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LONDON - Kim Kardashian West, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities are taking part in a 24-hour Instagram 'freeze' on Wednesday to protest against what they say is ... More than a dozen celebrities including Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry, Michael B. Jordan and Ashton Kutcher said they will participate in a 24-hour Instagram 'freeze' on Wednesday as part of the ... 'I can't sit idly by while these platforms turn a blind eye to groups and posts spreading hateful disinformation,' Perry wrote on Instagram. Actor Ashton Kutcher, who has millions of followers and ... Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood and chances are you know at least a but of their story. They're like high school friends who went off into the world and found each other again … except that their high school was the set of the popular hit TV show, 'That 70's Show.' Ashton Kutcher's brutal comment after ex-wife Demi Moore accused him of cheating Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher started dating in 2003 and married two years later but by 2011 their relationship was ... Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis took some time out of quarantine to treat themselves and their adorable kids, five-year-old daughter Wyatt and three-year-old son Dimitri, to frozen yogurt at Menchie&… Ashton Kutcher is extremely private about his personal life, and doesn't share photos of his children on social media. However, the Killers actor recently stared an incredible glimpse inside his family's garden in LA, which is filled with vegetable patches. The Hollywood star took to Instagram to post a photo of a pile of freshly picked corn that had been harvested, which was neatly stacked on ... Ashton Kutcher has a powerful message for those who choose to use 'all lives matter' instead of Black Lives Matter.. On Tuesday, the actor, 42, posted an emotional video explaining why using 'all ... Ashton Kutcher became famous for his role as the dimwitted Michael Kelso on “That ‘70s Show.” His breakout movie role was in “Dude, Where’s My Car,” followed by a series of romcoms and ... Ashton Kutcher was overcome with emotion when explaining why people who say 'All lives matter' are 'missing the point.'. The actor made an impassioned Instagram video that he shared Tuesday night ...

Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, and others join a 24-hour freeze of Facebook and Instagram accounts for #StopHateForProfit

2020.09.16 14:54 motang Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, and others join a 24-hour freeze of Facebook and Instagram accounts for #StopHateForProfit

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2020.08.26 20:47 joey_tv_show If all goes according to plan, SPCE Virgin Galactic will be generating $590 million per year of revenue.
Virgin Galactic should be able to generate $590 million in revenue by flying 1560 people to sub low earth orbit per year on expenses of $158 million per year, generating $431 million in gross profit per year by 2023.
They have already went to sub low earth orbit twice back in 2018 and 2019, they had to stop as they moved their operations to New Mexico and needed a cash infusion - where Chamath and the merger comes in.
They just transitioned CEOs as they have now de-risked from engineering to marketing the product - starting in 6 months.
New CEO is Micheal Coliglazier from Disney. Plan is to reveal installed cabin on SpaceshipTwo next month. Fly two final test flights after even fly Richard Branson.
Let’s not forget about all the other A list celebrities that have booked with Virgin Galactic. Do you like Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio? Instagram will be on 🔥
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2020.08.05 21:36 AquaChip Is any one else optimistic that the QAnon trend will end after the election and after the virus has been eradicated?

Just to preface, I don’t have anyone in my life that is QAnon but the amount of people I’ve seen online who have bought into it is distributing. This has sent me on a search for like-minded individuals on the internet and here I am.
My final straw was yesterday. I follow Ashton Kutcher on Instagram. He posted a picture of some corn he had grown in his backyard. As I scrolled through the comments I saw people accusing him of pedophilia and other QAnon BS.
Now, I’ve seen QAnon members unjustifiably attack celebs on the internet before but this really bothered me. Everyone who knows Ashton Kutcher knows he’s a big advocate of ending child sex trafficking. He has an anti child sex trafficking charity called Thorn and he spoke about the horrors of child sex trafficking in front of congress.
And I just realized, if these people will go after a child sex trafficking advocate solely because he also happens to be a celebrity who lives in Hollywood. Then they will stop at literally no one.
So, I did more research on QAnon and conspiracy theories in general. Something I found is when major disasters happen like a pandemic, people try to rationalize it through conspiracies. Like how 9/11 was actually an inside job or that JFK was actually killed by the FBI or when people blamed Jews for the Bubonic Plague. They just can’t seem to wrap their head around why bad things seem to manifest out of no where so they make up/search for “explanations” aka conspiracy theories.
Cue QAnon. When the pandemic started “Q” saw this as a ripe opportunity to gain followers. Q started posting on boards that he had the explanation for the pandemic!
“It’s because the elites need to microchip you with the vaccine!” “It’s because they’re trying to make sheep out of you and they’re training you with social distancing regulations and mask wearing!” And of course, the scared people looking for an answer lapped this up resulting in a boost in QAnon members.
I also found it convenient that QAnon is gaining traction on a election year when one of the most important people that is holding their stupid theories together is running for president.
And that made me think. Just like Y2K was a huge thing at the end of 1999 but in 2000 when nothing happened the conspiracy theory all but died, will the same thing happen with QAnon? I think, yes.
If there’s no pandemic and social restrictions to blame on the evil elites or if there’s no savior in the form of an orange president that is suppose to save them from the evil satanic, lizard, vampire pedophiles, there won’t be enough fuel to keep the conspiracies going.
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2020.08.02 03:43 eanna101 Child trafficking trending on Instagram

Just saw two posts on Instagram of Ashton Kutchers speech to congress about pedophilia. One was Josh Brolin, the other was Zoe Ball, UK radio presenter, is this now starting to pick up 2 years after he spoke?
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2020.07.19 21:58 iannoyubadly Land of Infinite Catalysts - Celebrities Flying with Virgin Galactic

Hey folks,
So with commercial operations right around the corner, I feel like now's a good time to remember something important. While SpaceX may currently have the biggest profile of commercial space operations, that will *not* be the case for long.
Among the 600 or so folks signed up to fly with Virgin Galactic are some MAJOR celebrities. As we all know, in today's day and age social media, influencers, and the like all have the potential to radically increase a product's name recognition and prestige. Millions and millions are spent on influencer marketing every year. A celebrity's organic endorsement of a product has a real, tangible monetary value because they are, for better or for worse, looked to for inspiration and instruction.
That said, here's a look at some of the celebrities set to fly with Virgin Galactic and their Instagram followings:
Richard Branson: 4.3 mil Chamath: No insta Katy Perry: 101mil Tom Hanks: 9.7m Ashton Kutcher: 4.2m Justin Bieber: 141m Bradd Pitt: no insta but come on he doesn't need one Angelina Jolie: same with her Leonardo Dicaprio: 45m Lady Gaga: 42.8m Russell Brand: 2.1m
And that's just the ones I could find. The coverage from these flights is going to be insane. Every TMZ and TMZ knockoff will be asking these people how it was to go to space, and if they're a normal person it will be a life changing experience and they'll say as much. If having a celebrity read a 30 second pitch on hand lotion is enough to make a brand blow up, imagine footage of some of the most loved people in the world wiping tears from an experience that prior to this, couldn't be bought. A trip with Virgin Galactic will become the ultimate source of celebrity clout.
I genuinely believe this is a big part of marketing that is being overlooked.
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2020.06.19 11:44 Louls_96 What do you expect from Danny’s co-stars?

I’m not gonna touch up on the subject matter, that’s in the hands of officials now.
But I was wondering NOT how his co-stars and family member (especially the actors) will react BUT how people will react to them reacting.
Like, Alanna and Chris are his siblings and they’re very close as a family from what we see on Instagram.
Also, Ashton. He’s basically just like family. He and Masterson have been the best of friends since T7S. Only a couple days ago I was watching their interviews together on YouTube, and then there’s this video where they go up against real-life brothers and win. He and Mila will probably share their feelings of shock and disappointment but I fully understand if Kutcher continues to support, or at least not cut ties with him. But this might label him as a hypocrite. No win-win situation here.
Laura has already posted something unrelated to the subject matter but will she have a say in this, considering that she is a Scientologist and this case in the public is not simply against Masterson but also against Scientology.
I was never put in a situation where I had to defend a family membe close friend for some wrongdoing and I’m praying I never be. But I imagine it being very difficult as you are forced to take sides against someone who’s been family for so long.
What would you do in this case?
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2020.06.11 08:05 ArchVileSoup List of American traitors

A number of individuals, companies, outlets, and media institutions have stepped forward to announce that they support the groups enabling riots, violence, vandalism, theft, assault, and murder taking place at the hands of vandals and thugs across the United States of America. Anyone looking to find out which companies, brands, and content creators have betrayed the trust of the American people by aligning with groups that support the deconstruction of Western values, this list will enlighten you as to who the traitors are so you can stay informed.
[Note:] Some of the people/brands/companies on this list are not headquartered in America. However, they still cater to and influence the American (consumer) audience, and in light of their influence to help sway the views of American citizens, they have been added to the list.
Corporations/Brands by alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Celebrities/E-celebs by alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

