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The Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists is comprised of physicians who are working to uphold the highest standards of anesthesia care and patient advocacy by promoting research, education, and innovation in anesthesia care. The OSA online safety CPD training for school staff is an accredited course ensuring those working with children have an up to date knowledge of the statutory requirements they must meet, the threats to children online, how to reduce these risks, and guidance on ensuring staff use of digital technology is safe and responsible. osa office for subversive architecture . best:__min:1024/768 px__flash__java__popups Share this: Twitter; Facebook; OSA ONLINE, Blog at WordPress.com. ACSP-Online Submission Login. Username. Password Welcome to the New Mexico State Auditor Online Portal. Email. Password. Optional. Forgot Password ... The OSA Certificate of Online Safety provides valid and tangible evidence that your pupils have received and understood how to stay safe online, what to do if things go wrong, and what the possible consequences of bad choices could be. It has been mapped against the new DFE guidance to ensure it supports you in covering all necessary elements. About OSA. OSA’s mission is to promote the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge in optics and photonics. OSA serves the global community through content and events that are authoritative, accessible, and archived, and through its education, advocacy and outreach programs. Our Mission. Contact OSA. The Optical Society Consult OSA's Transmittal Letters link for information regarding OSA reporting requirements and specific due dates. Contact Scott Wamsley, 517-241-0624, or Emma Buycks, 517-373-9364 at OSA if you have questions regarding OSA Online Reports. OSA Quarterly Waiting List Report Form OSA Waiting List Management Report Form OSA offers a limited time trial of online access to OSA Publishing’s Digital Library (formerly Optics InfoBase). This allows potential subscribers to sample the full range of OSA content, including current issues of periodicals, meeting content and archival journals. For additional information please submit a Help Ticket.

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A place to examine all aspects of Scientology, Ex-Scientology, Post Ex-Scientology & the experiences of being in and out of minority religions.

2020.09.16 22:00 N0-Imaginati0n Some hope for the Anti-Maskers. .

Excuse the poorly written pandemic pun in the title.
My entire life I have always struggled with mornings and daytime sleepiness. I also have chronic headaches. I am a 30y/o Male.
About 3 years ago I finally got a sleep study done and I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. My AHI was 56. A CPAP machine was ordered and I began using it. This did not last long for me however. I already have a very hard time falling to sleep. I am very claustrophobic and move around A LOT when trying to fall asleep until I finally find just the right position and manage to turn my brain off. Adding a mask to my face during this process kept me up for hours. I only managed to get about an hour of sleep with the machine and in turn my problem got worse. I was more tired!
I would take the machine out of the closet once every few months over the past 3 years to give it another go. I was determined each time because I needed something to change. I was miserable being tired and fighting headaches all of the time. But every time was no less of a failure than the last.
2 months ago, despite the countless opinions both online and in person by professionals regarding mouthpieces being ineffective for severe OSA I ordered one online. I had nothing to lose. The worst that could happen is it didn't work. The specific guard I ordered was "Apnea Rx".
It took a while to get used to. But I finally got a full night's sleep with it. I woke up at 6am, about 6 hours of sleep total. I originally got up to take the mouthguard out as it was causing some discomfort. But by the time I rinsed it off I realized how good I felt. Let me tell you, it had been 15 years since I can remember waking up at 6 and not willing to let go of my next paycheck just to go back to bed. I almost wanted to cry, did I finally find the solution?
I kept using the mouthguard and each night I managed to fall asleep with it (I took it out some nights as I couldn't fall asleep) I would wake up with the same feeling. I also never got headaches those days!
I am a bit of a pessimist, I told myself it almost had to be placebo. So I called the sleep clinic and told them what was going on and they agreed to do a sleep study with the mouthguard.
My results shocked the doctor. Previous to the study he claimed these hardly do anything for people with severe OSA. But my results told a much different story. My AHI went from 56 to 3.3! He told me the mouthguard is effectively eliminating my OSA and I can bail on the machine.
He also said I should see an ENT because I may very well be a rare case where my severe OSA could potentially be solved permanently and easily. I am not getting my hopes up for that, but I am secretly praying to God this is the case. My appointment is next Monday.
I am writing this because I felt hopeless. I became quite depressed that I could not feel normal. Most things you read or people you talk to don't understand and would just say you have to get used to the machine. Believe me I tried. I wanted my life to be better. I was just literally on the verge of losing my job trying to use the machine. I would get minutes of sleep, while spending the rest of the time frustrated. I am a very picky sleeper. I tried weed, melatonin and even prescription drugs given to me to help sleep from my doctor. Nothing helped.
I am not saying this will work for everyone or even a lot of people. But I just wanted to share my story in case there is anyone else out there that is feeling defeated with severe OSA and can't get used to CPAP. Give the mouthguard a try. It may not work. But if it does and you get to live a better life because of it it's worth the shot!
All the best!
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2020.09.09 03:29 vanessamw Here's all the info for USA MLS who are curious about Canada, direct from a CSMLS representative

I reached out specifically about lacking the Histology education requirement.
Below is the copy/paste of an email response: (PLA= Prior Learning Assessment)
Thank you for your email. You can still apply for PLA even if you are lacking background in histology. After your assessment is complete you would be provided with specific courses to choose from in order to close any gaps you may have. I have provided more information below.
Steps to Take: As an internationally educated medical laboratory technologist (IEMLT) or applicant from a non-accredited institution in Canada, you have the opportunity to establish your eligibility to the CSMLS National Certification Examinations through the prior learning assessment process. Your education and experience in another country do not automatically make you eligible to write the certification exam. 1. Read about the PLA process and certification exam 2. Take the Self-Assessment Readiness Tool (SART) 3. Complete the Personal Competency Rating Booklet (PCRB) 4. Complete the PLA Online Self-Assessment (OSA) (General MLT Applicants only)
Step 1 - Read about the PLA process and certification exam Read the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Handbook located in the CSMLS website through this link https://csmls.org/Certification/Prior-Learning-Assessment/Preparing-for-PLA.aspx . Read this PLA Handbook more than once; we recommend at least three (3) times as there is a large amount of information in this Handbook. You should also review the Certification Examination Guidelines found on our website at https://csmls.org/Certification/Certification-Exam/Exam-Handbook.aspx
Step 2 - Go Through the Self-Assessment Readiness Tools (SART) The tools are designed to help internationally educated health professionals understand the requirements for medical laboratory science professions in Canada. The tools describe knowledge, skills and abilities that are expected of Canadian MLTs and MLAs and provide information to support migration to Canada for those interested in the medical laboratory science field. The Self-Assessment Readiness Tools (SART) found on our website at https://www.assesshealthcareers.ca/careers/medical-laboratory-technology/.
Step 3 - Complete the Personal Competency Rating Booklet (PCRB) Complete the Personal Competency Rating Booklet (PCRB) to decide if a PLA is right for you. Locate the PCRB on our website under Step 3 at https://csmls.org/Certification/Prior-Learning-Assessment/Preparing-for-PLA.aspx . The Competency Rating Booklet is an excellent tool to help rate, compare your past education, and experience to the required Competency Profile. Select the appropriate PCRB (General MLT, Clinical Genetics or Diagnostic Cytology) Use the PCRB to rate and compare your experience to the appropriate CSMLS Competency Profile. Send your completed PCRB with your PLA application. The purpose of the self-assessment tools are for comparing your education and training to the Canadian standards to help you identify your gaps and decide if PLA is right for you. The CSMLS assessment team will use your ratings to help them complete your assessment. However, your ratings must be confirmed by the official documents of your education and experience.
Step 4 - Complete the PLA Online Self-Assessment (OSA) Additional requirement for General MLT Applicants Only Complete the PLA Online Self-Assessment (OSA). The OSA is intended to give you insight into medical laboratory practice in Canada and your readiness to the Canadian workforce. There is no minimum passing score. Your OSA score and report are for your information only and CSMLS will not use them to decide your PLA result. This test will give you valuable information to help you decide whether to pursue Canadian certification. It will provide you with feedback and help you to identify areas in which you may need more education, based on the Competency Profile, which is the national standard in Canada. If you choose to apply for PLA, as a General MLT, you are required to complete the OSA. You must complete the 100 question test before you apply for PLA. Access the PLA OSA at http://csmls.protraining.com/index.cfm
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2020.09.02 18:49 flippytuck OSA - Could use some advice.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with mild sleep apnea and was prescribed a bipap machine. I've been tested twice, the first time they told me I didn't have sleep apnea and to sleep on my side. The second time they diagnosed me with mild sleep apnea, different company.
My doctor just recently had me retake a sleep study test at home because I told him I get mixed days of results, sometimes I think I have sleep apnea and other days I don't. Just the last 2 days I was forced to sleep on my side due to how uncomfortable the test machine was and the next day I felt amazing. I could concentrate, had energy all day and was in a great mood. I have a 100% overbite and some nights if I sleep on my back without my machine, my throat and mouth and extremely dry and I can feel how hard I was snoring. I've never had the classic sleep apnea symptoms of waking up choking or my wife saying I wasn't breathing, just hard snoring. With that being said, I've read online that continuous air flow is the best method for treating for OSA, my machine now is bipap from 5-20 range.
I'm in the process of losing some weight but wanted to see if anyone has had anything similar or has changed their machine to fixed with better results?
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2020.09.02 17:10 flippytuck OSA - Need advise.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with mild sleep apnea and was prescribed a bipap machine. I've been tested twice, the first time they told me I didn't have sleep apnea and to sleep on my side. The second time they diagnosed me with mild sleep apnea, different company.
My doctor just recently had me retake a sleep study test at home because I told him I get mixed days of results, sometimes I think I have sleep apnea and other days I don't. Just the last 2 days I was forced to sleep on my side due to how uncomfortable the test machine was and the next day I felt amazing. I could concentrate, had energy all day and was in a great mood. I have a 100% overbite and some nights if I sleep on my back without my machine, my throat and mouth and extremely dry and I can feel how hard I was snoring. I've never had the classic sleep apnea symptoms of waking up choking or my wife saying I wasn't breathing, just hard snoring. With that being said, I've read online that continuous air flow is the best method for treating for OSA, my machine now is bipap from 5-20 range.
I'm in the process of losing some weight but wanted to see if anyone has had anything similar or has changed their machine to fixed with better results?
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2020.08.28 14:52 StoremandoHQ A day in the life of a supply assistant (storeman) at a non-combat unit + tips

I spoke to u/themindstorm, and this guide is on NSR https://national-service.now.sh/storeman-non-combat
Before I get started, I'd like to say that every unit is different in many ways: location, commanders, and culture, so most of this may not apply to you*. I also do not know what it's like to be a supply assistant in a non-combat unit. Additionally, in order to comply with OSA, I'll try to stay very general and not reveal too much about my unit.*
For reference, my exact vocation is currently SA(GE), and I'm a pretty relaxed company storeman for a CSSCOM unit.
So what is a supply assistant? According to CMPB,
The Supply formation commands, plans and provides logistics support across the full spectrum of operations.
This doesn't mean much, but I guess it's true
Let's go on ...
We train supply assistants to plan and implement the transportation of goods, equipment, and services. You will play an important role in ensuring logistical support is promptly and readily available for all SAF missions, allowing other formations to concentrate on their mission objectives.
Ignoring the transport part, not all is exactly true, because the SAF did not train me to be a supply assistant at all. I OOC-ed, and that's why I'm here, so my only training has been from my potato upper-study or Encik. The second part is very true. Often times if you weren't there, your unit will suffer because there's a lot more stuff they have to do themselves. More about this later
You will serve as the custodian of the SAF’s inventory, and manage and account for all our capabilities and equipment.
This is true. Note that "manage and account" can also mean "held liable".
There's some more stuff "supply chain management" and forklifts, but none of this really applies to me, so I cannot speak about it.

