bears and cool aid!
That is awesome! How was it to meet all of those legendary actors and actresses? Was it fun to act in Hook? Haha, well at the timne i met them i didnt know the gravity of the people i was meeting, they where just like big play friends for me. robin williams was like a big kid, like my buddy!
What does Robin Williams' face feel like? You were the one who was touching his face weren't you? Lol, no actually. that was isiah robinson. i spit out the candle and yelled good nite never land.
I am, Pan_The_Man. I have been waiting for this my entire reddit existence. What was your favorite scene in the movie? Haha, welcome back to neverland, pan the man!
My favorite scene was... hhmm... i dunno, i cant pick a favorite, the entire experience was amazing!
So... If you are here, who is taking care of the neverbugs? The little ones?! I canb take care of them from here, lol... but my question is... WHOS FLYING THE PLANE?!?!
Did you keep your promise to take care of the Neverbugs? Even the little ones? In one sense yeah... but in another more real sense... no, not at all.
Have you ever seen this? Lol, i have yes. i love his work.
Is Robin Williams always "on"? Does he ever calm down? Um... yeah, hes always on, lol.
Have you ever done coke with Macaulay Culkin? No, i can not honerstly say that i have.
Are you friends with Dante Basco? On facebook, yeah.
What are the pies made out of during the scene with the food fight? Whipped cream with food coloring.
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