100 Thieves (E-sports organization) – Traitor
20th Century Studios – Traitor
2K Games – Traitor
343 Industries (Halo developer) – Traitor
500 Women Scientists – Traitor
A&E Network – Traitor
ABC Network – Traitor
Abelton (Audio company) – Probation
Academy Awards – Traitor (Obviously)
Acer America – Traitor
ActBlue – Traitor
ACLU – Traitor
Activision Blizzard (Winnie The Flu’s minion) – Traitor
Adidas – Traitor
Adobe – Traitor
Adult Swim – Traitor
AIGA Design – Traitor
AirBnB – Traitor
AltPress (Music News) – Traitor
Amazon – Double Traitor
AMD – Traitor
American Airlines – Traitor
American Express – Traitor
American Institutes For Research – Probation
Americans For The Arts – Traitor
Amplitude Studios – Traitor
Anastasia Beverly Hills (Cosmetic company) – Traitor
Ancestry (Genealogy database) – Traitor
Anime Expo (Convention) – Traitor
Aniplex (Anime production) – Traitor
Annapurna Interactive (Indie publisher) – Traitor
ANR (Americans For Nonsmokers’ Rights) – Traitor
AOL (From the 1990s) – Traitor
Apollo Theater – Traitor
Apple – Traitor
Arab American Institute – Traitor
Arc System Works (Developer) – Traitor
Armani – Probation
Asobo Studio (A Plague Tale developers) – Traitor
ASTRO Gaming – Traitor
AT&T (Held iPhones hostage for five years) – Traitor
Atari (Impostors) – Traitor
Atlanta Records (Record company) – Traitor
Audible (Audio book company) – Traitor
Autodesk (Development software) – Traitor
Avalanche Studios – Traitor
Avid – Traitor
AVN Media Network – Traitor
AXE Body Spray (Keeping women at bay) – Traitor – Traitor
Bad Robot Entertainment – Traitor
Balenciaga – Traitor
Bandai Namco Entertainment – Traitor
Bandcamp – Traitor
Bang Zoom! Entertainment – Traitor
Bank of America (Allowed to steal $45 billion from the U.S. Treasury) – Traitor
Barnes & Noble – Traitor
Bayer (Science organization) – Probation
Beamdog (Developer) – Traitor
Behaviour Interactive (Dead By Daylight developer) – Traitor
Believe Global (Music promoter) – Traitor
Ben and Jerry’s (Ice cream) – Traitor
Benefit Cosmetics – Traitor
Be Quiet! (PC parts supplier) – Traitor
Bergdorf Goodman – Traitor
Best Buy – Traitor
Bethesda (Doesn’t pay modders for fixing their games) – Double Traitor
BioWare (A company with a tired face) – Traitor
Blabber Mouth (Rock music news site) – Traitor
Black Metal & Brews (Music review site) – Traitor
Blackstar Amps (Guitar amp supplier) – Probation
Bleacher Report – Traitor
Blueberry (Designer fashion) – Traitor
Bluehost – Probation
BMW USA – Traitor – Traitor
Books Are My Bag (Book curator) – Traitor
Boomerang (Cartoon streaming) – Traitor
Boost Mobile – Traitor
Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator developer) – Traitor
Bratz (Toys for thots-in-training) – Traitor
Brazzers – Traitor
Brookefield Zoo – Probation
Budweiser – Traitor
Bungie (Destiny developer) – Traitor
Burberry – Traitor
Burger King – Traitor
Callaway Golf – Probation
Call of Duty (War propaganda) – Traitor
Campbell’s Soup – Traitor
Capcom USA (Game publisher) – Traitor
Capital Records – Traitor
Cartoon Network – Traitor
Cash App – Traitor
CBS – Traitor
CD Baby (Music distributor) – Traitor
Center For American Progress (Think tank) – Traitor
Certain Affinity – Traitor – Probation
Chaosium – Probation
Cheap Ass Gamer (Game sales) – Traitor
Chevron – Traitor
Chick-fil-A (Christian food) – Traitor
Chip Theory Games (Board game maker) – Traitor
Chucklefish (Game maker) – Traitor
Chili’s Bar & Grill – Traitor
Cinemablend – Traitor
Cisco (Tech company) – Traitor
Citibank – Traitor
Cloak (Clothing brand) – Traitor
Cloudflare – Traitor
Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen developers) – Traitor
CNET – Traitor
Coloured Raine Cosmetics (Cosmetic company) – Traitor
Coca-Cola – Traitor
Color of Change – Traitor
Columbus City Council – Traitor
Comedy Central – Traitor
Conde Nast (Parent company for a Communist hive) – Traitor
Continuous Delivery Foundation – Traitor
Corsair (Component maker) – Traitor
Cosplay Realm Magazine – Traitor
Covergirl – Traitor
Crackle TV – Probation
Creative Assembly – Traitor
Creative Commons (Non-profit licensing solution) – Traitor
Creative Review – Traitor
Criterion Collection – Traitor
Crucial Memory (Tech company) – Traitor
Crunchyroll (Producers of High Guardian Spice) – Traitor
CryEngine (Software development tool from Crytek) – Traitor
Curve Digital (Game publisher) – Traitor
CW Network – Traitor
Cyberpunk 2077 (Video game) – Traitor
D’Addario (Guitar strings) – Traitor
DC Comics – Traitor
Death Wish Coffee – Probation
Deep Silver (Game publisher) – Traitor
Def Jam Recordings – Traitor
Dell (Cheap PC maker) – Traitor
Derpibooru (Imageboard) – Traitor
Design Milk (Home decor) – Traitor
DeviantArt (Furry breeding ground) – Traitor
Devolver Digital (Game publisher that insincerely tries to be edgy) – Traitor
Dickies – Traitor
Discord (Another furry breeding ground) – Traitor
Digital Extremes (Warframe developer) – Double Traitor
DigiXArt (Game developer) – Traitor
Dimension Ink Games (Developer) – Traitor
Dior (Designer fashion) – Traitor
Discovery (TV network) – Traitor
Disney (Ruining childhoods) – Double Traitor
DistroKid – Traitor
Dollar General – Traitor
Dollar Tree – Traitor
Dolby – Traitor
Dolce & Gabbana – Traitor
Door Dash (Delivery company) – Traitor
Doritos (Gamer fuel) – Traitor
Double Fine Productions (Failed at sock-puppet math) – Double Traitor
Dreamworks (Discount Pixar) – Traitor
Dribble (Creative community) – Traitor
Dr. Martens Footwear – Traitor
Dropbox – Filthy Triple Traitor
Drug Policy Alliance – Traitor
Drum Workshop – Virtue-Signaling Traitor
DualShockers (Gaming news outlet) – Traitor
Dungeons & Dragons (The original Christian nightmare) – Traitor
EA Sports – Traitor
eBay – Traitor
Eddie Bauer – Traitor
EFF – Traitor
Eidos Montreal (Deux Ex developer) – Traitor
Electronic Arts (Gambling enthusiasts) – Double Traitor
Elektra Music Group (Music distributors) – Traitor
Eleven Arts – Traitor
Elevation Church – Probation
Elgato Gaming (Streaming solutions) – Traitor
E-Line Media (Game publisher) – Traitor
EMILY’s List (Pro-choice PAC) – Traitor
Entertainment Software Association (Guardians of loot boxes) – Traitor
Epic Games Store (CCP training tool) – Traitor
Epiphone (Guitar maker) – Probation
Ernie Ball (Guitar maker) – Traitor
Etsy – Traitor
Eurogamer – Traitor
EVO (Core values) – Traitor
Extra Credits – Traitor
F1 (Racing organization) – Traitor
Family Dollar – Traitor
Fanatical (Software distributor) – Traitor
Fandango (Ticket sales) – Traitor
Fandom (Fan-ran wiki) – Traitor
Fender (Guitar maker) – Traitor
Field Museum – Traitor
Fight For The Future – Traitor
Fine Brothers (Content creation brand) – Traitor
Finji (Night In The Woods developer) – Double Traitor
Firework TV – Traitor
Focusrite (Audio interface production) – Traitor
Forever 21 (Fashion outlet) – Traitor
Fox TV – Traitor
Freeform TV – Traitor
Fruit By The Foot (Tag-team partner with Gushers) – Traitor
Fujitsu America – Probation
Funimation – Traitor
Funko (Toy maker) – Traitor
Fur Affinity (You don’t want to know) – Traitor
Game Informer (GameStop’s b*tch) – Traitor
Game Revolution (Gaming news site) – Traitor – Traitor
Gamespot – Traitor
GameStop (Essential during COVID-19) – Traitor
Games Workshop (Warhammer licensor) – Traitor
GameZone – Traitor
Garfield Eats – Traitor
GaymerX (Gay gamers) – Traitor
Gearbox Software (Borderlands creators and destroyers) – Traitor
General Assembly (Business educators) – Traitor
General Mills – Probation
General Motors – Traitor
Gematsu (Gaming news) – Traitor
Ghost Adventures (TV show) – Traitor
Gibson (Guitar maker) – Traitor
Github – Traitor
GKIDS Films – Traitor
GLAAD – Traitor
GNOME Foundation (Non-profit software distro) – Traitor
GoFundMe – Double Traitor
Goldman Sachs – Traitor
Google (Evil) – Double Traitor
Goose Island Beer – Traitor
Gorilla Glue (Glue company) – Traitor
Goto.Game (Gaming resource) – Traitor
Grand Central Pub (Book publisher) – Traitor
Grammarly – Traitor
Greenpeace – Traitor
Grindr – Traitor
Gucci – Traitor
Guerrilla Collective (Games festival) – Traitor
Guerilla Games (KillZone developers) – Traitor
Guitar Center – Traitor
Gumroad (E-commerce company) – Traitor
Gundam Planet (Official Gundam product retailer) – Traitor
Gushers (Tag-team partner with Fruit by the Foot) – Traitor
Häagen-Dazs (Obesity’s best friend) – Traitor
Hatchette Books (Book publisher) – Traitor
Half-Price Books (Bookstore chain) – Traitor
Hallmark – Probation
Harebrained Schemes (Game developer) – Traitor
Hardsuit Labs (Game developer) – Traitor
Harley-Davidson – Traitor
Harmonix – Traitor
Hasbro – Probation
HBO Max – Traitor
Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter developer) – Traitor
Hershey’s – Probation
Hinterland Games (Game developer) – Traitor
Hi-Rez Studios (Game developer) – Traitor
History Channel – Traitor
Hitachi U.S.A. – Probation
Hollywood Records – Traitor
Home Depot – Traitor
Honda – Traitor
Hootsuite (Social media news management) – Traitor
HostGator – Probation
House House (Untitled Goose Game developers) – Traitor
HP – Probation
Hulu – Traitor
Human Rights Campaign – Traitor
Humble Bundle – Traitor
HyperX (Peripheral maker) – Traitor
IAFFE (NGO) – Traitor
Ibanez Guitars – Traitor
IBM – Traitor
Idea Factory International (Game localizer) – Traitor
IGN (6/10) – Traitor
IGN Australia – Traitor
iHeartRadio (Music broadcaster) – Traitor
IKEA USA (LEGOS for adults) – Traitor (Job search) – Traitor
Indiegogo (Crowdfunding service) – Traitor
IndyCar Series – Probation
Infinity Ward (Game developer) – Double Traitor
Insomniac Games – Traitor
Instagram – Traitor
Intel – Double Traitor
Island Records – Traitor (Indie gaming store) – Double Traitor
iZotope – Traitor
Jagex (Runescape developer) – Traitor
JAKKS Pacific (Toy maker) – Traitor
JCPenny – Traitor
Jet Blue (Travel agency) – Traitor
JFrog – Traitor
Jim Dunlop (Guitar picks) – Probation
Johnson & Johnson – Traitor
Kellogg Copmany – Traitor
Kerrang! Magazine (Rock magazine) – Traitor
KFC – Traitor
Kindle (E-reader) – Traitor – Traitor
Kitfox Games (Indie developers) – Traitor
Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve developers) – Traitor
Kobo (E-reader) – Traitor
Kodansha Comics (Manga publisher) – Traitor
Kohl’s (If you can’t afford designer fashion) – Traitor
Kotaku (Blogging activists) – Traitor – Traitor
Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights – Traitor
LEGO – Traitor
Level 99 Games (Board game maker) – Traitor
Levi’s – Traitor
Lexus – Probation
Lifetime TV (Channel for lonely cat ladies) – Traitor
Limited Run Games – Traitor
LinkedIn – Traitor
Linux Foundation – Traitor
Little Orbit (Developer) – Traitor
Logitech – Traitor
L’Oréal Paris – Traitor
Louis Vuitton – Traitor
Lowe’s – Probation
LPGA – Probation
Luminosity Gaming (E-sports organization) – Traitor
Lush Cosmetics – Traitor
Lyrical Lemonade – Traitor
Lyft (Taxi service) – Traitor
Maybelline – Traitor
Macy’s (Martha Stewart’s personal playground) – Traitor
Magic: The Gathering (Trading card game) – Traitor
Make-A-Wish Foundation – Traitor
Manga Entertainment – Traitor
Mapex Drums – Probation
Marc Jacobs (Designer fashion) – Probation
Marijuana Policy Project – Traitor
Marvel Entertainment – Traitor
Martin Guitar – Traitor
Master Card – Traitor
Materia Collective (Music producers) – Traitor
Mattel (Toy company) – Traitor
McCormick * Company – Probation
McDonald’s – Traitor
MediaJustice – Traitor
Metal Blade Records – Probation
Metal Hammer Records – Traitor
MetalSucks (Leftist news site) – Traitor
Michael Kors (Designer fashion) – Traitor
Microsoft – Traitor
Minecraft – Traitor
MOD Pizza – Traitor
Moog Synthesizers – Traitor
Mondelēz Intl – Traitor
MoveOn Organization – Traitor
Mozilla – Traitor
MSI Gaming (Peripheral maker) – Traitor
MTV – Traitor
Mythical Entertainment – Traitor
Napalm Records – Traitor
NARAL (Abortion specialists) – Ironic Traitor
Native Instruments (Audio company) – Traitor
National Women’s Law Center – Traitor
NBC Entertainment – Traitor
NBC Universal – Traitor
NCSoft (MMO publisher) – Traitor
Neiman Marcus – Traitor
Nerdist – Traitor
Netflix (Left-wing propaganda) – Traitor
New Balance – Traitor
New Democrat Coalition – Traitor
Newgrounds (Edgelord’s first baby-step) – Traitor
NewRetroWave (Retro music promoter) – Probation
Nextdoor – Traitor
NFL – Traitor
Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go developer) – Traitor
Nickelodeon – Filthy Triple Traitor
NightDocs (YouTuber) – Traitor
Nike – Traitor
Nintendo of America (But NOT Japan) – Traitor
Nissan – Probation
NodeJS (Javascipt library) – Traitor
Noisy Pixel (Gaming news outlet) – Traitor
Nokia – Probation
No More Robots (Not Tonight developers) – Traitor
Nordstrom – Traitor
NORML Canada (Marijuana advocacy organization) – Traitor
Norvina (Cosmetic brand) – Traitor
Novation (Audio software) – Traitor
NYAV Post (Recording studio) – Traitor
NZXT (PC component supplier) – Traitor
Obsidian Entertainment (Game developer) – Traitor
Oddysey Golf – Probation
Offworld Industries (Squad developer) – Traitor
Olay – Traitor
Olympus – Traitor
Oprah Winfrey Network – Traitor
Orangeamps (Guitar amps) – Traitor
O’Reilly Media (Entrepreneurial advisors) – Traitor
OriginPC (PC maker) – Traitor
Otakon (East coast weeb convention) – Traitor
Outer Loop Games (Indie developers) – Traitor
Paiste Nation (Cymbal maker) – Traitor
Pandora Music – Traitor
Panera Bread – Traitor
Paradox Interactive (Publisher & developer) – Traitor
Paramount Network – Traitor
Paramount Pictures – Traitor
Parsons Xtreme Golf – Probation
Patreon (Hipster welfare) – Traitor
Paypal (Legal money laundering) – Traitor
PAX (Almost cancelled over Dickwolves) – Traitor
PC Master Race (Official PCMR org) – Traitor
PETA (Pokemon’s greatest nemesis) – Traitor
PC Gamer – Traitor
Pearl Drums (Drum maker) – Traitor
Peavey Electronics – Probation
Penguin Books USA – Traitor
Pepsico – Traitor
Pfizer Inc. – Traitor
PGA Tour – Traitor
Philips – Probation
Pinterest – Traitor
Pixar – Traitor
Planet Peebles (Arts and crafts) – Traitor
Planned Parenthood (All lives matter… except for fetusus) – Traitor
Playboy – Traitor
PlayStation – Double Traitor
PlayStation Japan – Traitor
PlayStation Lifestyle (PlayStation news site) – Traitor
Plugin Boutique – Traitor
Pokemon – Traitor
Poly – Traitor
Popeyes Chicken – Traitor
Pop-Tarts – Probation
Porsche – Probation
Pornhub (Subversion) – Traitor
Power Rangers – Probation
PPI (Progressive policy) – Traitor
PQube Games (Localization publisher) – Traitor
PreSonus (Audio software) – Traitor
Print Magazine – Traitor
Procter & Gamble (Mega corporation) – Traitor
Promark Drumsticks – Traitor
PRSGuitars (Guitar maker) – Traitor
Public Citizen (NGO) – Traitor
Puma – Traitor
Pusheen The Cat (E-tailer) – Traitor
Rare Ltd (Game developer) – Traitor
Raw Fury (Game publisher) – Traitor
Reason Studios (Music production) – Traitor
Rebellion (Game developer) – Traitor
Red Hat – Traitor
Redox (Healthcare resource) – Traitor
Republic Services – Traitor
Reddit (Communism) – Traitor
Reebok – Traitor
Remo Inc. (Drumhead maker) – Traitor
Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall developer) – Traitor
Revelation Records – Probation
Revlon – Traitor
Riot Games (League of Legends developer) – Traitor
Rising Star Games (Game publisher) – Traitor
Roadrunner Records – Traitor
Rockstar Games (Game developer) – Traitor
Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Traitor
Rock Sound Magazine – Traitor
Rock The Vote – Traitor
Rogue Fitness – Traitor
Rolling Loud (Music festival) – Traitor
Rooster Teeth (Production company) – Traitor
RPG Site (Gaming news) – Traitor
RuPaul’s Drag Race (NSFL) – Traitor
Rust (Programming language) – Traitor
Saint Laurent – Probation
Sample Magic (Royalty free audio samples) – Traitor
San Diego Comic-Con – Probation
San Japan Convention – Traitor
Santa Monica Studio (Gave Krato’s his wife’s son) – Traitor
Screen Junkies (Multimedia outlet) – Traitor
SCUF Gaming (Peripheral maker) – Traitor
Sega – Traitor
Sekai Project (H-Game publisher) – Traitor
Sennheiser – Traitor
Sephora – Traitor
Sesame Street – Double Traitor
Seymour Duncan (Guitar pickups and pedals) – Traitor
Shady Records – Traitor
Shonen Jump – Traitor
Showtime – Traitor
Shudder (Horror streaming network) – Double Traitor
Siliconera (Gaming news) – Traitor
SiriusXM – Traitor
SKA Studios (Salt & Sanctuary developer) – Traitor
Sketchfab – Traitor
SK Gaming – Traitor
Skillet Music – Traitor
Skill Share (Learning specialists) – Traitor
Smart – Probation
Smartsheet (Tech solutions) – Traitor
Snapchat – Traitor
Sony – Disgusting Traitor
Sony Music – Double Traitor
Sony Pictures – Traitor
Soulstone Cymbals – Traitor
Soundcloud – Traitor
Southern Poverty Law Center – Traitor
Southwest Airlines – Traitor
Spitfire Audio – Traitor
Spotify – Traitor
Spriters Resource – Traitor
Square (Card reader company) – Traitor
Square Enix (Game publisher) – Traitor
Starbucks (Hipster hangout) – Traitor
Star Trek (Waning quality) – Traitor
Star Wars (Feminist propaganda) – Double Traitor
STARZ – Traitor
State Farm – Traitor
Steam – Probation
Steel Series (Product maker) – Traitor
Strymon (Boutique electronics) – Traitor
Subset Games (FTL developers) – Double Traitor
Subway – Probation
Super Rare Games – Traitor
SUSE (Open source platform) – Traitor
Sweetwater (Audio gear) – Traitor
Swing Left – Traitor
SXSW – Traitor
SYFY (Cheap) – Traitor
Sysco Corporation – Traitor
Taco Bell (A toilet’s best friend) – Traitor
TAMA Drums – Traitor
Target – Traitor
TASER (Consumer self-defense) – Traitor
TBS Network – Traitor
TCG Player (Trading card company) – Traitor
Team17 (Game publisher) – Traitor
Team Meat (Meat Boy developers) – Double Traitor
TechRadar (Tech site) – Traitor
TechRaptor (Gaming news) – Traitor
TeePublic – Traitor
Telemundo (TV network) – Traitor
Tesco – Probation
Thatgamecompany (Journey developer) – Traitor
The Black Caucus – Traitor
The Body Shop – Traitor
The British Library – Traitor
The Coalition (Gears of War developer) – Traitor
The Orchard (Music distributor) – Traitor
The Pokemon Company (Game maker) – Traitor
The Socialist Party – Traitor
The Tor Project – Traitor
Threadless – Traitor
Thunderful Publishing (Game publisher) – Traitor
TikTok – Traitor
Threadless – Traitor
Ticketmaster – Traitor
Tinder (Keeping abortion clinics busy since 2012) – Traitor
T-Mobile – Traitor
Toei Animation – Traitor
Tokyo Otaku Mode – Traitor
TOMS – Traitor
Tom’s Hardware (Tech site) – Traitor
Toonami – Nonstop Virtue–Signaling Quintuple Traitors
Toontown – Traitor
Tooth & Nail Records (Record label) – Traitor
Toyota USA – Traitor
TronicsFix (Electronics repair) – Traitor
TT Games (Game developer) – Traitor
Tumblr (Cursed progenitor of Social Justice Warriors) – Traitor
TuneCore (Music distributor) – Traitor
Turn 10 Studios (Forza developer) – Traitor
Turnitin (Tech-learning solutions) – Traitor
TV Land – Traitor – Traitor
Twitter – Traitor
Uber (Spying taxi service) – Traitor
Uber Eats (Food delivery) – Traitor
Überliss – Traitor