How does one become a supply assistant?

It's possible to be posted to a unit as an SA. You may see something like "SA(GE)", which means supply assistant general equipment. In my unit, however, none of the SAs (or ASAs) were directly posted here, but all of them OOC-ed from some course and ended up here.
Those who get Supply assistant on their posting order after BMT will probably go through the Course (unsure of the exact name), which I believe is held in Sembawang camp, similar to the driving course. To see more about the course, refer to page 39 of the NS Vocations Handbook.
Those who become SAs because of OOC may not go for the course (it's like that in my unit). They will completely depend on their upper-study (and Encik) to train them

What's a day in my life like?

What are the various tasks? I'm in a transport unit, so the tasks may be different if you're in a different unit. The most important is opening the door to the store for a transport operator before a detail. We have to make sure they sign the log book after they take their items (like fire extinguishers). After their detail is over, we have to open the door again.
Whenever someone needs new bedsheets, you are the man they're looking for. You are responsible for opening the "general store" where they keep their dirty laundry and get the clean bedsheets, blankets, and pillow cases. When there's too much dirty laundry, the laundry man comes to take it. The same guy will come a few days later with the clean laundry and help you unload it into the store.
I like to call Supply Assistants "Encik's assistants" too. That's because you help your sergeant major do whatever non-office work he does. This can include anything, and I mean it. Let's play a little game. Which of the following is not something you can possibly help your Encik with?
  1. Do some painting
  2. Get tea and snacks from the canteen for Encik
  3. Escort contractors (external workers) around camp
  4. Take you to his home to help move furniture
  5. Manage indentation of lubes
  6. Print out and laminate posters to hang around the company
  7. Look for "missing" vehicles
Answer: None of the above, it's a trick question. About number 4, although I haven't had to do it, I've definitely seen it online somewhere.
Apart from this, you will also assist in IPPT conducts and spatial training. In IPPTs, you may be a marshaller, or you could help the medics if required. In spatial training, you just move cones to the parade square. Both of these require ice packs and water areas set up, which you will do.

Other stuff

Here are some (unspoken) rules, tips, or anything else that didn't fit under the above headings
Some not-so-good stuff
Firstly, you will be held liable if anything important was somehow lost from the store.
With that out of the way, let's talk about respect. Often, storemen are not well-respected by others in the company. For instance, some people anyhow leave their laundry in the store (despite me telling them where to keep it), so I have extra work. Additionally, TOs are supposed to leave bring back their items on detail (like fire extinguishers and other stuff) back to the store. But some of them leave it around the company and just tell me to put it away from them. I've also seen some people snapping at me or my buddies to get our attention when they need something from the store.
Sometimes you get punished as a "messenger". Imagine this. Encik tells you to get something from some guy. That guy tells you no because blah blah blah. You tell Encik this exact reason. Now Encik scolds you for not getting the "something" even though it is in no way your fault.
And of course, sometimes you have to do everything yourself because your upper-study won't help you. Sometimes the other storemen chao keng and make you do all their work. I may talk more about this in a rant later.
Are all storemen stayout?
No, not necessarily. Company storemen (like me) are usually stay in, while HQ storemen may be stay out (from what I've seen online). However, a lot of storemen are PES C or E and are excused stay in, so people think all storemen are stay out. Even if you're stay out, you may be required to stay in for an early morning task the next day.
How much free time do you get?
On average, I'd say around 4. Some days, I spend the entire time in office. Other days (for example, when you need to set up for an IPPT), you won't have much free time (but you'll have enough)
Do you ever go outfield?
I'm an "equipment" supply assistant in a non-combat unit, so no, never. Those in combat vocations probably go outfield.
Feel free to ask anything else, share your experiences, or fix any mistakes I made.
I'd like to state this again. These experiences are based on my life, and yours will likely be different due to your different unit, company, and commanders. Also, please tell me if anything here breaks OSA. Thank you for reading.
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2020.08.27 21:56 caryroony Order CPAP machine online

Anyone who has been diagnosed with OSA means obstructive sleep apnea then they needs CPAP machine, they can Buy CPAP machine online by visiting our website. We developed our website from it any one can order CPAP machine on line.
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2020.08.11 09:43 iCoreOfficial Digital Marketing Tips

To hold the top place in your business, you should also hold the 1st Rank in Google.
· You might be a local business or an international brand, if you fail to be online then you will be out of the competition.
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“In 2020, if you still hesitate to be online, then you will be out of your field. As Your Competitors are Nailing it”
Do we deserve a Like for this?
#tips #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtips #technology #art #tech #tuesday #onlinemarketing #google #local #seo #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing
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2020.08.10 02:31 pirjoasko Class that's good in both PVM and PVP? Or even just PVM

So I'm having a hard time on deciding a class since I'm considering re-rolling since I'm not really enjoying my foggernaut and I'm lvl 176 right now.
So I was looking for a class that can do well in both pvm and pvp but I guess more emphasis on PVM. Some classes that I really would not like to play are Sacrier, Cra, Osa, Enu. Mostly just because I don't really like their playstyle. Ideally I'd like to be in a position where I can solo content that maybe not every class can do but honestly if I enjoy the class wouldn't matter as much. I had a huppermage before around lvl 120 but I got kinda bored of the playstyle because it felt really repeatitive in terms of leveling at least.

Edit: Some reasons for asking is because I really have no idea how some classes are like since there is a lack of guides online at least english wise. I'm kind of afraid to try classes like Masqueraider for example since there is little to no info of the playstyle or what kind of a class it is.
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2020.07.27 23:06 -MineScape- BEDROCK SERVER

Do you like Harry Potter? Looking for a server to call home and trust will stay online? Join “SimpleScape” we offer a MCPE survival server with clans/factions and custom enchants! Enchants like Crucio and Wingardgium LeviOsa! We also have an almost exact replica of the hogwarts castle as spawn!
IP: simplescape.mcpvp.live PORT: 25594
Message me to join our discord with over 150 members!
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2020.07.24 17:25 OnlineBookClub July 24th-Operation Olive Tree by Jemil Metti- OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day!

July 24th-Operation Olive Tree by Jemil Metti- OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day!
Book of the Day July 24th -- Politics/Historical Fiction, 4/4 stars
Free Copies Available via OnlineBookClub Review Team: https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/shelves/book.php?id=367823
Operation Olive Tree by Jemil Metti
This book has earned a perfect 4/4 by the OnlineBookClub.org Review Team!!
"Operation Olive Tree by Jemil Metti features an atypical school in Israel and shows the Israel-Palestinian conflict from the early 1980s. This historical fiction novel primarily follows two characters, an Israeli teenager named Irith Goldman and a Palestinian teenager named Jamal Shaheen. The two of them attend a school known as both Neve Shalom and Wahat-Al-Salam, and this school exists to promote peaceful coexistence amidst the political turmoil between Israel and Palestine. In their quest to promote peace, Neve Shalom and its teachers support Irith and Jamal as an opera-singing duo. The goal is to show unity through music, but not all is well. Political tension and strife in the community boils around the two of them, ultimately showing that the teenagers are simply pawns in a much larger game. In this action-packed, thrilling historical fiction novel, the question shifts from whether Irith and Jamal can bring unity to their peoples through music to whether they themselves can successfully make it to adulthood." ~ OBC reviewer
From the Author:
"The books events link to this hottest day of the hottest month. Social and political upheavals usually jump to a boiling point, when political and social revolutions follow."
You can get a free copy via the OnlineBookClub Review Team! Hurry and get your copy today:
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2020.07.21 20:29 MinneapolisBill First online league and Rule 5

So I have been playing Perfect Team and enjoying the game but recently got into an online league and am in my first offseason. We are up to the Rule 5 draft and I am looking at a player who my scout says is potential 80 at 25 years of age. Also says he is a 70 now. Scout accuracy is very low. I can't imagine someone giving up a 70 player. OSA rankings say 45.

I am guessing because the accuracy is very low, probably best to stay away. Wondering though, how many have taken a chance and seen the player come to fruition? My scout is Great for minors.

Thanks for the help!
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2020.07.19 22:00 sweetdreamsru Diagnosed with narcolepsy 15 years ago, now might have OSA

As the title says, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy anxiety excessive daytime sleepiness 15 years back. I've been on stimulants but feel tired as ever the past few years. I have been waking up from my own snores at times and feel groggy all day. I suspect OSA.
My insurance deductible is too high to make an in-person sleep study an attractive choice. Is an online company with home tests a reasonable option or would you dish out the money and do it the traditional way?
If you recommend online, what things should I look for? Once diagnosed, what machines are recommended/not recommended? Any particular on-line clinics considered the gold standard?
Thanks in advance
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2020.06.17 01:25 Andres7790 Sleep apnea DBQ in conjunction with VA21-2507

Hello everyone: my VSR mailed me the DBQ'S that needed to get filled out for my C&P, since COVID happened and appointments with VES were uncertain, so I mailed my DBQ to my doctor. I originally reported sleep apnea while in service~(2003-2004) and got a sleep study diagnosing my severe OSA.(I'm 5'11 and at that time I was~180> Got out in 2007, got treatment in 2017 and filed for benefits 2019. The same doctor that saw me in 2004 is the one that is currently treating me and the one I sent the DBQ to. I got my DBQ back today and there's nothing with a service connection statement nor about my initial sleep study while in service, he only mentioned the study from 2018. No where in the form does it state my TBI not my PTSD (also filing for these for the first time in this claim). While this whole process was happening I got a call from VES yesterday that they are going to schedule me for the C&P for all the forms my VSR sent them and me. I was feeling lucky that I was still being seen by the same Dr that initially had diagnosed me 15 years prior. Am I overthinking it? Or will VES and my VSR see that it's not just from 2018. I actually went through breakups because of my untreated sleep apnea (100% my fault for delaying treatment). The apnea DBQ'S that are easily found online are different that the one I got, I have the one from 2017. Any ideas?
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2020.06.16 10:25 TMRR1 Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market Investment Opportunities to 2025

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market: Snapshot
Oral appliances are gaining traction across patients with obstructive sleep apnea, the most popular type of apnea. The disease is characterized by recurrent episodes of cessation of nocturnal breathing due to impairment in upper airway while in sleep. The episodes substantially affects the functioning of vital organs and the disorder is associated with significant cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in global populations. Oral appliances are dental-fitted devices that have soared in popularity over the past decade as a potential alternative to continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) world over. Their rising acceptance can be attributed to the marked convenience and comfort the oral appliances bring to patients. That aside, the higher compliance rate of oral appliances with the patients than any corrective surgeries, including the CPAP, has stoked the popularity of these devices. They are being increasingly recommended for mild-to-moderate form of obstructive sleep apnea. One of the most common of them is mandibular advanced splints (MAS).
Get Sample Copy of the Report @ https://www.tmrresearch.com/sample/sample?flag=B&rep_id=3608
Most sleep apnea oral appliances are considered safe with negligible side-effects. MAS rectifies the function of upper airway muscles in patients, thereby reducing the risk of sleep apnea events. In recent years, there have been several randomized trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of various sleep apnea oral appliances on patients. These developments are catalyzing the expansion of the market. Researchers are focused on developing sleep apnea oral appliances that markedly reduce daytime somnolence, helps in better managing the nocturnal as well as diurnal blood pressure control, and are compliant with a larger patient population. The sleep apnea oral appliances market also witnesses the rising demand for modern devices, particularly tongue-retaining devices. However, the market awaits more clinical research and studies to evaluate the efficacy of these devices to ascertain how do they fare against MAS. The larger goal would be to increase their efficacy to match the level of CPAP.
Global Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market: Overview
With respect to numerous associated factors, the global sleep apnea oral appliances market has been thoroughly covered in the report. Some these factors which are comprehensively described in the report are chief growth drivers, prime restraints, competitive analysis, geographical outlook, and latest trends and opportunities. The compiled study covers a forecast that extends from 2017 to 2025. This study acts as a valuable insight for businesses which are already operating in the global sleep apnea oral appliances market, as well exists as a helping hand for those who intend to newly establish themselves in this environment. The report also prognosticates the market to witness extensive growth during the forthcoming years. Prime market dynamics associated with key trends are also detailed in the study.
The global sleep apnea oral appliances market is mainly segregated into several segments on the basis of product, type, and region. Under product, the market consists of mandibular advancement devices and tongue retaining devices as primary segments. On the basis of type, the global sleep apnea oral appliances market consists of physician-prescribed/customized oral appliances and online OTC oral appliances as key segments.
Global Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market: Trends and Restraints
A rampant surge in sleep apnea all over the world owing to changing lifestyles, rising geriatric population, and increasing stress levels among the masses are key reasons driving the global sleep apnea oral appliances market. Another factor making this market witness substantial expansion involves widespread technological advancements occurring in terms of improved oral appliances. The awareness about sleep apnea and its treatment is gradually rising, consequently propelling the global sleep apnea oral appliance market to depict outstanding growth.
However, high costs setting up medical equipment for treating sleep apnea exists in the form of steep medical fees for patients and their kin, thus making many people refrain from opting for the treatment processes. This has been substantially hindering the market’s growth from a global perspective. Nonetheless, several companies are trying to expand their presence from a geographical perspective as well as introduce cost-effective treatments. These factors are anticipated to reduce the effects of restraints substantially.
Request TOC of the Report @ https://www.tmrresearch.com/sample/sample?flag=T&rep_id=3608
Global Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market: Geographical Outlook
From a regional perspective, this market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Of these, North America grabs the lion’s share in terms of revenue gained thanks to the presence of a strong healthcare infrastructure and rapidly increasing cases of sleep apnea among the masses. A favorable reimbursement scenario facilitated by governmental bodies as well as other organizations has also made the market grow extensively in this region. Apart from North America, the next few years are also expected to depict Europe to grow at a rapid pace in the global sleep apnea treatment market owing to rising sleep apnea cases and high demand for treatment processes with this malady.
Global Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Market: Competitive Landscape
This market mainly depicts the existence of a highly fragmented and competitive vendor landscape, majorly due to the presence of innumerable players. Bringing about widespread innovations and development efficient treatments are prime strategies implemented by most businesses working in global sleep apnea oral appliances market. Most businesses have been operating in this market for numerous years, and have relied on carrying out extensive research as a key tool for attracting success.
However, several local players are witnessing a substantial cutthroat competition owing to a mammoth influence cast by the larger players present in the market. Airway Management, Panthera Dental, ResMed, OravanOSA, Whole You, Myerson, SomnoMed, DynaFlex, Oventus, and Apnea Sciences are key players operating in the global sleep apnea oral appliances market.
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2020.06.10 17:45 imfineokaystopasking Ex-SCN, Ex-SO, SCN born, damaged, coming out of the closet.

Hi Guys.
It's been a long time coming.
I'm venting here, more than contributing anything of worth. I've reached the breaking point internalizing everything. I feel broken and feel there's very few I can confide in within my circle. I'm still connected, and by all accounts still within the gang, I don't want to break my elderly parents hearts whom are still very devoted and I don't have the strength to denounce and deal with all that. I just want closure.
So, I'll keep things generalized and anonymous and won't proofread. Here is my vomited stream of consciousness. Bring a straw.
I've seen it all. Human rights violations, sequestration, hazing, public humiliation, indoctrination, recruitment of children, righteous denounciations, throwing people under the bus to feel like you're cleaning house and finding WHO's and WHY's to bad situations, the anger, the lack of basic care, lack of empathy, the OSA gestapo. It's all true. I read stuff online, and I know that the story is true because I've lived it.
I was born in SCN. That means I was given that "Us vs them" mentality that remained ingrained from my very first cognitive moments as a child to the point where I went down the rabbit hole of criticism against Scientology and read ev-ery-thing.
Being raised in SCN is a bit more damaging than other religions, because you're not just abiding to rituals and theories that you can cast off at a later age. According to SCNs, the Anti-Christ is essentially running the world right now; SPs pervade key positions in government and mental health and it appears we're losing that battle.
You have to understand that when you're raised with, let's call it working-class Scientologists, your parents try with the best of to make you avoid the pitfalls of their pre-scientology life and warn you about psychology, psychiatry, and therapists and suppressive persons and how the world all agree with the suppressive zeitgeist, but "we know better" about, well, everything.
From your perspective as a kid, this establishes a fiber of distrust very early on. Even if there's truth to "suppressive persons" as narcissists or sociopaths, the emphasis of the Scientologist is disproportionate and constant. It creates a patina, a veneer of not allowing people to see you with vulnerability. It establishes you to lie, to give acceptable truths, early on. It removes the village from the raising of a kid, too. Teachers, counselors, therapists, they created a mild form of paranoia with me as a pre-teen, as I attended public school. It didn't help developmentally. And the orgs, well, they don't really care about kids. You're under foot, so you lose most if not all your support and role models.
I was in the recruiter's chair at the age of 13. I had a few interviews as early as 11. You end up in a closed room and someone from the Sea Org lays it on to you. I can confirm most stories I read about the insane recruitment tactics, I lived them.
What still stings with these memories is that they were Authority, in their uniforms. My parents, the church, the community, they saw them as much an authority as one would see a doctor talking about your health. If they wanted to talk to me, they certainly could, and if I wanted not to talk to them I certainly could tell them no, but that was MY job, not my parents'. They did not understand what happened behind a closed recruiter's door nor did I tell them. The way the recruitment cycles were going, I felt ashamed of having to say "No." and disappoint every one. Little did I know feeling would be a recurrent theme in my life.
And if anyone has ever had a "recruitment cycle", "no" is the least understood word in the dictionary. At 13 years old, I had neither the gumption nor the skill nor the critical thinking to put an end to it. I didn't like it though. It was pretty grueling. I think I spent about 100 hours in recruitment? Maybe much more? It gets hazy. I exasperated them until they would eventually finish their recruitment tour. Then another would come in.
I obeyed them. I was shy, I was not strong willed, I could never say things like: "No, leave me alone." They would call me up and I'd bullshit them I had other things to do and they'd push-push-push until I reported to their desk and so I did. And they rescheduled me the next day and the next...
In a recruitment cycle, they lay it on ya. I'm sure for those familiar, "Every doubt that you have is an abherration," The Supreme Test, RJ63 (67?), The Wrong Thing To Do Is Nothing, etc. They grill you. They don't permit you to say reasons why not, every conversation wind back to the Sea Org, they open their packs and give you something dire about the world, an LRH quote why you should sign, and then they get right back up to handing you that contract and push to sign it. "C'mon. Sign it. Do it now. Pick up the pen." I had to ninja my way out of that every. single. time. I must have said "no", I don't know, 10,000 times? 20? I remember the intense angst I felt at every silence and stare-downs and returns to the contract. And they lied. God, did they lie about the Sea Org and everything that was there and all that it was.
But I didn't want to sign! I was 13, I didn't want to leave everything I knew. Mama, papa and move to another city with all these strange men and women. I wasn't interested at all!
I think my disposition to comply and staying in that chair as long as they wanted me to led them to using me as a filler for reporting back activity uplines. "At least something was happening". As I came to know the immense difficulty there was at recruiting a Sea Org Member, I am convinced this was the reason.
At a later point, though, I started getting a bit more mouthy and they didn't like me as much. One interview and I wouldn't get a call back. I still didn't have the gumption to stonewall them, I just wasn't raised that way, but boy I could antagonize them. I guess that could be defined as "covert hostility". But then, what are you going to do when you're a child confronted with unempathetic dominance and zeal? You make them shun you.
I got my very first KR from this girl recruiter, too. It was devastating then. A delight now. She wasn't nice.
What happens in a recruitment cycle, corroborates with that your parents raise you with. And they lay it on thick. 10 times as thick. Psychs are actively destroying the world. Everyone's bodies are being ruined with psychiatric drugs and we can't raise many people spiritually any more because they're too damaged and poisonned by drugs. There's war and the atomic bomb. We have this one chance to make it, this infinitissimal moment in time, we're the only force that has the TECH. (pronounced with strong emphasis on the word, like you're saying "Tyeckh", then pause for half a second.) We're bringing man out of the mud it thinks conceived it. We're the only force that has any possible affect to the end of war, the only salvation to mankind and bring about a civilization worth living!
When you're a kid and you're being fed this by the shovel and that is then reconfirmed every day in the SO, well, it gets to you. It stays with you for years. It stays with you even after you've long gone and you have to unravel one thread at a time. It creates dissonance with the benign and positive works such as The Way to Happiness, or What is Greatness or Personal Integrity or Two Rules for Happy Living or Granting Beingness.
Because every day you have a fire under your ass. You live with a constant reminder of the moment you turn on the news, the moment you walk out the door and see someone not right, or some friend from school on medication. It creates angst. It's wrong, and it's going wronger. And it reinforces that gutty anger and fear, "damn those psychs". There's someone making the machine screwy under our eyes, with a smile.
I'm very melancholic about that. I know guys who sold their properties and remortgaged their homes and emptied their savings and delayed retirement penniless and kept on working. They donated to the IAS, the Ideal Org. They did not buy themselves a piece of heaven. They sacrificed themselves to make the world a better place and push back "Judgement day" in a scientological sense.
Sad. Moving on.
Makes you dry, though. Makes you justify bullying a 13 year old practically in front of his parents. Makes you justify much, much more. There's plenty of that I did and saw others do.
I wanted to sort of show the inception of the Scientologist and Sea Org Member I became and I imagine many second & third generation SCN had the same experience.
I'm not a writer. It's probably a hot confused mess to read. But if that has any interest, I'm happy to continue or answer questions.
I don't fit with the Scio's. I don't fit with the normies. I don't want to make waves or be targeted and disconnected from or break anyone's heart. I want to stay anonymous. I feel so very alone. I have to empty my chest.
Thank you.
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2020.06.04 17:08 ChildfreeFamily Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