Ubisoft (Cloning specialist) – Traitor
Udemy (Learning facilitators) – Traitor
Ulta Beauty – Traitor
Ultra Music – Traitor
Under Armour – Traitor
United Airlines – Traitor
Unilever (Business news) – Traitor
Universal Music Group – Traitor
University Of Berkeley – Traitor
Urban Decay – Traitor
U.S. Steel – Probation
UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) – Traitor
Vanguard Group – Traitor
Vans (If skateboard culture were shoes) – Traitor
Vater Percussion – Traitor
Verizon Media – Traitor
Versace (Designer fashion) – Traitor
Vevo – Traitor
VH1 – Traitor
Viacom/CBS – Traitor
Vic Firth (Drumstick supplier) – Traitor
ViewSonic – Probation
Virgil Abloh – Traitor
Vigor (Developed by Bohemia Interactive) – Traitor
Virgin Records – Traitor
Virtual Wrestling United – Traitor
Visa – Traitor
Vizio – Traitor
Viz Media – Traitor
Volition Software – Traitor
Volkswagen – Traitor
VRV – Traitor
Wacom (Software productivity) – Traitor
Walmart – Traitor
Warhammer – Traitor
Warner Bros. Entertainment – Traitor
Warner Media – Traitor
Warner Music Group – Probation
Warner Records – Traitor
Webtoon – Traitor
Wells Fargor – Traitor
Wendy’s (Pimped their mascot as a waifu) – Traitor
Wildbrain (Children’s programming) – Traitor
Wix – Traitor
WordPress – Traitor
Worldstar Hip Hop – Traitor
Wraith Games (Developers) – Traitor
WWE – Traitor
Xander (Advertising agency) – Traitor
XBIZ (Second-rate faps) – Traitor
Xbox – Traitor
Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight developers) – Traitor
Yahoo! – Traitor
Yamaha Music – Probation
Yelp – Traitor
Yen Press (Comic book publisher) – Traitor
YouTube – Traitor
YMCA – Traitor
Yorkshire Tea – Traitor
Ysbryd Games (Boutique publisher) – Traitor
Zbrush – Traitor
Zildjian Company (Drum kit maker) – Traitor
Zoom (Video communications) – Traitor
Zynga (Incubators for microtransactions) – Probation
2Z (K-pop group) – Traitor
5 Seconds of Summer (Musician) – Traitor
Aaron Mahnke (Podcaster) – Traitor
Adam Conover (Got owned by Joe Rogan… live) – Double Traitor
A Day To Remember (Musician) – Probation
Addison Riecke (Actress) – Traitor
Aidan Gallagher (Actor) – Traitor
Alpharad (YouTuber) – Traitor
Alexa (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Alex Gaskarth (Singer) – Traitor
Alexis Tipton (Voice actress) – Traitor
Allegra Clark (Voice actress) – Traitor
Alyssa Milano (#MeToo hypocrite) – Traitor
Amanda Lee (Voice actress) Double Traitor
Amber Liu (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Amy Marie (Game Theory editor) – Traitor
Andrew Yang (Politician) – Traitor
Andy Biersack (Singer) – Traitor
Andy Milonakis (Trying to breathe) – Traitor
Angelskimi (Streamer) – Double Traitor
Anita Sarkeesian (Destroyed the entire gaming industry) – Traitor
Anna Akana (Actress) – Traitor
Anne Munition (Streamer) – Traitor
Anonymous (hacking group) – Traitor
AntDude (YouTuber) – Traitor
Anthony Padilla (Smosh co-founder) – Traitor
Anthrax (Musician) – Probation
Aquana (Streamer) – Traitor
Ariana Grande (Wore a micro-skirt to a funeral) – Traitor
AriaSaki (Streamer) – Double Traitor
Arlo Stuff (YouTUber) – Traitor
Ashton Kutcher (Cougar hunter) – Traitor
Atreyu (Musician) – Traitor
AttackingTucans (Content creator) – Traitor
Avatar Metal (Musician) – Probation
Axel Braun – Traitor
Ben Eller (Guitarist) – Traitor
Beni (Singer) – Traitor
Ben Saint (Comic book artist) – Traitor
Ben Schwartz (Actor) – Traitor
Ben Stiller (Could never make a Tropic Thunder 2) – Traitor
Binging With Babish (YouTuber) – Traitor
Bill Nye “The Science Guy” – Traitor
Billie Eillish (Singer) – Traitor
Black Nerd – Traitor
Black Sabbath (Rock legends) – Traitor
Blake Lively (Actress) – Traitor
Bon Jovi (Was once Wanted Dead or Alive) – Probation
Brendon Urie (Panics at the disco) – Traitor
Brie Larson (Lacks a butt) – Traitor
Britney Spears (Singer) – Traitor
Bruno Mars (Singer) – Traitor
BTS (Femboys cosplaying as male singers) – Traitor
Bunni (I don’t know who the hell this is) – Traitor
Butch Hartman (Fairly Oddparents creator) – Probation
CalebCity (YouTuber) – Traitor
Chadtronic (YouTuber) – Traitor
Charli D’Amelio (Tiktok thot) – Traitor
Chevy Chase (Comedic icon) – Probation
Chiitan (Aspiring troublemaker) – Traitor
Chris Evans (Captain America) – Traitor
Chrisiousity (YouTuber) – Traitor
Chris Ray Gun (YouTuber) – Insincere Traitor
Chris Sabat (Tested if couch’s could cast) – Traitor
Chrissy Teigen (???) – Traitor
Chris Stuckmann (YouTuber) – Traitor
Christina Aguilera (Singer) – Traitor
Chuck Wendig (Impotent rage) – Traitor
Chuggaaconroy (YouTuber) – Traitor
Civvie11 (YouTuber) – Traitor
Cliffy ‘B’ Bleszinski (Used to make games for real men) – Traitor
Coach Gregg Popovich – Traitor
Comment Etiquette (YouTuber) – Traitor
Conan O’Brien (Way past his prime) – Traitor
Cory Barlog (Director of God of War) – Traitor
Cory Davis (Director of Spec Ops: The Line) – Traitor
Council of Geeks (YouTuber) – Traitor
Courtney Miller (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Cranbersher (Animation streamer) – Traitor
Crank Gameplays (YouTuber) – Traitor
Cr1TiKaL (Former world’s best slap-fight commentator) – Traitor
Cristina Vee (Singer & beloved voice actress) – Traitor
Critical Role (Roleplaying snowflakes) – Traitor
Crush (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Crystal Kay (Singer) – Traitor
Damien Haas (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad (Industry analyst) – Guileful Traitor
Daniel D. Fox (Zweihander RPG creative director) – Traitor
Daniel Ibbertson (From Slopes Game Room) – Traitor
David Baszucki (Roblox CEO) – Traitor
Dave Bautista (Former superstar) – Traitor
Dave Davidson (Musician) – Traitor
David Guetta (Musician) – Traitor
David Hayter (Voice of a legendary soldier) – Traitor
David Szymanski (Dusk developer) – Probation
Delilah S. Dawson (Feminist Star Wars author) – Traitor
Demi Lovato (Dat ass) – Traitor
Disguised Toast (Streamer) – Traitor
Docm77 (Streamer) – Traitor
D0mics (YouTuber) – Traitor
Don Cheadle (Actor who starred in Traitor) – Traitor
Donna Brazile (Burned Bernie in 2016) – Traitor
Dove Cameron (Singer) – Traitor
Dr. Disrespect (Former role model) – Traitor
DreamcastGuy (YouTuber) _ Traitor
Dr. Lupo (YouTuber) – Traitor
Dude Perfect (Former purveyors of masculinity) – Traitor
Easy Allies (Streamers) – Traitor
Ed Boon (Former rebel) – Traitor
Ed Sheeran (Singer) – Traitor
Ellen DeGeneres (Dances better than she tells jokes) – Traitor
Ellie Goulding (Singer) – Traitor
Eminem (Inverted Oreo) – Traitor
Eric Nam (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Erin Fitzgerald (voice actress) – Traitor
Ethos (Samurai Zero creative director) – Traitor
Eva Marie (Couldn’t hang with Fandango) – Traitor
Exhumed (Musician) – Traitor
Fall Out Boy (Musician) – Traitor
FalseProof (YouTuber) – Traitor
FaZe Clan (E-sports competitors) – Traitor
Felicia Day (Fake gamer girl) – Traitor
Fergie (Wasn’t hot enough to keep Josh Duhamel from cheating) – Traitor
Fever 333 (Musician) – Traitor
Floaromaa (Streamer) – Traitor
Food Wishes (YouTuber) – Traitor
Foo Fighters (There goes my hero) – Traitor
Foxtrot44 (Streamer) – Traitor
Francesca Capaldi (Actress) – Traitor
Frank Iero and the Future Violents (Musician) – Traitor
FrivolousFox (YouTuber) – Double Traitor
Fuslie (Streamer) – Traitor
GameGrumps (YouTubers) – Traitor
Gigguk (YouTuber) – Probation
Glimmer (Podcasters) – Traitor
Goatwhore (Musician) – Probation
Godswill Ugwa Jr. (Viz Media community manager) – Traitor
Green Day (Musician) – Traitor
Greta Thunberg (Puppet) – Traitor
Gun Inaccuracies In Media – Insincere Traitor
Guns N’ Roses (Musician) – Traitor
H3H3 Productions (Disgraced) – Traitor
Halsey (Confused) – Traitor
Harry Styles (Only talented member of One Direction) – Traitor
Hasanabi (Streamer) – Traitor
Hayley Williams (Singer) – Double Traitor
HBomberguy (YouTuber) – Developing Traitor
Hillsong Worship (Musician) – Probation
Holland (Singer) – Traitor
Hoobastank (Musician) – Traitor
Ice Cube (Needs to swallow) – Traitor
Ify & Fiona(Entertainer) – Traitor
Iggy Azalea (Singer) – Traitor
iGumDrop (Streamer) – Traitor
iJustine (Digger) – Traitor
Imagine Dragons (Musician) – Traitor
Incubus (Musician) – Probation
Indeimaus (YouTuber) – Traitor
Internet Today TV (YouTuber) – Traitor
IntroSpecktive (YouTuber) – Traitor
ItsFunneh (YouTuber) – Traitor
Izzy Hale (Musician) – Traitor
James Charles (Catfishing heterosexual men) – Traitor
JackSepticEye (YouTuber) – Filthy Triple Traitor
Jad Saxton (Voice actress) – Traitor
Jaiden Animations (YouTuber) – Traitor
James Willems (Has really tiny dreams) – Double Traitor
Jamey Jasta (Singer) – Traitor
Jamie Marchi (Voice actress) – Traitor
Jane Fonda (Former sex symbol) – Traitor
Jason Derulo (One-hit wonder) – Traitor
Jax Blade Fitness ( dream hire) – Traitor
Jay Park (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Jeffree Star (Opportunist) – Traitor
Jeff Gerstmann (Catalyst for proto-#GamerGate) – Probation
Jenna Marbles (Productive thot) – Traitor
Jennifer Scheurle (Guild Wars 2 narrative lead) – Traitor
Jenny Vu (Streamer) – Traitor
Jesse Cox (Still pondering if it’s gay to be trapped ) – Traitor
Jessi (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Jessica Nigri (Overrated cosplayer) – Traitor
Jessie Pridemore (Cosplayer) – Traitor
Jim Caddick (Streamer) – Traitor
Jim Gaffigan (What a man sounds like if he never left puberty) – Traitor
Jimmy Fallon (Paid to laugh) – Traitor
Jim Sterling (Former free speech advocate) – Traitor
Jirard Khalil “The Completionist” (YouTuber) – Double Traitor
J.K. Rowling (Revisionist storyteller) – Traitor
J. Michael Tatum (Voice actor) – Traitor
John Cena (Carried WWE on his back for 15 years) – Traitor
John Patrick Lowrie (Voice actor) – Traitor
John Wolfe (YouTuber) – Traitor
JoJo (Singer) – Traitor
Joel Osteen (Salesman) – Probation
Jonathan Paula (Jogwheel owner) – Traitor
John Boyega (Rey’s simp) – Traitor
Joshua Ovenshire (YouTuber) – Traitor
Joshua “TheJWittz” Wittenkeller (YouTuber) – Traitor
Joy Reid (MSNBC anchor) – Traitor
Justin Bieber (Home-schooling gone wrong) Misguided Traitor
Justin Trudeau (Face-paint extraordinaire) – Traitor
Jvcki Wai (K-Pop singer) – Double Traitor
Kanye West (Gave Taylor Swift PTSD) – Traitor
Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Giants) – Traitor
Kevin Woo (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Kathryn Knutsen (YouTube video editor) – Traitor
Katy Perry (Singer) – Traitor
Kesha Rose (Singer) – Traitor
Kevin Bacon (Never won an Oscar) – Traitor
Kevin Fagaragan (Artist) – Traitor
Kevin Hart (Unfaithful) – Traitor
Kim Kardashian (Cottage cheese connoisseur) – Traitor
Kinda Funny Games (YouTuber) – Traitor
KoneKoKitten (YouTuber) – Traitor
Korn – (Musician) – Traitor
KSI (Beat the snot out of Logan Paul) – Traitor
L.A. Beast (YouTuber) – Traitor
Lady Devann (Community manager for Bethesda) – Traitor
Lady Gaga (Musician) – Traitor
Lasercorn (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Last Podcast On The Left (Podcasters) – Traitor
Lauren Orlando (Conceited) – Traitor
LazarBeam (Tiktok reviewer) – Traitor
Lazy Game Reviews (Game reviewer) – Traitor
Lee Howon (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
LegacyKillaHD (YouTuber) – Traitor
Lele Pons (Singer) – Traitor
Lil’NasX (Rapper) – Traitor
LilyPichu (Artist) – Traitor
Link Neal (Mythical co-founder) – Traitor
Lin-Manuel Miranda (Cultural appropriator) – Traitor
Linus Tech Tips (YouTuber) – Traitor
Lisa Su (AMD CEO) – Traitor
Little Mix (Musician) – Traitor
Lockstin & Gnoggin (YouTuber) – Traitor
Logan Paul (YouTuber) – Fake Traitor
Louis Tomlinson (Former member of One Direction) – Traitor
Lucahjin (YouTuber) – Traitor
Madison Beer (Singer) – Traitor
Madonna (Perpetually chasing relevancy) – Traitor
Malu Trevejo (Singer) – Traitor
Man Overboard (Musician) – Traitor
Mara Wilson (Actress/Author) – Traitor
Marianas Trench (Musician) – Traitor
Mari Takahashi (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Marie Lu (Author) – Traitor
Mark Hamill (Senior breastfeeder) – Traitor
Mark Hoppus (Musician) – Traitor
Markiplier (If chocolate had a voice) – Traitor
Mark Ruffalo (Straightened out a lesbian) – Traitor
Mark Tuan (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Mark Wahlberg (Sega CD rapper) – Traitor
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook lizard) – Traitor
Marshmello (Constantly seeking approval from Ninja) – Traitor
MatPat From Game Theory (YouTuber) – Traitor
Matt McMuscles (YouTuber) – Traitor
Matt Reeves (Director of The Batman) – Traitor
Matt Sohinki (Streamer) – Traitor
Maximilian Dood (Actually defended Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite) – Traitor
Max Scoville (IGN reporter) – Traitor
Mayday Parade (Musician) – Traitor
Mayor Muriel Bowser – Traitor
Michael Jordan (Legend) – Traitor
Michelle Rojas (Voice actress) Traitor
Mikey Way (Musician) – Traitor
Ministry (Musicians) – Traitor
Miso (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Mitt Romney (Got bodied by Obama… twice) – Traitor
Mizy (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Modern Vintage Gamer (YouTuber) – Traitor
Monica Rial (Wanted Vic’s dick) – Traitor
MrBeast (YouTuber) – Traitor
MrSuicideSheep (Musician) – Traitor
Muyskerm (YouTuber) – Traitor
NadeShot (E-sports competitor) – Traitor
Natalie Portman (Actress) – Traitor
Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann (Golfing expert) – Double Traitor
Nelstar15 (Square Enix influencer relations and streamer) – Traitor
Nessa Barrett (Next-level thot) – Traitor
Nikki & Brie Bella (Famous thanks to John Cena and Daniel Bryan ) – Traitor
Nina Lu (Actress) – Traitor
Nine Inch Nails (The only good meme from Digg) – Probation
Nintendrew (YouTuber) – Traitor
NitroRad (YouTuber) – Traitor
No.1 Alex (Streamer) – Traitor
Noah Schnapp (Actor) – Traitor
Nolan North (Used to be the best in the business) – Traitor
Noname (No clue but very popular) – Traitor
Ohnips (Artist who draws fap-bait and is fap-bait) – Traitor
Olivia Sui (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Optimus (Streamer) – Traitor
Ozzy Osbourne (Musician) – Traitor
Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Bayonetta) – Traitor
Panic At The Disco (Creator of Highest Hopes) – Traitor
Paramore (Musician) – Traitor
Patton Oswalt (Kevin James’ lackey) – Traitor
PeachJars (Uber-thot) – Traitor
Pewdiepie (YouTuber) – Probation
PeanutButter Gamer (YouTuber) – Traitor
Peter Park TV (Streamer) – Traitor
Phil “Amazing Phil” Lester (YouTuber) – Traitor
Phil Spencer (Was Xbox’s last hope) – Traitor
PIEGUYRULZ (YouTuber) – Traitor
Pokimane (Thot) – Traitor
Police Chief Michael Shaw (Scared) – Traitor
Poofesure (YouTuber) – Traitor
ProJared (Tried and failed to become Sailor Mercury) – Traitor
Quackity (YouTuber) – Traitor
QuarterJade (Streamer) – Traitor
Quinton Reviews (YouTuber) – Traitor
Rami Ismail (Vlambeer’s clout chaser) – Traitor
Randy Orton – Traitor
Randy Pitchford (Financial Magician) – Traitor
Raymond Toro (My Chemical Romance) – Traitor
Ray Parker Jr (Singer) – Traitor
Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe creator) – Traitor
RelaxAlax (Streamer) – Traitor
ReviewTechUSA (YouTuber) – Traitor
Revocation (Musician) – Traitor
RevScarecrow (YouTuber) – Traitor
Rhett McLaughlin (Co-founder of Mythical) – Traitor
Richard A. Fowler (Fox New contributor) – Traitor
Rihanna (Singer) – Traitor
Rise Against (Musician) – Traitor
Risorins (Artist) – Traitor
Rita Ora (Singer) – Traitor
Rob Delaney (Comedian) – Traitor
Roddenberry Podcasts – Traitor
Rosanna Pansino (YouTuber) – Traitor
Rowan Blanchard (Actress) – Traitor
Ryan Reynolds (Pegged Deadpool) – Traitor
Samuel Kim (K-Pop star) – Traitor
Sabrina Carpenter (Singer) – Traitor
Sara Ventura (Localizer for Nintendo) – Traitor
Sarah Whittle (Smosh Games producer) – Traitor
Scarra (Streamer) – Traitor
Scott Wozniak (YouTuber) – Flimsy Traitor
Sean Chiplock (Couldn’t prevent Hyper Universe’s demise) – Traitor
Sean Plott (From – Traitor
Secrets (Musician) – Traitor
Selena Gomez (Celebrity) – Traitor
Seth Rogen (Celebrity leech) – Traitor
Sharla In Japan (YouTuber) – Traitor
Shaun (Perturbed over the mortally challenged) – Traitor
Shayne Topp (Smosh Games member) – Traitor
Shinedown (Musician) – Traitor
Simple Plan (Musician) – Traitor
Simply Nailogical (YouTuber) – Traitor
Sky-Hi (Singer) – Traitor
Skill Up (YouTuber) – Traitor
Smash Mouth (Musician) – Traitor
Smosh Games (YouTubers) – Traitor
SomeCallMeJohnny (YouTuber) – Traitor
SomeOrdinaryGamers (YouTuber) – Traitor
SonicFox (Worst human being on the face of the planet) – Furry Traitor
Son of a Glitch (A+ Start StreameYouTuber) – Traitor
Stacey Abrams – Traitor
Starsmitten (YouTuber) – Traitor
Stephen King (Writer) – Traitor
Stephanie Sheh (Voice actress) – Traitor
Steve Ballmer (LA Clippers owner) – Traitor
Steve Carell (Actor) – Traitor
Stephen Georg (YouTuber) – Traitor
Stop Skeletons From Fighting (YouTuber) – Traitor
Suicide Silence (Musician) – Traitor
Sum 41 (Musician) – Traitor
Summer Rae (Human Barbie doll) – Traitor
SungWon Cho (Actor who hasn’t been in any major movies) – Traitor
Sunny Malouf (Singer) – Traitor
Taeyang (K-pop singer) – Traitor
TeamFourStar (Content creators) – Traitor
Teawrex (Streamer) – Traitor
Technology Connections (YouTuber) – Traitor
The Beatles (Musicians) – Traitor
The Black Dahlia Murder (Musician) – Traitor
The Great Clement (YouTuber) – Traitor
TheOdds1Out (YouTuber) – Traitor
The Pussycat Dolls (Strippers pretending to be singers) – Traitor
The Rock (Used to be the most electrifying man in entertainment) – Traitor
The Weeknd (Singer) – Traitor
Tia Ballard (Funimation voice actress) – Traitor
Tiger JK (K-pop singer) – Traitor
Toby Fox (Undertale developer) – Traitor
Travis Barker (Musician) – Traitor
Travis Scott (Musician) – Probation
Twenty One Pilots (Musician) – Probation
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (Streamer) – Weak Traitor
Tyler Scheid (Youtuber) – Traitor
Valkyrae (Streamer) – Traitor
Victoria Justice – (Proto-thot) – Traitor
Vikkstar (YouTuber) – Traitor
VintageBeef (Streamer) – Traitor
Warbringer (Musician) – Traitor
Wil Wheaton (Being told to shut-up since 1988) – Traitor
xChocoBars (Streamer) – Traitor
Xell (Streamer) – Traitor
Yo Mama (YouTuber) – Traitor
YongYea (10-min content creator) – Double Traitor
Yoshiller (GoNintendo writer) – Traitor
Yvonnie (Streamer) – Double Traitor
Zac Effron (Human Ken doll) – Traitor
ZackScottGames (Wholesome) – Traitor
Zak Bagans (Travel Channel host) – Traitor
Zedd (Musician) – Traitor
Zelo (K-Pop singer) – Traitor
Zeltic (Should have stuck to Hyrule) – Traitor
Zombie Cleo (YouTuber) – Traitor
Zombie Unicorn (Tried to bully bullies and got bullied) – Traitor
Zoe Amira (Makeup artist) – Traitor
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2020.06.03 14:23 tonnie_taller Ashton Kutcher Gets Emotional As He Explains Why Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Missing The Point: ‘For Some People, Black Lives Don’t Matter’