I'm compiling a list of childfree people for a blog. I have found a few lists online (which have been helpful). But in some cases they were not up-to-date. A person may have had children since being added to their list (example: I had to remove George Clooney who appeared on a number of lists). Or there might be some people missing who should be on the list.
If you have a moment to scan the list and let me know of any other errors or omissions it would be appreciated.
It has been fun working on this list. A few people on it surprised me. Thanks again for any help.
\Edit for clarification: the term "childfree", in the sense of this list, will be in regards to people who never had a child from a live birth, fostered a child, adopted a child, or was a step-parent.*

Herbert Samuel Adams – Sculptor
Charles Addams – Cartoonist (The New Yorker)
Jane Addams - Social Worker, Political Activist, Co-Founder of the ACLU, & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Nancy Addison – Actress
Louisa May Alcott – Author
Cynthia May Westover Alden – Author, Philanthropist
Grover Cleveland Alexander – Baseball Player
Suzy Allegra – Author
Marty Allen – Comedian
John Murray Anderson – Musical Theatre Producer
Laurie Anderson – Performance Artist
Marian Anderson – Concert Singer
Louis Andriessen – Composer
Jennifer Aniston – Actress
Susan B. Anthony – Womans’ Suffragist
Samuel Appleton – Politician, Philanthropist
Geoffrey Arend - Actor
Louis Armstrong – Musician (Contested: The Louis Armstrong Museum states he had no children, but in 2012 Sharon Preston-Folta has claimed to be his daughter from Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a dancer at the New York Cotton Club)
Boris Artzybasheff – Artist
Dorothy Arzner – Film Director
Dr. Robert C. Atkins – Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet
V.C. Andrews – Author
Jane Austen – Author
Max Baer Jr. – Actor
Francis Bacon – Politician, Philosopher, Scientist
Florence Bailey – Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist
Tallulah Bankhead – Actress
Abdullah al-Baradouni – Yemeni Poet
Bob Barker – Game Show Host
Joe Barr – Canadian Politician
Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Clara Barton - Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross
Kathy Bates – Actress
Jaya Battacharya – Actress
King Baudouin – King of Belgium
Samuel Beckett – Author, Playwright, Poet
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Composer
Joe Besser – Actor
Isabella Bird – Author
Jacqueline Bisset – Actress
Lewis Black – Comedian
Eubie Blake – Musician, Composer
William Blake – Artist
Brenda Blethyn – Actress
Marc Blitzstein – Composer, Dramatist
Baroness Karen Blixen – Author
Rosa Bonheur – French Painter and Sculptor
Pierre Bonnard – Artist
William Edgar Borah – Politician
Lara Flynn Boyle – Actress
Georges Brassens – Singer
Alison Brie – Actress
Joe Bob Briggs aka John Bloom – Author, Movie Critic
Raymond Briggs – Children’s Book Author
Poppy Z. Brite – Author
Anne Bronte – Author
Louise Brooks – Actress
Helen Gurley Brown – Feminist, Editor
Reno Browne – Actress, Equestrian
Delta Burke – Actress
Kathy Burke - Actress, Comedian
James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
Pat Buchanan – Politician, Presidential Candidate
James Burke – Creator of the PBS Series “Connections”, Scientific American columnist
Raymond Burr – Actor
Caryl Lee Burroughs – Hollywood Animal Trainer
Leo Buscaglia – Author
Brett Butler – Actress, Comedian
Julia Cameron – Director
Phyllis Carlyle – Film Producer
Dora Carrington – Bloomsbury Artist
Laura Carroll – Author
Mary Casatt – Artist
Roger Casement – Irish Patriot
Nina Cassian – Poet
Barbara Castle – British Politician
Kim Cattrall – Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Singer, Songwriter
Rosamond Halsey Carr – Founder of Rwanda’s Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer
Richard Chamberlain – Actor
Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer (Contested: Following her elder sister’s suicide, she looked after her son)
Stockard Channing – Actress
RuPaul Andre Charles - Drag Performer, TV Personality
Judy Chicago – Artist
Margaret Cho – Comedian
Julia Child – Professional Chef, Cookbook Author
Helen Clark – New Zealand Prime Minister
Patricia Clarkson – Actress
Dorothy Clewes – Children’s Book Author
Imogene Coca – Actress
Claudette Colbert – Actress
Billy Collins – U.S. Poet Laureate
C. Collodi – Author
William Conrad – Actor
Frances Conroy – Actress
Storm Constantine – Fantasy Writer
Jill Ker Conway – Author, first woman President of Smith College
Anne Cool – Canadian Senator
Pat Coombs – Actress
Copernicus – Scientist
John Corbett – Actor
Joseph Cornell – Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box
Ann Coulter – Political Commentator
Alec Sadler Craig – Australian Politician, Philanthropist
Quentin Crisp – Author, Actor
Tim Curry – Actor
Charlotte Curtis – First woman on the masthead of The New York Times
Patrika Darbo – Actress
Simone de Beauvoir – Author
Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian Poet
Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist
Gray Davis – Governor of California
Ellen Degeneres – Comedian
Jeffery Deaver – Author
Eugene Victor Debs – Activist
Bessie and Sadie Delaney – Authors
Dana Delany – Actress
Don DeLillo – Author
Del Rubio Triplets – Musical Group
Bo Derek – Actress
Rene Descartes – Philosopher
Portia De Rossi – Actress
Emily Dickinson – Poet
Benjamin Disraeli – Politician, Author
Steve Ditko – Cartoonist, co-creator of the Spider-Man Comics
Dorothea Dix – Educator, writer, philanthropist
Hannah Dobryn – Author
Tamara Dobson – Actress
Richard Donner – Film Director
Lauren Shuler Donner – Film Producer
Lizzie Douglas aka Memphis Minnie- Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Marjory Stoneman Douglas – Environmentalist, Founder of Friends of the Everglades
Maureen Dowd – Columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Sir George Downing – Founder of Downing College, Cambridge, England
Gabriel Dumont – Native American Tribal Leader
Lena Dunham - Actress, Director, Producer
Francis Drake – Explorer
Fran Drescher – Actress
Esther Dyson – Author, Internet Expert
Amelia Earhart – Aviator
Deborah Eisenberg – Author
Liubov Egorova – Dancer
Anita Ekberg – Actress
T.S. Eliot – Poet
Havelock Ellis – Psychologist, Author
Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress
Harlan Ellison – Author
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Joan Elm – Canadian Politician, Community Activist
Bonnie Erbé – PBS Commentator and Columnist
Dame Edith Evans – British Film and Stage Actress
Linda Evans – Actress
Rupert Everett – Actor
Anne Ewers – CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera
Jane Fallon – Author
Chow Yun-Fat – Actor
Barbara Feldon – Actress
Pamelyn Ferdin – Actress
Ralph Fiennes – Actor
Lynn Fontanne – Actress
Margot Fonteyn – British Ballerina
Juliana Rieser Force – Whitney Museum Director
Richard Ford – Author, Editor of Granta
Margaretta Forten – Abolitionist
Dian Fossey – Anthropologist
Janet Frame – Poet
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Tanya Franks – Actress
William Frawley – Actor
Frank Frazetta – Artist
Alice Freeman – First woman to be President of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley), helped establish the University of Chicago.
Elsie Freund – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Louis Freund – Artist
Robert Fripp – Composer, Musician
Stephen Fry - Actor, Comedian
Eva Gabor – Actress
Magda Gabor – Actress
Maxwell Gage – Noted New Zealand Geologist
Diamanda Galas – Singer
Tess Gallagher – Author
Paul William Gallico – Author
Janeane Garofalo – Actress, Comedian
Greta Garbo – Actress
Ava Gardner – Actress
Henry Garfiled aka Henry Rollins - Musician (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Greer Garson – Actress
Gloria Gaynor – Singer
Anthony Geary – Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Gervais – Comedian
William Schwenck Gilbert – Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan
Althea Gibson – Athlete
Dorothy Gish – Actress
Lillian Gish – Actress
Katharine Bruce Glasier – Author
Susan Glaspell – Playwright
Sharon Gless – Actress
Crispin Glover – Actor
Christoph Willibald Gluck – Composer
Paulette Goddard – Actress
Robert Hutchings Goddard – Physicist
Kurt Godel – Author
Alexander Godunov – Actor, Dancer
Stephen Goldin – Author
Emma Goldman – Activist, Feminist
Valeria Golino – Actress
Jan Goodwin – Author, Travel Writer
Edward Gorey – Artist
Lotte Goslar – Dancer
Lauren Graham - Actress (Contested - Her long-term partner has a child.)
Martha Graham – Choreographer
Cecil Green – Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist
Johnny Green – Musician
Gael Greene – Food Critic, Author
Baroness Susan Greenfield – Director of the Royal Institution, Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist
John Robert Gregg – Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method, Publisher
Joyce Grenfell – British Actress
Nanci Griffith – Singer, Songwriter
Martha Griffiths – First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Terry Gross – NPR Host
James Grout – Actor
Mabel Dole Haden – Former President of NABWA
Catherine Hakim – British Sociologist
Daryl Hall – Singer, Musician (Hall & Oates)
Jon Hamm - Actor
Celia Hammond – Former Model and Animal Activist
Lionel Hampton – Musician
Georg Friedrich Handel – Composer
Chelsea Handler - Comedian
Howard Harold Hanson – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer
Setsuko Hara – Japanese Actress
Warren Gamaliel Harding – 29th U.S. President
E Chambré Hardman – Photographer
Jean Harlow - Actress
Debbie Harry – Singer (Blondie)
Alex Heard – Author
Sir Edward Heath - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Susan Helms – Astronaut
Christina Hendricks - Actress, Model
Adrian Henri – Poet, Painter
Marguerite Henry – Children’s Book Author
Katherine Hepburn – Actress
Milton S. Hershey – Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Lorena Hickok – AP Political Reporter
Taiko Hirabayashi – Author
Nicole Hollander – Cartoonist
Thelma Holt – Actress, Theatre Producer
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (USA)
Grace Murray Hopper – Computer Scientist
Rima Horton - Politician
Soad Hosni – Egyptian Actress
Lila Kedrova Howard – Actress
Mick Hucknall – Singer
Howard Hughes - American Business Magnate, Investor, Pilot, Engineer, Film Director, Philanthropist
Bonnie Hunt – Actress
Kristin Hunter – Children’s Book Author
Lauren Hutton – Actress, Model
Patricia Ireland – President of the National Organization for Women, NOW
George J. Irbe – Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology
John A. “Jack” Jackson – Philanthropist, Oilman
Tove Jansson – Children’s Book Author
Randall Jarrell – Poet
Anna Jarvis – the “Founder of Mother’s Day”
Joan of Arc – Christian Saint
Jack Johnson – First African-American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.
Margaret Johnston – Actress
Martin and Osa Johnson – Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists.
Richard Mentor Johnson – U.S. Vice-President
Samuel Johnson – Author, Editor
William Hugh Johnston – Labor Leader
Carolyn Jones – Actress
Renee Jones – Actress
Spike Jonze – Film Director
Ashley Judd – Actress, Activist
Madeline Kahn – Actress
Immanuel Kant – Philosopher
Julie Kavner – Actress
Nikos Kazantzakis – Author
Odette Keene – Musician
Helen Keller – Author
Joyce Kennard – Judge
Joe Kernan – Politician
Maynard Keynes – Economist, Founder of the Vic-Wells Ballet, Financed the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England
King Louis XVI – King of France
William Lyon MacKenzie King – Former Canadian Prime Minister
William Rufus King – U.S. Vice-President
Robert Kiyosaki – Author
Caroline Knapp – Author
Aleksandra Kollontai – Author
Dean Koontz – Author
Tadeusz Kościuszko – Polish Patriot
Jerzy Kosinski – Author
Jonathan Kozol – Author, Activist
Lee Krasner – Artist
Albert Kroc – Co-Developer of McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Henry Richardson Labouisse – Diplomat, Former Head of UNICEF
Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion Designer
Princess Lakshmi – Indian Princess
Elsa Lanchester – Actress
Philip Larkin – Author, Poet
Charles Laughton – Actor, Director
Dan Lauria – Actor
Frank John Lausche – Politician
Tom Lehrer – Singer, Musician
Jay Leno – TV Host
Richard Lewis – Comedian
Lyn Lifshin – Poet
Queen Liliuokalani – Queen of Hawaii
Siân Lloyd – Weather Broadcaster
Carole Lombard – Actress
Jack Lord – Actor
Pauline Lord – Actress
Patty Loveless – Singer
Alfred Lunt – Actor
John Lyon – Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder of The Great Public School Of Harrow
Rose McClendon – Actress
Robert McCormick – Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune
Mary Jackson McCrorey – Politician, Activist
Hattie McDaniel – Actress
Roddy McDowall – Actor, Photographer
Odd McIntyre – Newspaper Columnist
Ian McKellen – Actor
Kristy McNichol – Actress
Janet McTeer – Actress
Christine McVie – Singer, Songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)
Dora Maar – Photographer
René Magritte – Artist
Bill Maher – TV Personality
Katherine Mansfield – Author
Shirley Manson – Singer
Vito Anthony Marcantonio – Politician
Francesca Marciano – Actress
Miriam Margoyles – Actress
Mary Ellen Mark – Award-Winning Photographer
William III & Mary II of England – King & Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland
Bobbie Ann Mason – Children’s Book Author
Mari Matsunaga – Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web
Theresa May - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian Patriot
Fradique de Menezes – President of Sao Tome and Principe
Melina Mercouri – Greek Actress
Freddie Mercury – Musician
Angela Merkel – German Chancellor
George Michael – Musician
Oscar Micheaux – Film Director, Producer, Author
Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poet
Alley Mills – Actress
Brenda Milner – Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill’s Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute
Kylie Minogue - Singer
Helen Mirren – Actress
Margaret Mitchell – Author
Eugenio Montale – Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator
Vicki Moore – Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist
John Morgan – Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) – Author
Morrissey – Musician
Rob Morse – Columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam – Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
John Mulaney – Comedian
Annamarie Tendler Mulaney – Artist
Diana Muldaur – Actress
Megan Mullally - Actress
Ona Munson – Actress
Haruki Murakami – Author
Iris Murdoch – Author
Mikayil Mushfig – Poet
Modest Mussorgsky – Composer
Kanagarajah Muthiah – Tamil Activist
Ralph Nader – Activist
Taslima Nasrin – Author
Alla Nazimova – Actress
Noel Neill – Actress
Bebe Neuwirth – Actress
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
Stevie Nicks – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher
Florence Nightingale – Nurse
Ursula Nordstrom – Children’s Book Editor
Jessye Norman – Opera Singer
Kim Novak – Actress
Rudolph Nureyev – Dancer
Anita O’Day – Jazz Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe – Artist
Frederick D. O’Neal – Actor, Playwright
Joyce Carol Oates – Author
Nick Offerman - Actor
Sandra Oh - Actress
Claire Parker – Director, Animator
Dorothy Parker – Author
Suzanne-Lori Parks – Playwright
Rosa Parks – Activist
Dolly Parton – Singer, Actress
Julia Pascal – Playwright
Ann Patchett – Author
Alicia Patterson – Editor
Wolfgang Pauli – Physicist
Linus Pauling – Winner of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace
Sarah Paulson – Actress
Michelle Paver – Author
Anna Pavlova – Dancer
Molly Peacock – Poet, President Emerita of the Poetry Society of America
Minnie Pearl – Singer
Samuel Pepys – Author
Matthew Perry - Actor
Bernadette Peters – Actress
Jean Peters - Actress
Arthur Phillip – First British Administrator Sent to Australia
Wendell Phillips – Orator and Reformer
William Phillips – Co-founder and Editor of Partisan Review , Writer, Critic
Marge Piercy – Author, Poet
Plato – Philosopher
Martha Plimpton - Actress
Edgar Allan Poe – Author
Jackson Pollock – Artist
Katherine Ann Porter – Author
Parker Posey – Actress
Beatrix Potter – Children’s Book Author
Charles Edward Potter – Politician, Philanthropist, Administrator of the Cheboygan County Bureau of Social Aid
Joyce Purnick – Former New York Times Metro Editor, Journalist
Edna Purviance – Silent Movie Actress
Colin Quinn – Comedian
Robin Quivers – Radio Host
Raffi – Children’s Musician
Bonnie Raitt – Singer, Songwriter
Joey Ramone – Musician
Ayn Rand – Writer, Philosopher, Author
A. Philip Randolph – Politician
Jeanette Rankin – 1st Female US Representative
Man Ray – Artist
Rachel Ray – Celebrity Chef
Lou Reed – Singer, Musician
George Reeves – Actor
Frances Reid – Actress
Leni Riefenstahl – Filmmaker
Janet Reno – Former U.S. Attorney-General
Judith Resnick – Astronaut
Jennifer Rhodes – Actress
Condoleezza Rice – National Security Advisor
Cliff Richards – Musician
Miranda Richardson – Actress
Alan Rickman – Actor, Director
Elizabeth Riddell – Journalist
Sally Ride – First American Female Astronaut
Bridget Riley – Artist
John Ringling – Founder of Ringling Brothers Circus
Mary Roach - Author
Morgan Andrew Robertson – Author
Debbie Rochon – Actress
Norman Perceval Rockwell – Illustrator
Eric Rohmann – Author, Winner of the 2003 Caldecott Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book
Ginger Rogers – Actress
Richard Roeper – Film Reviewer, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilhelm Rontgen – Awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901, discoverer of X-Rays
William Bruce Rose Jr. aka Axl Rose - Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Mickey Rourke – Actor, Boxer
Patricia Routledge – Actress
Joan Ruddock – Activist
John Ruskin – Author
Winona Ryder – Actress
Yves Saint-Laurent - Fashion Designer
Dr. Lee Salk – Child Psychologist
Renu Saluja – Indian Film Editor
Diana Sands – Actress
Aligi Sassu – Artist
John Sayles – Director
Jean-Paul Sartre – Existential Philosopher
Diane Sawyer – TV News Anchor
Rosika Schwimmer – Author, Activist
Ed and Thelma Schoenberger – Co-founders of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show
Ellen Browning Scripps – Newspaper Columnist, Philanthropist
Joel Schumacher – Film Director
Maurice Sendak – Children’s Book Author
George Bernard Shaw – Playwright
Lionel Shriver – Author
Sarah Silverman – Comedian, Actress
Michael Sinelnikoff – Actor
Siouxsie – Singer, Musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Robert Smith – Singer, Musician (The Cure)
David Shogren – Bassist (Doobie Brothers)
Betty Smith – Author
Dodie Smith – Playwright, Author of The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Gladys Louise Smith aka Mary Pickford - Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Businesswoman
Howard Worth Smith – Politician
Kate Smith – Singer
Lemony Snicket (Real Name: Daniel Handler) – Children’s Book Author
David Souter – Supreme Court Justice
Jill St. John – Actress
Mabel Stark – Female Tiger Trainer
Gertrude Stein – Author, Patron of the Arts
Victor Strauss – WWII Journalist
Gloria Steinem – Activist, Writer
Maria W. Stewart – Author, Activist
Lily Strickland – Composer, Writer, Artist
Patrick Swayze – Actor
Loretta Swit – Actress
Henrietta Szold – Holocaust Heroine
Wislawa Szymborska – Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Amy Tan - Writer, Author
Sara Teasdale – Poet
Toni Tennille – Singer (Captain and Tennille)
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma – French-Spanish Political Activist and Academic
Nikola Tesla – Scientist, Inventor
Theodora – Empress and wife of Justinian I
Susanna Thompson – Actress
Georgianne Thon – Actress
M. Carey Thomas – President of Bryn Mawr College
Willie Mae Thornton – Singer, Songwriter
Jennifer Tilly – Actress
Wendy Tokunaga – Author
Lily Tomlin – Actress, Playwright
Ann Turkel – Model
Randy Travis – Singer
Edward Tylor – Anthropologist
Names "U - Z" will be in a comment below (the new additions put the list over the character limit).
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2020.06.02 18:12 FluidMacaron Minneapolis Police Department use of force data