Read more on WordPress Ashton Kutcher got emotional as he discussed why people saying “All Lives Matter” was missing the point in an Instagram video Tuesday. Kutcher explained how on Saturday, he posted a blackout of his social media channels, alongside “Black Lives Matter”. “And a lot of folks responded ‘All Lives Matter’. And I want to talk … Continue reading Ashton Kutcher Gets Emotional As He Explains Why Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Missing The Point: ‘For Some People, Black Lives Don’t Matter’
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2020.06.02 07:07 Dwas1960 Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher broke up on instagram

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Ashton Kutcher y Mila Kunis no dejarán herencia a sus hijos .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher y Mila Kunis publican un divertido video para .. ashton kutcher
La curiosa respuesta de Ashton Kutcher a las revelaciones uales .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher responde a Demi Moore mostrándose conciliador (y .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher ashton kutcher
Mila Kunis y Ashton Kutcher ponen fin a su veto a las alfombras rojas – ashton kutcher ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher responde a Demi Moore tras la publicación de sus .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher, harto de que se publiquen fotos de sus hijos .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher: El actor responde por primera vez a las memorias .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher habla por primera vez tras la publicación del libro .. ashton kutcher
Ashton Kutcher – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre – ashton kutcher ashton kutcher
The post Learn All About Ashton Kutcher From This Politician Ashton Kutcher appeared first on Wallpaper Nifty.
from WordPress
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2020.02.02 15:15 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: January 27th - February 2nd

Previous thread: January 20th - January 26th

Here's everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have suggestions on how to make this compilation more readable, categorised better, etc. please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up can be found in the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

2020 Map of the Soul World Tour Megathread


200126 BTS @ The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards
200127 BTS @ iHeartRadio Live
200128 BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden

News & Information

200129 Invitation to the 'Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community'
200130 Lauv's "Who" ft BTS out on March 6th
200130 BTS Wins Bonsang at the 29th High1 Seoul Music Awards!
200130 BTS won the Daesang for Best Album of the Year at the 29th Seoul Music Awards
200131 BTS will be attending The Fact Music Awards on Feb 29th
200131 Newsen: beNX confirmed to Newsen that there was a leak on its platform Weverse (Reminder to change your passwords)
200131 BTS will be on the cover of the ‘Time for Kids’ magazine
200131 Announcement of change regarding ‘Big Hit Corporate Briefing With The Community’
200201 Black Swan nominated for 1st place on today's Music Core
200202 BTS's 'Black Swan' is nominated for 1st place on today's SBS Inkigayo
Tour news
200128 BigHit confirms there are no changes to the North American leg of the tour
200129 MOTS World Tour new date in Rotterdam - July 8th, Feyenoord Stadium
200129 The membership raffle for the Seoul tour dates is now open
200131 Updated Map of the Soul Tour info for North America/Canada
Merchandise news
200201 TIME for Kids: You can now purchase an 11x14 print of #TheBTSEffect cover online

Official Media

Type Date Title Thread
Performance 200128 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Old Town Road' Live Performance with Lil Nas X and more @ GRAMMYS 2020 Thread
Photos 200201 [Big Hit Entertainment 15th Anniversary] Artist Group Photo Thread
Run BTS! 200128 Run BTS! 2020 - EP. 93 Thread
V Live 200126 BTS Live: We’re back from the 2020 Grammys~! Thread
V Live 200128 V Vlive: 태태 FM 6.13 🐯 Thread
Other 200128 [CONNECT, BTS] Interview with Ann Veronica Janssens @ Seoul Thread
Other 200128 ‘CONNECT, BTS’ Press Conference Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Title Thread
200127 Twitter Seokjin Thread
200126 Twitter Yoongi Thread
200126 Twitter Jimin Thread
200126 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200126 Twitter Today’s Bangtan @ the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Thread
200127 Instagram BTS Instagram story Thread
200126 Twitter Hobi (photos) Thread
200126 Twitter Hobi (video) Thread
200126 Twitter BTS with Nas + Lil Nas X Thread
200127 Weverse Weverse Discussion Post
200127 Twitter Today’s Bangtan Thread
200128 Instagram BTS Instagram Stories : Grammy Awards behind the scenes (Full story)
200128 Twitter Jungkook Thread
200128 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ The Late Late Show with James Corden Thread
200129 Twitter Seokjin Thread
200129 Twitter Yoongi Thread
200129 Instagram BTS Instagram Stories Update Thread
200130 Weibo V on Weibo Thread
200130 Instagram BTS Instagram Story Update
200130 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200130 Twitter SUGA with Logic Thread
200131 Instagram BTS Instagram Story Update
200131 Twitter Hobi Thread
200201 Instagram Black Swan Practice Thread
200202 Weverse Weverse Discussion Thread
200202 Instagram BTS Instagram Story update Thread

CF & Partnerships

200127 "Excited to announce #BTS as Hyundai’s Global Brand Ambassador for this year again"
200127 Hyundai x BTS
200127 Tokopedia x BTS "Pose with luv" at Tokopedia Fair
200127 BTS x Hyundai at Grammys 2020
200131 광주요 (Kwangjuyo) No.1 Korean Premium Tableware teases new BTS collab release on IG