Minneapolis Police Department use of force data
Hi everyone! I'm a business analyst (a recent job switch so I'm not too confident in my ability to gain insights from this data), but the Minneapolis Police Department use of force data is open source. The data collection started on Nov 1st, 2016.
Link to the website
Link to the open source data set
The simple chart I pulled from the website seems pretty damming to me (I realize there are some limitations though), but I believe there are a lot of people out there who are much better with data than I am, so I'm calling all BI people out there to help present statistics to help these protests gain legitimacy!

Minneapolis Police Use of Force Breakdown by Race
A lot of other police precincts also post their use of force data online publicly, so you can likely also investigate your local police.
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2020.05.28 02:29 darctones Any Lofta experience?

I was diagnosed with mild OSA a while back and I’m finally ready to take the plunge.
I’m considering an online vendor. Does anyone have any experience with this? Specifically with Lofta?
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2020.05.16 14:07 trublupotato [Freshies' Say] NUS Orientation 2020

For the incoming freshmen matriculating into NUS in AY2020/2021, I am sure you know that the various Freshmen Orientation Programmes (FOPs) have been affected by COVID-19. As of now, the stand taken by the NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is that any FOPs between 1 June and 7 August will be held online, with a decision to be made on 5 June on whether any physical 'Orientation Lite' with smaller groups can be held in addition to the E-Orientations.
These are unprecedented times for the FOPs and the respective committees and ultimately the biggest group of people that will be affected is you, the incoming batch of freshmen. So please do voice up and share any concerns and/or suggestions for things that you hope to see in an E-Orientation!
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2020.04.26 01:49 anony22330 Why do so many Catholics convert to Evangelicalism?

So this is something I've been thinking about lately, and was wondering what the answer might be from a Catholic perspective. My background: I was raised evangelical. I still sort of attend an evangelical church despite disagreements with evangelical theology (especially the very strong sola scriptura stance and lack of any sort of meaning in communion). I'm originally from the Northeast (I now live in the Southeast) and the evangelical church my family attended up there had many Catholic converts. Down South, Catholics are much smaller in number so the converts to Evangelicalism are smaller, but there are still a few. In my own family, my paternal grandmother was an Italian Catholic and converted to Protestantism. According to my dad, her sisters told her she would go to hell and not to read the Bible. My maternal grandmother also came from an Irish Catholic family and converted to Protestantism.
Typically in Catholic ----> evangelical conversion stories, the convert stresses that they weren't taught the True Gospel, that the Church didn't teach the Bible, and confessions were supposed to God and not a priest. Evangelical ----> Catholic conversions seem far more rare. At least online, the main reasons for conversion seem to be reading the Church Fathers and learning about church history, rather than any mission attempt.
As Catholics, why do you think so many Catholics convert? These are my own theories.
  1. Missions. Most evangelicals believe Catholics aren't "saved" and therefore, they must be witnessed to. There doesn't seem to be any such attempts to convert Protestants on the Catholic side, other than a few Catholics that try to convert Prot friends.
  2. Individualism. I think the evangelical ideas of independence from hierarchy, everyone reading and interpreting the Bible for themselves, and OSAS tend to be very attractive in an individualistic American culture.
  3. I'm less sure on this one since I'm not Catholic, but I wonder if many Catholics aren't that familiar with what their church actually teaches, or perhaps really aren't familiar with the Bible, making it easy for evangelicals to convince them they don't have the True Gospel, that praying to Mary/Saints is idolatry, etc.
Do you think I've nailed it here or is there anything I got wrong?
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2020.04.25 18:02 Miller-Blogs 50 suositeltua ravitsemusblogia

mennessa Mario Quijano Sánchez
Olen laatinut luettelon parhaista ravitsemusblogit espanjaksi, jotta voit kayda heissa, pysya eniten tykkaamiesi luona ja alkaa parantaa terveyttasi asianmukaisella ravinnolla.
Kriteereina, joita naiden blogien sisallyttamiseen on noudatettu, on niiden sisallon laatu. Yhdenmukaisuuskriteerina naiden blogien sisallyttamiselle on niiden sisallon laatu, jatkuva taajuus, jota johtavat ammattilaiset ja asiantuntijat ala ja jotka tarjoavat myos lisaarvoa lukijoilleen. Olemme puolestaan ??sisallyttaneet myos ruokaportaalit, ruokavaliot tai reseptit.
logo ravitsemusblogit
Vaikka artikkeli on tilattu luokittelevalla tavalla, sen jarjestyksessa ei ilmoiteta mitaan, koska olisi mahdotonta saada perustetta, joka olisi kehitetty niin, etta ne luokitellaan ja luetellaan. Luettelo on yksinkertainen tekniikka, jonka avulla lukeminen on lukijan kannalta mukavampaa.
Huomaa, etta olen paitsi luottanut kriteereihini kehittaakseni taman sijoituksen, mutta olen myos ollut mukana ravitsemusterapeuteissa-ravitsemusterapeutissa, kuten Jesús Velasco tai Miriam Martínez de Pinillos ja Dalía Ramos , kuntoreseptien asiantuntija.
Olemme varmoja, etta olemme unohtaneet jonkin muun tarkean portaalin, ja siksi haluamme, etta jatat meille kommentin muistaen, minka blogin pitaisi mielestasi nakya tassa luettelossa ja miksi. Jos taytat kriteerit, lisaa se vapaasti.
Perusti Aitor Sánchez GarcíVuonna 2011 se on yksi blogeista, joilla on eniten vaikutuksia verkossa.
Sen portaalin lisaksi, etta se on Web of Health Interest, on tunnustettava useita nimityksia BitilleáCoras-palkinnot.
Esitelty artikkeli: Donitsit ja herra ihana, liikalihavuus
Yleinen ravitsemusterapeutti
Blogin kirjoittaja Juan Revenga on ravitsemusterapeutti ja biologi, joka on koulutettu Navarran yliopistossa.
Sen verkkosivusto on yksi arvokkaimmista seka ravitsemuksellisesta etta tieteellisesta tiedostaan.
Revenga on kirjoittanut teoksen 'Hoita minua, valehtele minulle. Koko totuus liikalihavuuden historiasta ja laihtumisteollisuudesta ”ja” Kadet poydalla. Katsaus kasvaviin ruoka-aineksikointitapauksiin ”, kaksi kirjaa, jotka olivat erittain menestyvia.
Esitelty artikkeli: Sanoivatko he, etta on parasta syoda kaikkea maltillisesti? Ok, hyvin he valehtelivat sinulle
Tama tila syntyi Iosune ja Alberto, pari, joka rakastaa lukea ruoanlaitto blogeja, jotka paattivat perustaa omat vuonna 2013.
Sen sisallolle on ominaista sisallyttaa yksinkertaisia ??ja nopeita vegaaniteemaisia ??resepteja.
Heilla on talla hetkella tuhansia seuraajia sosiaalisissa verkostoissa. Tata tilaa he kayttavat vuorovaikutukseen lukijoidensa kanssa itse blogin lisaksi.
Esitelty artikkeli: +60 VEGAN JOULUVAPAUKSIA
Lucía Martínez ArgüElles on henkilo taman mielenkiintoisen blogin takana, jossa kasvisruoalla on nakyva paikka.
Kirjan lisaksi "Kasvissyojia, joilla on tiede", Lucía Martínez tekee yhteistyota erilaisten medioiden kanssa, joissa han esittelee laajan tietamyksensa ruokavaliosta ja ravinnosta.
Esitelty artikkeli: Ala lopeta aktiviteetteja
'Scientia' ei sinansa ole ravitsemusblogi, mutta ravitsemusterapeuttien ja ravitsemusasiantuntijoiden yhteiso arvostaa sita korkeasti ruoan kasittelyyn tieteellisesta nakokulmasta.
Portaali on Josin tyoé Manuel López Nicolas, joka on osa useita biokemian, bioteknologian, ravitsemuksen seka elintarviketieteiden ja -teknologian tutkimusprojekteja.
On myos huomattava hanen tyonsa "Ostamme valheita", vuonna 2016 julkaistu kirja.
Esitelty artikkeli: C-vitamiiniskandaali
Vaikka blogi kattaa yleiset terveysaiheet, silla on erityinen osa ravitsemusta.
Ohjaaja Marián Garcíhan, farmasian tohtori ja yliopiston professori, sai vuonna 2016 Best Blog Award 2015 -palkinnon.
Lisaksi Maríon kirjan kirjoittaja "Karsimaton potilas ja muut apteekkarien Garcian anekdotit" ja tekee aktiivista yhteistyota televisiossa, radiossa tai online-verkkoportaalissa.
Esitelty artikkeli: Meren antimet ja kolesteroli: myytti vai todellisuus?
Taman blogin kirjoittaja Edurne Ubani haluaa saada sinut ymmartamaan, kuinka helppoa ja hauskaa on elaa "perinteisen ja luonnollisen ruokavalion filosofian" kanssa.
Vaikka meilla on edessaan melko kattava ravitsemusportaali (oppia kokki, vinkkeja, resepteja jne.), Se omistaa nakyvan tilan Paleon ruokavalioon, joka on kirjoittajan inspiraatio paasta tahan seikkailuun.
Esitelty artikkeli: Nama 3 markkeria ovat tarkeampia kuin kolesteroli
Sen on perustanut ja ohjannut Arancha Herrero. Sen lahtokohtana on auttaa lukijoita terveys- ja ravitsemuskysymyksissa painottaen ylipainon torjuntaa ruokavalion ja ruoan avulla.
Blogissa on laaja valikoima luokkia, joista loydat yli 600 artikkelia, joissa on paljon tietoa.
Esitelty artikkeli: Kuinka laihtua viikossa
Vaikka blogin todellinen tarkoitus on esitella lukijalle kuntoilmamaailmaa neuvojen, koulutuksen tai lisaravinteiden avulla, emme voi unohtaa sen kehitettya ravitsemustilaa tuhansien reseptien ja ruokavalioiden avulla.
Henkilostostamme loytyy sen perustajat Verónica Costa (@vikikacosta) ja Juan J. Esteban, kirjan “Abs tehdaan keittiossa” kirjoittajat.
Esitelty artikkeli: Cheatclean-resepti Aito New Yorkin juustokakku
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2020.04.25 16:30 benkeinotachiojo CTD in the same locations(alchemist shack and near rift, Jarl's longhouse in Falkreath etc...)