Date Publisher Article Thread
200126 TIME BTS Joined Lil Nas X for Their First Grammys Performance Thread
200127 Forbes BTS Absolutely Dominated The Grammys On Twitter Thread
200127 CapitalFM BTS fans brand V ‘heartthrob’ at Grammy's 2020 Thread
200127 K-media BTS' statement to Kmedia after the 2020 Grammy Awards Thread
200127 Forbes BTS Made The Most Of Their 2020 Grammys Performance, Even Though They Deserved More Thread
200128 Forbes BTS' Black Swan Debuts As The Second- Bestselling Song In The US Thread
200128 Billboard How BTS Emphasized the Power of '7' for Debut Grammy Performance Thread
200128 K-media Kmedia reports that BTS sent a video message to CONNECT, BTS in Seoul Thread
200128 Paper Magazine Let's Talk About How Amazing BTS Looked at the Grammys Thread
200128 The Washington Post The BTS effect: Making peace with my teenager through K-pop Thread
200128 Forbes BTS Charts Its Record-Extending 18th No. 1 Hit Thread
200129 Metro James Corden overwhelmed by BTS ARMY as they help raise money for a charity he supports Thread
200129 Metro 'A lot of fans do more work than academics': Inside the BTS conference at Kingston University Thread
200130 artnet Environmental Artist Tomás Saraceno Successfully Flies a Solar-Powered Hot Air Balloon Over Argentina, Breaking Six World Records Thread
200129 Forbes BTS Is The First Korean Act To Chart 10 Songs In The U.K. Thread
200130 The Washington Post The branding genius of K-pop band BTS Thread
200129 Independent James Codern thanks BTS fans for donating thousands towards children's charity Thread
200130 Forbes BTS Sets A New Record For Longest-Charting Release On The World Albums Ranking Thread
200131 Forbes Only Five K-Pop Albums Have Charted For A Full Year—And They’re All By BTS Thread

SNS Mentions

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Title Thread
200126 Recording Academy: @bts_bighit is back. 👏 #BTSArmy, we'll see you tonight. Thread
200126 Lil Nas X thanks BTS Thread
200127 Namjoon and Jimin in Paper Magazine's Twitter layout Thread
200127 Tablo from Epik High asking Suga for advice
200127 Son Sung Deuk IG update Thread
200127 Hissnoise on Instagram Thread
200127 Prince Royce posts a story listening to Black Swan Thread
200128 💜 Diplo posts a behind the scenes video with BTS from the Grammys Thread
200128 💜 Diplo on Instagram: This was the moment from last night 💛💜 Thread
200128 Ariana Grande tweets about watching BTS rehearse Thread
200128 The Late Late Show with James Corden Thread
200128 Zach Sang has interviewed BTS Thread
200128 💜 Jojo Wright with BTS Thread
200127 💜 Instagram: Chris Tomson, drummer of AOTY nominee Vampire Weekend, posts photo of BTS at the Grammys Thread
200128 💜 Becky G: I was ✈️ and just landed to see this. My heart!!! ❤️ @BTS_twt HIIIIII!!! Thread
200129 💜 James Corden with BTS Thread
200128 💜 Zach Sang with BTS Thread
200128 💜 Mason Ramsey Thread
200129 The Late Late Show with James Corden changes Twitter layout in anticipation for tonight's episode Thread
200129 💜 The Late Late Show Insta story Thread
200129 💜 James Corden: first look at the Black Swan choreo!! #BTSxCorden Thread
200129 Magic Breakfast: @BTS_ARMY have donated enough to provide over 14,000 Magic Breakfasts for disadvantaged children. #BTS_Army you are phenomenal! Thread
200129 Mason Ramsey Puts a 7 in His Twitter Display Name
200129 Johnny Stimson Thread
200129 💜 Ashton Kutcher: so this was a trip. BTS hide and seek Thread
200130 Pdogg Instagram: “Good bye LA” Thread
200129 Brazilian dancechoreographer Sergio Reis made the choreography for 'Black Swan' Thread
200131 Ashton Kutcher: Thank you @BTS_twt and the army for the love for @thorn Thread
200131 💜 Jed Skrzypczak who designed the Grammy set for Lil Nas X posted a practice video with BTS on his Instagram Story Thread
200131 💜 Logic on Instagram: BTS with the homie Suga Thread
200201 💜 JFlei On Instagram: Suga & Bob, Worlds connect through music Thread
200201 JABBAWOCKEEZ reply to a fan tweet regarding BTS Thread
200202 💜 Max with Yoongi at LA Lakers game Thread

Other media

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Title Thread
Audio 💜 200128 BTS on the Zach Sang Show tonight after 8:25 ET (snippet) Thread
Cover 200130 BTS 7인.ver (방탄소년단 7인 버전) 'Black Swan' full Cover Danceㅣ프리미엄댄스스튜디오 Thread
Video 200126 Good Morning America Thread
Video 200127 Fantano Mentions BTS x Grammys Thread
Video 200128 Todd in the Shadows Discusses the Grammys (includes BTS) Thread
Video 200127 Mason Ramsey On Performing 'Old Town Road' With Lil Nas X, BTS, Billy Ray Cyrus & Diplo At 2020 Grammy Thread
Video 200128 Korea Herald: Sneak peek of the Seoul exhibition (CONNECT; BTS) Thread
Video 💜 200128 SBS Edit of JIMIN in Dionysus (2019 Gayo Daejeon) Thread
Video 200128 CONNECT, BTS. Fly with Aerocene Pacha Thread
Video 200128 A look at tonight's stage (The Late Late Show) Thread
Video 200129 Max Schneider talks about meeting Yoongi in Korea on 102.7 KIIS FM Thread
Video 💜 200131 SBS Edit of SUGA in Dionysus (2019 Gayo Daejeon) Thread
Video 💜 200201 BTS's message for TXT on Buzz Rhythm 02 Thread
Video 💜 200201 [Interview] BTS @ iHeartRadio x Hot Topic (200128)


Type Date Thread
Awards 200130 BTS Now Has 40 Daesangs, extending their record for most for any artist!
Charts/Sales 200126 BTS's 'Black Swan' Debuts at #45 on Swiss Singles (Chart Top 100)
Charts/Sales 200127 Black Swan debuts at #4 on UK independent singles chart
Charts/Sales 200127 BTS's 'Black Swan' Debuts at #117 on French Singles Chart Top 200
Charts/Sales 200127 BTS's 'Love Yourself 結 Answer' re-enters this week's Billboard 200 (up 46.2% in sales)
Charts/Sales 200128 BTS have tied the all-time record for most weeks at #1 on the Social 50 chart (163 weeks)
Charts/Sales 200128 ‘Black Swan’ debuts at #57 on Billboard Hot 100
Charts/Sales 200128 BTS' 'Love Yourself 結 Answer' returns to #1 on this week's World Albums chart. It has spent 28 weeks at #1 across 2018-2020.
Charts/Sales 200129 BTS has now achieved a #1 hit on the World Digital Song Sales chart in each of the last five years. They are the only act to do so.
Charts/Sales 200129 BTS's 'Make It Right' has reached new peak of #23 on US Pop Radio(2nd highest charting single surpassing MIC Drop)
Charts/Sales 200129 BTS's 'Black Swan’ has re-entered the Top 90 on iTunes United States
Charts/Sales 200131 BTS earns their record-extending 18th No. 1 on the World Digital Song Sales chart this week with "Black Swan."
Charts/Sales 200131 Boy With Luv by @BTS_twt goes GOLD in Canada after 74 days since release, making it BTS’s first single to officially get certified!
Charts/Sales 200202 BTS's "Black Swan" Has now sold over 100,000 units in the US
Likes 200127 BTS's 'DNA' MV Has surpassed 12 Million likes on Youtube, their 2nd MV to achieve this!
Likes 200128 BTS Now Have Most Number of MVs with over 5M+ likes on YouTube (12 Songs) With Shadow Trailer passing 5M+ likes
Likes 200129 BTS's "IDOL" MV surpassed 11 MILLION LIKES on YouTube(4th MV to do so)
Streams 200127 'Promise' by Jimin surpassed 200 million streams on Soundcloud
Streams 200127 BTS Has Surprassed 16,000,000 Monthly listeners on Spotify
Streams 200128 'Paradise' has surpassed 50 MILLION streams on Spotify
Streams 200128 BTS's "Map of the Soul: Persona" has now surpassed 800 MILLION streams on Spotify! (6th album to reach this milestone)
Streams 200201 BTS's 'Black Swan' Debuts at #1 in Top 20 'Most Streamed International Singles' in Malaysia
Views 200130 BTS: Black Swan Performance On The Late Late Show James Corden Achieved 10.1mil Views In First 24hours
Views 200202 BTS's MAP OF THE SOUL-7 'Interlude:Shadow' Comeback Trailer Has Surpassed 50 Million Views On YouTube
Other 200126 BANGTANTV has surprassed 25,000,000 subscribers on Youtube
Other 200130 BTS is the #1 Top Artists of 2020 on YouTube across all official channels
Other 200201 BTS Have Surpassed 1 Million Followers on Deezer (First Korean Act to do so)
Other 200202 BTS On The Charts: @BTS_twt has surpassed Twenty One Pilots and is now the 5th most followed Group and 34th most followed Act on Spotify!


200128 Grandpa nooo!!!! ⠀ What will become of Grandpa #MUSTASHU and 'Bakery Tiny Sweet'? Their fate rests on #SHOOKY's shoulders...! Thread
200129 BT21 UNIVERSE ANIMATION EP.07 - SHOOKY Part 1 Thread
200130 He attac, He protec, But most importantly, He grumpy snac. 😡 #ChildhoodMemories #Rival Thread
200131 BT21 UNIVERSE ANIMATION EP.07 - SHOOKY Part 2 Thread


200128 James Corden gave cupcakes to ARMYs waiting for BTS’s appearance on The Late Late Show
200129 South Korean Singer Son Seungyeon (Sonnet Son) talks about meeting Tae and being surprised by his friendliness
200131 [Denied by Big Hit] Big Hit Preparing an IPO
200131 Jackson Wang mentions RM in his interview with Forbes
200201 Hey BTS fans! I created the visuals for the Lil Nas X & BTS performance for the Grammys. Thought all of you BTS fans may enjoy taking a more detailed look at them!


Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form

Top Discussion Posts

  1. [+281] Black Swan choreography discussion and breakdown!
  2. [+249] Lost in Translation: Hearts of BTS
  3. [+119] What would you like to tell the Bighit intern snooping through this sub?
  4. [+76] Thoughts on MOTS: 7 being “Harder”
  5. [+61] When do you think BTS will perform a Korean-award-show-scale performance at an American award show?

Weekly threads


Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from their new home, /heungtan!
Submitter Thread
reihyou Serendipity - Colored Pencil on Toned Tan Paper
minmooncat Jimin is the art
chocomilkeuu (WIP) Fanart of Map Of The Soul: Persona teaser :•) By me !
BTS_Because Made tiny Suga tiny clothes. Never sewn clothes before. My fingers...hurt.
MixableNebula Made this in procreate after listening to Black Swan. Just saw the performance and it was insane! C&C are more than welcome :)
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2020.01.29 04:00 whyohwhy115 200128 BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden (12:37AM EST / 5:35AM UTC 200129)

BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden


Automatic Timezone Converter


Full Interview


To be updated as it happens.
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2019.10.16 15:40 EatAstacoandmsmile To the incel/TRP/MGTOW/whatever men here...

Dating is not that hard, women are not that bad. Hear me out. The advice that will be given here both directly and indirectly (if you’re paying attention), works for the most part, barring special circumstances.
The women here, in response to what is often a disingenuous or rude or passive aggressive or just generally nasty tone, will make things sound much scarier than they are. Why? Because fuck “you”. All “you” do is insult them and discount whatever they say. But trust me when I tell you it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Women aren’t these monsters waiting to falsely accuse you of rape and take all your money and keep you from seeing your kid. This is just not reality. Most women just want to live a happy, fun life. That has varying implications based on the individual but you can rest assured that they are not sitting and fantasizing about how to ruin the next man they come across.
Women are just living their lives and taking the path of least resistance, like any human would, to get what they want out of life. Sometimes that clashes with us men in various ways and it can be frustrating, it can lead to heartbreak. But that’s Just life. You dust yourself off and move on.
You really can take steps to get things you want out of life. I know because I did it. Now I want to be clear that I am not telling you that you will ever be able to attract some model type of girl from Instagram. I am not a prosperity gospel preacher, here.
What I am saying is that you should adjust your expectations and put your best foot forward. Grow up and accept a few unpleasant truths: some people will have advantages over you, some people will be luckier than you, no matter how good you are, some people will want nothing to do with you.
Hold no Ill will or bad feelings towards these people and move on with your life. In frank terms, so many people quit that you gain a lot of ground just by keeping at it.
I know because I did it. I was a socially retarded, overweight shut in with mommy/daddy issues.
Making that change was difficult. Getting out of the car to make my fat ass walk inside the gym was embarrassingly difficult. But I wanted better out of life than I had so I damn well got out of the car and did what I needed to do to get what I wanted.
I remember being frustrated with it all, but now I have what I want. I have more than I ever expected.
I do realize that many of you will read this and your brain will reject everything I say and you’ll be typing out snarky responses before you even finish. That’s fine because it’s your life. It would be great if you could take a sober look at yourself, identify what needs to be fixed, then start fixing it. That said, if you don’t, that’s your choice.
I will post this, read the responses, and go back to my life and forget about this thread. I’ll live with the consequences of my choices and you will as well.
I’ve seen it so many times before and it’s so boring. You’ll be certain that I must have the best looks and must be extroverted and any number of other things you think equates to success with women.
And to be fair, you might land on a few things that are actually true. I am pretty handsome, I have always been pretty funny to people I’ve been around, I do tend to get along with women pretty easily even when I was a fat shut in.
The thing is: you play the Hand you are dealt. I could easily spend my time stewing about how Ashton Kutcher is so much more handsome and how he comes from a better family and how he’s so lucky. But what the hell good does that do for MY life?
I was born poor and in a violent city. I did not want to die there. I busted my ass working a shitty job to eventually get out. I have a close personal friend who will inherit millions. They have never *had* to work a day in their life. They have never been confronted with danger like I have, they’ve never been rained on in their house, been unsure of whether they’d eat or not.
Isn’t it much better for me if I accept that not everyone will have the same advantages and benefits and set about feeding myself and getting myself better shelter than letting myself become bitter and resentful about my friend’s good fortune?
It’s your life. No one will care about you wasting it. They also won’t care if you live a great one. Presumably, though, YOU do. Start caring about that and acting on it.
submitted by EatAstacoandmsmile to PurplePillDebate [link] [comments]

2019.09.30 13:39 tonnie_taller Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Shared Their First Instagram Post Since Demi Moore Released Her Tell-All Book

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Shared Their First Instagram Post Since Demi Moore Released Her Tell-All Book submitted by tonnie_taller to Tonnie_Taller [link] [comments]

2019.09.06 15:48 acerod1 SoftBank’s Big Bet on WeWork Could Turn Sour: Term Sheet

WeWork’s decisions ahead of its initial public offering have far-reaching effects.
As the co-working behemoth contemplates listing on the public markets at a far lower valuation that previously expected, its biggest backer⁠—SoftBank—is bracing for a potentially staggering loss. This is a stark reminder of the risks of an investing strategy that inflated startup valuations across Silicon Valley.
SoftBank has a roughly 29% stake in the We, the parent company of WeWork, said one executive at an analyst call on Wednesday, after the company plowed a total of $10.65 billion into the startup. The Tokyo conglomerate’s massive stake is a vote of confidence in the unprofitable company, which lost about $1.61 billion last year.
Yesterday, we noted that WeWork was reportedly considering seeking a valuation of about $20 to $30 billion in its IPO. Those figures would mark a significant decline from the $47 billion valuation WeWork achieved this year thanks to an investment from SoftBank. The New York-based company is now said to be considering a market debut at just $20 to $30 billion, fueling tensions among SoftBank employees.
From Fortune:
The WeWork IPO comes at a critical time for SoftBank, which is currently trying to convince investors to bankroll a second $108 billion iteration of its Vision Fund. The company is already mopping up the fallout from another poorly performing IPO. SoftBank put $7.7 billion into Uber, whose market value promptly fell after shares listed publicly at $45 in May. That price has since fallen to about $35, well below the price SoftBank paid for part of its stake.Some staffers at the Vision Fund are now concerned that WeWork’s valuation could fall further, to even below $20 billion—the valuation of SoftBank’s original investment made by the Vision Fund,according to people familiar with the company who asked not to be identified discussing private matters. Because the Vision Fund is so exposed to WeWork, it will play a substantial role in compensation for employees of the fund. People at the Vision Fund are not paid on a deal-by-deal basis, as with some other venture firms. Vision Fund employees, including high-profile bankers and investors, receive base salaries and bonuses, but only get payouts when profits are booked. They are also on the hook for potential losses, facing clawbacks of 20% and above for some senior staff, and 7% for more junior employees.Read more.
NEW UNICORN: Getaround, a San Francisco-based used car marketplace, is a freshly minted unicorn. The company raised approximately $200 million in funding at a valuation of $1.7 billion, according to Pitchbook. In total, Getaround has amassed more than $400 million in total funding from investors including SoftBank, GV, Madrona Venture Group and Ashton Kutcher.
TWO FUN THINGS: Since it’s Friday, I wanted to share two things I found amusing this week.
1. Crypto Rap Battle: Greylock’s Reid Hoffman has invested in crypto-focused companies including Coinbase, Xapo, and Blockstream.In a LinkedIn post, Hoffman explained that he is interested in cryptocurrency as an asset, a currency, and a platform.
So he helped produce a Hamilton-inspired rap battle video about the cryptocurrency debate. Like I told my colleague, I really thought I wasn’t going to like this, but it’s actually really good. Watch the rap battle video here.
2. The Billion-Dollar Major: If you went (or plan to go to Stanford), you’ll enjoy this “How to Major in Unicorn” article. It’s a “cynic’s guide to killing it at Stanford.” (_As someone who went to a public school in the South, I had literally not a single time thought about “venture capital” in the entirety of my four years, but props to you guys for starting early.)_Here are some tips:
— If you’re emulating … Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Marissa Mayer (Google, Yahoo), or Mike Krieger (Instagram) ➽ Symbolic systems is for you. (Yes, that’s a real major, mixing big-picture theory and programming practice) — “A few years ago, half the school had a SAVE THE SHIRE Palantir T-shirt even if we knew nothing about the company, just because they were giving them out for free so much.”
— “I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of more friends starting companies than have gotten mononucleosis.” —Julian Alvarez, class of ’17, M.A. in philosophy ’19
SIGN UP FOR THE LOOP:Fortune launched a new newsletter on the business of sustainability called The Loop. You can check it out and sign up here.
* More Details Here
submitted by acerod1 to Business_Analyst [link] [comments]

2019.07.11 00:15 newsfeedmedia Mila Kunis smiles makeup-free in LA…a day after ‘singing debut’ on Instagram with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis smiles makeup-free in LA…a day after ‘singing debut’ on Instagram with Ashton Kutcher submitted by newsfeedmedia to newsfeedmedia [link] [comments]

2019.04.09 17:54 TheSunshinesOnUsAll I ran with Barefoot shoes... they laughed at me... [help]

Friends, we need to talk...

...Who among us haven't had a skeptical eye glare at our feet as we live our days in zero drop shoes.

When we first decided to purchase a pair, or go out running with out shoes, did we all not have "the talk" with our friends, family or loved ones?

Some are in support because they trust us, but the majority out there are PREJUDICE against this new wave of progressive footwear.

I'm here to ask for your help as I, like you, have dealt with these growing pains. I'm asking for your assistance, opinions and guidance....

These last 2 years have been rough in regards to this lifestyle change.

Trying to show people these new found studies and hypotheses is arduous...

The looks, and questions while wearing 5-fingers in a walk through the city are typical and monotonous...

The attraction killing "talk" with a new (and hopefully) long-term romantic partner about the utility of toe stretchers... and the ashamed look of awe the first time you wear them to bed is gut wrenching.

Do you agree with me? For one, I will not be deterred. The fiery passion for a functional foot, natural posture, and a healthy lifestyle is to great!

Your life may be different then mine. But, can you sympathize with the majority of the world and what social consequences we have to go through?
We can not show up to work a 9-5 in 5-fingers.
We can not attend a wedding barefoot.
We can not go on a beautifully awkward date with traffic-cone colored zero-drop soles with a leather that makes your foot look like a platypus' bill.

Let's face it people... If most of the population think they look weird, then you are cutting yourself off socially; career wise, the consequences are disastrous.

It's a shame.
The world isn't ready.
Most people out there haven't progressive enough to embrace this drastic change.

So, friends I ask you the ultimate question...

Why are all of these companies putting us in the trenches to fight there battles?

What if they make a pair of shoes that could compete with the most popular shoes in the world - such as Nike, Vans or Converse?

What if they made shoes which influencers (like Kayne West, Beyonce, or David Beckham) would be excited to show off on the run way or on instagram?

Not only is this a better business move, but they are best promoting the lifestyle change we have all grown to love and cherish.

Think about it this way...

Prius is an amazing car... But try getting people to drive it.

Meanwhile, Tesla comes around and takes the aspects people love about cars and combines it with an electric car.

Which could you see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis driving in?

Tesla's SEXY, FAST and COOL...
Prius' are for people who chronically wear warn out polo's, 20 year old khakis and dirty white new balances.

TLDR; Let's have "the talk".... What can we do about our beloved minimalist shoes? They are ugly but we love them...
Are there any with a wide toe box which could pass as a shoe by a popular brand?

[disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any brands. I'm really into business but don't own one myself or care to own one ATM.]
submitted by TheSunshinesOnUsAll to BarefootRunning [link] [comments]

2019.04.01 22:24 nd_invest_ico Celebrities and Cryptocurrency

Celebrities and Cryptocurrency
📝The cryptocurrency mania of the last two years caused many people to enter the blockchain space for the first time as investors. It should come as no surprise then, that even some of the biggest celebrities in the world were not immune to the charms of decentralized ledgers. From business magnates to world-renowned sports stars and actors, all kinds of personalities have made various ventures into the world of cryptocurrencies. Celebrities have huge followings of fans on their social media pages like Twitter and Instagram. They can use for promotional activities for personal gain. So here’s a compilation of some of the most famous personalities that have taken a liking to distributed ledger technology.
👥John McAfee
Antivirus Software tycoon John McAfee is certainly the most controversial celebrity in the cryptocurrency space owing to his bizarre predictions and bets. McAfee maintains that Bitcoin will surpass $1 million by 2020 and continues to promote other cryptocurrency projects. McAfee recently divulged that he charged companies $105,000 for every tweet he sent out promoting an Initial Coin Offering or some other token. Given that his tweets were able to sway crypto markets, the disclosure left many of his followers disgruntled.
👥Mark Cuban
Billionaire Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban took a keen interest in cryptocurrencies last year when he decided to hold an initial coin offering for his eSports betting startup Unikrn. The ICO took place in September 2017 and raised over $25 million by selling virtual tokens called UnikoinGold that can be utilized on the Unikrn platform to bet on eSports matches. UnikoinGold is an ERC-20 token that runs on the ethereum blockchain. Some of the biggest institutional investors who invested in the ICO include Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, and Draper’s Dragon Fund, a joint venture between Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DragonVenture.
👥Winklevoss Twins
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss first earned fame for successfully suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $65 million in 2004. By 2013, the duo had made an $11 million investment in Bitcoin which meant that they owned nearly 1% of all bitcoin in existence at the time. By 2017 their $11 million investment had turned to over $1 billion making them the first cryptocurrency billionaires. The twins have also made other ventures in the blockchain space the most notable of which include founding the Gemini digital currency exchange, investing in a blockchain based payment processor and registering a Bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund.
👥Floyd Mayweather
World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather knows how to utilize his 20 million followers for profit as he routinely engages in paid promotions online. Right before his major fight with MMA Champion Conor McGregor, Mayweather endorsed the blockchain based Hubbi network to his millions of followers. In the past, Mayweather has also endorsed the Stox ICO which is a decentralized prediction market. Mayweather’s latest endorsement comes for the cryptocurrency debit card Centra which aims to make cryptocurrencies readily spendable. As a result, the Centra ICO ended up raising $26 million in its ICO in September 2017.
👥Lionel Messi
Arguably one of the greatest football players in the whole world, Lionel Messi also knows how to leverage his large fanbase for profit. Messi has over 100 million fans on Instagram which he uses for endorsements. Messi became the global brand ambassador Sirin Labs which is developing a blockchain secured smartphone which has built-in cold storage for cryptocurrencies. As a result of this new form of advertising, Sirin Labs raised over $150 million in their ICO.
👥Ashton Kutcher
Veteran actor Ashton Kutcher is not new to the world of venture capital and investments. In fact, Kutcher owns the venture capital firm named Sound Ventures and has made brilliant investments in Uber, Airbnb and Spotify so far. Kutcher’s latest obsession seems to reside with cryptocurrencies, and he can be seen promoting Ethereum as far back as 2014. Kutcher has also invested in Ripple and BitBay, and his firm Sound Ventures is backing Unikrn, the eSports betting digital platform founded by
by Mark Cuban.
Take good examples- Follow the blockchain trends together with ND Invest!
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2019.01.11 16:50 mindue505 Me [40F] with my boyfriend [25M] 4 months, should we stay broken up at this point?