I read a lot of these same frequent ctd online but still can't understand which mods are responsible for this, I also tried deleting all saves and start a new game, the ctd still remains in the same locations. (probably there will be even more if i'll go with the exploration in future). Is there any important quest related to these locations?
Anyway, how do I understand what's wrong? That's my left panel modlist from MO2.


"0000","+","DLC: HearthFires" "0001","+","DLC: Dragonborn" "0002","+","DLC: Dawnguard"
"0004","+","Tamriel Retextured" "0005","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch" "0006","+","All in one" "0007","+","(Part 1) Engine Fixes" "0008","+","(Skyrim Special Edition) SSE Fixes v3 for SSE 1.5.97" "0009","+","Lanterns of Skyrim SE" "0010","+","moreHUD SE Light" "0011","+","Campfire 1.12 SE" "0012","+","SkyUI SE" "0013","+","Flora Respawn Fix SSE" "0014","+","Skyrim SE Improved Puddles" "0015","+","Blowing in the Wind" "0016","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod" "0017","+","RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition - 4K" "0018","+","Ducks and Swans for Skyrim SE" "0019","+","Bee Hives" "0020","+","Gildergreen Regrown" "0021","+","Immersive HUD - iHUD" "0022","+","A Quality World Map - Vivid" "0023","+","Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded" "0024","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes" "0025","+","Cutting Room Floor" "0026","+","Coins of Tamriel SSE Hardcore Edition (all in one installer)" "0027","+","Coins of Tamriel - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition" "0028","+","Footprints 1.5.3" "0029","+","Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix" "0030","+","Lock Overhaul" "0031","+","Lore-Based Loading Screens" "0032","+","Improved Traps" "0033","+","ABT SE - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks Special Edition" "0034","+","Potema Fix" "0035","+","Water Douses Fire" "0036","+","RealisticNeedsandDiseasesUSSEP" "0037","+","Point The Way" "0038","+","General Goods Fences" "0039","+","Run For Your Lives" "0040","+","Hold Border Banners" "0041","+","Hunterborn" "0042","+","Bring Out Your Dead" "0043","+","Frostfall" "0044","+","Wet and Cold SE" "0045","+","Provincial Courier Service" "0046","+","The Notice Board" "0047","+","The Paarthurnax Dilemma" "0048","+","Destructible Display Cases" "0049","+","Closing Time" "0050","+","Improved Closefaced Helmets" "0051","+","Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge" "0052","+","Blended Roads" "0053","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul" "0054","+","Simple Taxes" "0055","+","Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered" "0056","+","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO" "0057","+","BarenziahQuestMarkers_Droppable SSE v1" "0058","+","FlyingMod.7z" "0059","+","Flying Mod Overhauled .rar" "0060","+","Animated Wings Ultimate" "0061","+","Spouse's freedom" "0062","+","Amazing Follower Tweaks" "0063","+","AFT_NoDances" "0064","+","AFT - Dragonborn Patch" "0065","+","AFT - USSEP Patch beta1" "0066","+","RDO - AFT Patch Final"
"0068","+","Papyrus Extender - SSE - 2.40" "0069","+","NetScriptFramework SkyrimSE" "0070","+","JContainers SE" "0071","+","Campfire and Frostfall SE" "0072","+","Follower Trap Safety" "0073","+","More Growable Plants SE" "0074","+","Craftable Skooma" "0075","+","Hunterborn and Realistic Needs and Diseases Patch" "0076","+","Drunk Sinking Head Idle Fix SE" "0077","+","worldspaceimmersion_separator" "0078","+","Holidays" "0079","+","Birds of Skyrim" "0080","+","Eli's Breezehome Overhaul" "0081","+","Followers Can Relax" "0082","+","SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators" "0083","+","Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul" "0084","+","Harvest Overhaul Redone" "0085","+","BuildYourNobleHouse" "0086","+","Rich Skyrim Merchants" "0087","+","Encounter Zones Unlocked SE" "0088","+","Wearable Lanterns" "0089","+","better Female wrists hands ankles and leg ratio twists for XPMSSE cbbe 2.12SEcbbe" "0090","+","Deadly Mutilation" "0091","+","AI Overhaul 1.4.1" "0092","+","First Person Camera Height Fix" "0093","+","All Geared Up Derivative SE" "0094","+","Fertility Mode" "0095","+","Immersive World Encounters SE" "0096","+","Immersive College of Winterhold" "0097","+","Ordinator 9.28.1" "0098","+","Bathing Beauties or Beefcake Luxury Suite SE" "0099","+","Consistent Older People" "0100","+","The Grand BathHouse SE" "0101","+","Luxury Suite Armory SE" "0102","+","Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite SE" "0103","+","BBLS SKSE64 Patch" "0104","+","Moonlight Tales SE" "0105","+","Hot Springs of Skyrim" "0106","+","Sacrosanct" "0107","+","Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch" "0108","+","Marriage Mod SE - to Have and to Hold" "0109","+","Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books" "0110","+","Bandolier Bags and Pouches" "0111","+","BB Luxury Suite Bed animation" "0112","+","Morrowloot Ultimate" "0113","+","Convenient Horses" "0114","+","Eye Fix Support for Apocalypse" "0115","+","OpenCivilWar" "0116","+","Settlements Expanded SE" "0117","+","JK's Skyrim all in one" "0118","+","Bells of Skyrim" "0119","+","Open Cities Skyrim"
"0121","+","Septentrional Landscapes 4K SE" "0122","+","Hyperborean Snow 4K" "0123","+","Northern Shores 4K" "0124","+","Alduin's Imprefvicticious and Chapper's Demonic Retexture" "0125","+","Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack" "0126","+","Diverse Dragons Collection SE" "0127","+","DustEffectsSSE" "0128","+","Enhanced Blood Textures" "0129","+","ETHEREAL COSMOS - Special Edition" "0130","+","ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition - 2K" "0131","+","Unique Flowers and Plants for Skryim SE DLC Compatible" "0132","+","HD Photorealistic Ivy" "0133","+","Giant.by.Kajuan" "0134","+","Hagraven.by.Kajuan" "0135","+","Draugr.by.Kajuan" "0136","+","Dragon.Priest.by.Kajuan" "0137","+","HD Dark Elf Urns 4k" "0138","+","HD Dragonborn Skull" "0139","+","HD Saerek Skull" "0140","+","HD Skeleton Key" "0141","+","Troll.by.Kajuan" "0142","+","SABRECAT.by.Kajuan" "0143","+","Falmer.by.Kajuan" "0144","+","Mammoth.by.Kajuan" "0145","+","Skeleton.and.Human.Bones.by.Kajuan" "0146","+","RUSTIC DAEDRA SSE - 4K" "0147","+","Wispmother 2K - Vanilla version" "0148","+","RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL - Special Edition - 2K" "0149","+","SSE 2K Textures" "0150","+","RUSTIC ANIMATED POTIONS and POISONS 2K" "0151","+","Skyrim 3D StoneWalls" "0152","+","Realistic Horse Breeds by Kritta Kitty" "0153","+","Sky Haven Temple - Gardens" "0154","+","Magnificent Riften Mistveil Keep Door SE 4K" "0155","+","Epic Gate of Whiterun 4K" "0156","+","Glorious Solitude Door Replacer SE 4K" "0157","+","Sea of Spirits 1.2v Bsa" "0158","+","Ducks and Swans for Skyrim SE 1.1" "0159","+","4. EEKs Whiterun Interiors - ICAIO - OCS" "0160","+","Director's Cut SSE 1.4" "0161","+","Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE" "0162","+","Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE Compatibility Patches (ESL)" "0163","+","Ruins_Clutter_Improved SE" "0164","+","Soulgem Stand Redone - 2K" "0165","+","RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition - 2K Sorted" "0166","+","JS Shrines of the Divines SE - 2K" "0167","+","Gothic Alternative Candles 2k for Ruins Clutter Improved SE or LE" "0168","+","2K Imperial Tents Retextured" "0169","+","Smoking Torches and Candles SSE" "0170","+","Torches Cast Shadows" "0171","+","Embers HD" "0172","+","Inferno - Fire Effects Redux" "0173","+","RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition - 1K" "0174","+","RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition - 1K" "0175","+","RUSTIC FURNITURE - SSE - SMIM - 2K" "0176","+","Glorious Solitude Door 4K" "0177","+","CC's HQ Mines Redone - AiO - 1.5" "0178","+","RUGNAROK - Special Edition - 2K" "0179","+","RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition - 2K" "0180","+","PELTAPALOOZA Special Edition - FULL" "0181","+","Joy of Ships" "0182","+","Snowy AF Windhelm v1.6.1" "0183","+","Gecko's Dwarven Ruins Textures" "0184","+","A. Noble Skyrim - FULL PACK_2K" "0185","+","Medieval Bridges" "0186","+","Luminescent Luna Moths" "0187","+","Rudy HQ - Falling Leaves and Needles for ENB SE" "0188","+","Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants" "0189","+","Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants BILLBOARDS 4.0.0" "0191","+","A_Fantasy_Forest_Overhaul_Skyrim3DTrees_V1.2_2020" "0192","+","Majestic Mountains" "0193","+","Organic Riften Leaves 4K" "0194","+","Verdant 1.6.1 SSE Edition" "0195","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods" "0196","+","Skyrim Is Windy"
"0199","+","Enhanced Lights and FX" "0200","+","Morning Fogs SSE - Thick Fog" "0201","+","Obsidian Weathers - 1.07" "0202","+","True Storms - Main File 1.0.2" "0203","+","True Storms - Wet and Cold Compatibility" "0204","+","Realistic Water Two" "0205","+","Obsidian Weathers - True Storms Patch" "0206","+","Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE"
"0208","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio" "0209","+","Imperious" "0210","+","Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) [CBBE]" "0211","+","Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard)" "0212","+","Masculine Argonian Textures for Vanilla (Chameleon and Lizard)" "0213","+","ApachiiSkyHair" "0214","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards" "0215","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows" "0216","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-" "0217","+","Demoniac_Texture" "0218","+","Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) [CBBE]" "0219","+","The Eyes Of Beauty" "0220","+","Northborn Scars" "0221","+","PC Head Tracking - MCM v4.7" "0222","+","Player Blink Fix - ESL" "0223","+","SkFO SE - Skin Feature Overlays- 2K" "0224","+","Sheps Male Tattoo Collection SE" "0225","+","Sheps Tattoo Collection SE" "0226","+","RaceMenu Special Edition" "0227","+","SkySight Skins - Ultra HD Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes" "0228","+","WNB - Weathered Nordic Bodypaints SE - 2K" "0229","+","BRB SE-BeastRaceBodypaints- 2K" "0230","+","KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics)" "0231","+","animation_separator" "0232","+","SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA8" "0233","+","Apocalypse" "0234","+","360 Walk and Run Plus" "0235","+","YurianaWanch_CBPC_Body" "0236","+","Deadly Spell Impacts" "0237","+","Frozen Electrocuted Combustion - 3.3" "0238","+","No Spinning Death Animation" "0239","+","FNIS Sexy Move SE 7.2" "0240","+","Pretty Sit Idle v1.41d" "0241","+","Archery Gameplay Overhaul" "0242","+","Pretty Combat Animations" "0243","+","Magic Casting Animations Overhaul SSE" "0244","+","YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight" "0245","+","FNIS Behavior SE" "0246","+","Pretty Female Idles" "0247","+","CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions" "0248","+","HDT-SMP for SSE 1.5.97 v2.11" "0249","+","KSHairdosSMP - 3BBB Patch" "0250","+","Smilodon" "0251","+","Expressive Facial Animation - Female Edition" "0252","+","Expressive Facial Animation - Male Edition" "0253","+","EVG Conditional Idles" "0254","+","DragonAnimationReplace_inSE" "0255","+","OSex" "0256","+","OSA" "0257","+","Schlongs of Skyrim SE HDT-SMP files" "0258","+","CBBE Minidresses SE physics pack 1.3" "0259","+","CBBE SGMD SE panties off" "0260","+","Skimpy Unique Ancient Shrouded Armor - CBBE SE (Physics)" "0261","+","Druid Armor UNP SE" "0262","+","DX Druid Armor CBBE SE HDT-SMP" "0264","+","PapyrusUtil SE - Scripting Utility Functions" "0265","+","npc and follower_separator" "0266","+","Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul" "0267","+","Immersive Wenches SE" "0268","+","Immersive Wenches -Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul- Patch" "0269","+","Immersive Patrols" "0270","+","FlowerGirls SE" "0271","+","Romance of NPCs" "0272","+","Guard Dialogue Overhaul" "0273","+","Man Those Borders" "0274","+","RS Children Overhaul" "0275","+","Populated Series Hell Edition" "0276","+","Bijin Warmaidens SE v3.1.3" "0277","+","Bijin Wives SE 1.1.2" "0278","+","Bijin NPCs SE 1.2.1" "0279","+","Bijin AIO 2019 - AI Overhaul" "0280","+","Seranaholic SSE 1.8.2" "0281","+","Neith - Timerigan Priestess - CBBE SE (Physics)" "0282","+","Ivy Valentine Follower SSE" "0283","+","Rosa Follower SSE - CBP Physics Version" "0284","+","3BBB Nord_Luthien_follower ESP" "0285","+","Bracken the Spriggan" "0286","+","Cleo Follower" "0287","+","Geralt Of Rivia Follower SSE - v2.1.0" "0288","+","Patra Follower" "0289","+","Hoth" "0290","+","Urielle SSE - Custom Outfit - Ethereal Wings - 7BB - Special Physics - v1.6.1" "0291","+","Fenne - UNP Version - SSE" "0292","+","Fenne - CBBE and Bodyslide Patch" "0293","+","INIGO" "0294","+","Argonian Hatchlings" "0295","+","Khajiit Caravan Kittens" "0296","+","Garm Original" "0297","+","Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions and Custom Home Support SE" "0298","+","OH GOD BEES - More Bees and Hives" "0299","+","Populated skyrim prison cells SE edition" "0300","+","Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard SE - USSEP" "0301","+","armor and weapons_separator" "0302","+","Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE Test" "0303","+","Immersive Weapons" "0304","+","MLU - Immersive Armors" "0305","+","Perfect Legionnaire 6.0" "0306","+","LC_Revitalized Imperial ArmoryV1.0" "0307","+","Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons" "0308","+","Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor CBBE SE" "0309","+","Opulent Outfits 2020 SSE - All In One" "0310","+","Black and Gold Ebony Retexture" "0311","+","Black and Gold Ebony Weapons" "0312","+","Finished Harkon's Sword mesh and textures" "0313","+","Ebony Blade Textures and model" "0314","+","Cain9580 - SE Nightingale Retexture" "0315","+","Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture" "0316","+","Raven's Luxurious Seduction - Main Version" "0317","+","Undies - SSE CBBE BodySlide" "0318","+","Improved Closefaced Helmets (Legendary Edition)" "0319","+","imp_helm_Immersive_Armors" "0320","+","imp_helm_legend.esp Replacement" "0321","+","imp_helm_USSEP" "0322","+","a little sexy apparel replacer" "0323","+","A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer HDT" "0324","+","a little sexy apparel replacer HDT-SMP Patch" "0325","+","toxin doctor outfit se" "0326","+","Testia Angelic Armor Set_by Carbondz" "0327","+","Remodeled Armor for CBBE SSE" "0328","+","BD's 3BBB Armor and clothes replacer - AIO" "0329","+","BD's 3BBB Armor replacer Update file" "0330","+","Buxom Wench Yuriana" "0331","+","Legendary Armors - Bikini Complete SSE V4.0" "0332","+","Immersive Wenches -Enslaved Wenches patch- SE" "0333","+","CBBE 3BBB"
"0335","+","SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators 1_65 NOSM (No SurvivalMode)" "0336","+","kryptopyr's Automated Patches" "0337","+","QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium" "0338","+","JK's Skyrim - Realistic Water Two Patch" "0339","+","JK's Skyrim - Carriage and Ferry Travel (CFTO) Patch" "0340","+","JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Patch" "0341","+","JK's Skyrim - Open Cities Patch BETA" "0342","+","RS Children Cutting Room Floor Patch" "0343","+","JK's Skyrim SE Skyrim 3D Trees Patch" "0344","+","Immersive Citizens v0.4 Patch" "0345","+","JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Blowing in the Wind - Patch" "0346","+","JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Holidays Patch" "0347","+","JK's Skyrim - Towns" "0348","+","ELFX - Open Cities" "0349","+","Settlements Expanded SE - CFTO Patch.7z" "0350","+","Settlements Expanded SE - Lanterns of Skyrim Patch" "0351","+","Settlements Expanded SE - RS Children Overhaul Patch" "0352","+","JK's Skyrim - Arthmoor's Patch Pack" "0353","+","RSC AI Overhaul" "0354","+","PAN_NPCs_DB - AI Overhaul patch" "0355","+","Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard - Patches" "0356","+","CFTO - Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Patch" "0357","+","PrivateProfileRedirector SE 0.5" "0358","+","Landscape For Grass Mods patches for Arthmoor's towns" "0359","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended" "0360","+","Alternate Start - Live Another Life" "0361","+","Live Another Life Extension for BBLS 1.x"
submitted by benkeinotachiojo to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. OSA. Wer wir sind Wir sind OSA Die OSA Online Service Agentur GmbH aus Essen bietet Online-Marketingkonzepte für Startups, Einzelunternehmen und mittelständi... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. If you are a professional in a regulated field and thinking about immigrating to Canada, you will need to be licensed with federal or provincial regulatory b... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Canadian Language Benchmarks Online Self-Assessment (CLB-OSA: https://www.clb-osa.ca/home) helps you understand your English language ability to support you ... OSA : Online Supervision App Jongpop Chooprateep. Loading... Unsubscribe from Jongpop Chooprateep? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 23. Loading... Fr. Tom McCarthy, O.S.A. is an Augustinian Priest who shares God's love with people all over the world - both in person and here online! Hello .., I am a songwriter, arranger, producer, composer, composer, sumba songwriter, sumba songwriter, sumba folk song, owner of sanggar osa, Lives in Waib... Hi students! Welcome to the OSA (Oxford Science Academy) online class/coaching. आप सभी का स्वागत है आपके अपने ऑनलाइन चैनल में.