Ok, so I'm older than my boyfriend (think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher lol). I also have an 11 year old son from obviously a prior relationship.
I just split us up, potentially for good.
I met my boyfriend (let's call him Dean) at a local bar I frequent as I'm a musician and love live music. I was single for a year at that point (him 2 years), and although I had my ups and downs with dating, I had gotten over my past in healthy ways.
So we accidentally met at this bar a week after my 40th bday, and instantly there's sparks. Dean's attractive, great body, smart, great conversationalist, loves music (who doesn't) and we Downsides were that he didn't have a car of his own, and seemed pretty damn broke.
While I'm admittedly a bit emotionally immature for a 40 year old broad even though I have a great career, nice house, and make pretty decent wages. I have Asperger's, aka high-functioning autism, so my successes have been hard-fought, believe you me.
Dean seemed - and looked - early 30s to me. It was almost like our internal, emotional ages were closer than how they were chronologically.
Within the first week, Dean stayed at his dad's, where he had been living and paying rent. He also worked for his Dad's company, and had expressed the desire to own his own company.
Two weeks into things, he was then over at my place A LOT. Actually, I don't think he really left.
Instantly, he wanted a relationship, and although I committed to him and let him know there was no one else, he started giving me tons of $h!t about being friends with so many males, coming with me to even the gas station, and demanding all our time be spent together as if we were suddenly (2 weeks into it) into a long-term relationship.
Keeping in mind I've been in IT forever (20 years) and also a musician. In both male-dominated fields, I had just simply met more men through the years than women who shared my passion, interests, etc - the ingredients for friendship, comradery, etc. I even GOT into the music scene in the first place to socialize more, meet people, make friends.
Many of my "guy friends" I'd known for years were either married, taken, or just not my type (lest I'd have tried to date them when I was single?), and it was platonic in every sense, right down to me basically being "one of the guys" so to speak.
While I'm an attractive woman and I look early 30s versus 40, I've also dealt with countless unwanted advances over the years, and know how to handle myself. He didn't see it that way - he saw it that since there's so many pervy dudes out there, that I needed protection. I made it 40 years thus far, pal...
One night, about a month into dating him, we got into a HUGE fight about one of my platonic male-musician friends (let's call him Stan). I was putting on makeup for us to go out, and Dean was already drinking heavily, pounding down Mickey's and vodka like they were water, refusing to eat dinner I was planning to make. He kept on and on about how he didn't want to go to a show - he didn't "feel well" - and didn't want me to go, either. Since I work from home full time, I like getting out of the house on weekends. Reluctantly, however, I finished my makeup and told him we can snag food and just have a night in. The fight should have ended there, but it erupted further. He kept rattling on how my friend Stan is a POS, blah blah blah, until I lost my patience and told him he was acting like an ass.
That was it. It then erupted to him shouting, harassing me, following me around my house, all the while I'm spiraling out in an Aspergers-fueled meltdown (no one likes being yelled at, but it gets pretty intense if you're mildly autistic). I had demanded he leave, but he wouldn't, and even though he had called his dad at this point a few times. Long story short, the evening was a bit of a blur but so much drama. wow.
That was month 1.
We continued to bicker about social media and although I had unfriended/unfollowed and even had to give up friends (like Stan), he was still jealous, and sought control.
About a month after the HUGE fight, I cleaning the kitchen and found a folded piece of paper on the table. Thinking it was mine as I write shopping lists, or perhaps it was my son's, I unfolded it...… reveal a worksheet that was from his domestic violence class????
Not knowing what it was, I showed him and asked. Instantly he asked for a ride home and was just white like a ghost. I demanded to know more and he broke down, admitting that he had been charged with domestic violence in his prior relationship, and was put on 2-year probation.
Keeping in mind he didn't offer this information to me and I found out by opening that folded piece of paper, I exercised my IT skills and did research, looking up court cases, and even paying for a background check on him. He was also charged for domestic violence a year PRIOR to that, where he had gotten into a fight with his mom.
He conveniently excused the DV charges, saying his ex gf was cheating on him and they had gotten into a yelling match gone wrong, and the charges with his mom were dropped.
So I believed him. I at least gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Then I started looking into HIS social media, and was appalled. He had been following dozens of porn chicks on Instagram, and had about 700 out of 1200 hot chick "friends" on Facebook. Confronting him with this hypocrisy, he just deactivated his social media, and didn't want to talk about it.
From that point onward, we got into about 2 dozen arguments about social media. I felt it was unfair that I was harshly judged for being friends with platonic guys, yet he was oogling porn and hot girls from his past (even hearting all their profile pics, telling them they're gorgeous). I get men are "visual creatures", but honestly women are as well, plus I had already unfriended actual friends, and was made to feel guilty for being friends with men in the first place. Yet he could call his "friends" gorgeous?!?!?!
Eventually, he deleted Instagram for good and reactivated his FB and removed all the "chicks" from his list, but then promptly deactivated FB again, saying social media was junk and he was done with it. Not an uncommon feeling nowdays, even though I've never had the desire to deactivate FB or Insta.
Fast forward to the past month with Dean, and things were markedly better. We didn't bicker, no arguments (big or small), and it felt like things were gonna work out.
If it wasn't for him constantly "joking" about me talking to other men every time I picked up my phone, then I'd have been able to heal from our rocky start and really be happy. Here I'm in "nesting" mode, looking at comforter sets or browsing Amazon for a new Fitbit, and here he is, asking me if I'm chatting with other guys. It got to the point where I was like, well if I'm going to be accused of it, I might as WELL cheat. But I still didn't. For one, how could I even cheat if I let my past go, and also wasn't allowed to leave my house without him?
Also - keep in mind if someone is constantly accusing you of cheating, doesn't that mean they might have a guilty mind??? While he would "check in" on me even while in the bathroom taking a number 2, yet he would lock the door when he would take a shower or go to the bathroom. It doesn't take 20 minutes to poop, Dean, and you always showered RIGHT after work when you got home. hrmmm….cheating while driving MY car??? I mean, if he could hide for two months going to a group therapy thing every week, what ELSE was HE hiding??
So in summary... I tried to make things work.
I feel right in having doubts moving forward, and for being suspicious of HIS behavior. I have a son to protect, and part of that is showing him what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships.
TL;DR Question being, would I even BE in my right mind to take this guy back? Despite how much he says he loves me, he can't offer me any explanation of his behavior, doesn't seem entirely truthful about his past, seems overly jealous and controlling, and we had a rocky start?
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2018.11.20 00:27 phyrexio Procurei no Google o nome de todos os meus colegas de classe da terceira e quarta série e OLHA SÓ NO QUE DEU...

Meio desabafo, meio bate-papo, quis escrever esse post porque queria colocar pra fora esse sentimento meio esquisito que estou sentindo agora.

Estava arrumando umas gavetas velhas daqui de casa e encontrei um material escolar bem antigo, da primeira, terceira e quarta série. Deixei de lado pra pesquisar depois o nome dos colegas de turma. A atividade/trabalho da primeira série não tinha os nomes completos, só o primeiro nome, então não ajudou muito, mas como me mantive na mesma escola até o fim da terceira, alguns colegas estariam no no segundo livrinho, o da terceira série.

Comecei a procurar, um por um. Era um colégio particular de média renda (se é que essa expressão existe), então logo apareceram alguns perfis públicos de LinkedIn e Facebook, com cara de bem-sucedidos e que, por mais que eu não lembrasse do rosto, a idade aparente me confirmava que era colega de escola. Sobre os rostos realmente familiares, veio a primeira paixãozinha. O nome é muito simples, e partilhado com uma celebridade global, então já sabia que seria um saco pra encontrar. Procurei, procurei, procurei, fiz o macete de colocar "-nome" no Google pra filtrar os resultados da celebridade, mas nada de conseguir. Joguei no Facebook, nada também. Encontrava algumas pessoas com mesmo nome, mas muito diferente do que eu lembrava. O mais estranho era que eu já tinha encontrado a pessoa ano passado, acho, no Facebook, e tinha reconhecido de cara, então com certeza reconheceria agora de novo. Voltei pro Google e coloquei "nome + cidade", e apareceu um link do Facebook com marcações de check-in, e estava lá no meio "Fulano esteve com Ciclano na Padaria da Vovozinha", até que finalmente achei. Abri o perfil e era a pessoa mesmo. Todas as fotos bloqueadas, mas ainda assim dava pra perceber. Tinha também um amigo em comum que estudou comigo quando era pequeno. Tentei procurar no Instagram mas não deu em nada, por conta do nome simples e compartilhado com a celebridade. Adicionei no Facebook só por adicionar mesmo, sem pretensões nenhumas.

Continuando a busca, as coisas ficaram mais engraçadas (?), mais curiosas: alguns eu voltaria a reencontrar durante a vida na faculdade. Uma das pessoas vejo com certa frequência pegando o mesmo fretado que eu na faculdade, e sempre achei familiar. Como nunca tive curiosidade de saber seu nome nem nada, ficou por isso mesmo, achei que a sensação era por conta de achar a pessoa bonita, sei lá. Muitos (mais do que eu esperava) colegas citados em processos judiciais (não sei ler um processo judicial, mas me aparentou que um era por porte ilegal de arma, outro por pensão, outro por isso, por aquilo, outro citado como advogado, etc), outros com perfis fechados de Facebook, alguns perfis simples de LinkedIn, e outros amigos (próximos) meus. Um (praticamente meu rival dos tempos de escola) virou fez engenharia química e virou DJ, o outro, meu melhor amigo, com quem tive um quase-contato há uns 6 ou 7 anos, continuava na Ordem Demolay, o terceiro não consegui encontrar, também por partilhar nome com uma celebridade.

Outro ponto que acho que vale comentar aqui é sobre um dos que virou nome de escola municipal. Que estranho, por quê será? Será que aconteceu alguma coisa? Voltei às artimanhas do Google e procurei por "nome -emeb", pra retirar o termo "emeb" das buscas. Outro processo judicial, e desta vez seu nome era citado como vítima de um acidente violento de carro, envolvendo sua morte e de uma outra pessoa.

Finalmente, começaria a quarta série. Mudei de escola, e fui para uma escola pública da cidade, onde ficaria apenas meio ano estudando, pois me mudaria de Estado. Como forma de homenagem, a professora Telma me fez um livrinho de despedida, com mensagens de adeus, saudades, que seja feliz! de todos os alunos da classe, e seus respectivos endereços para que eu enviasse cartas(!). Fez, também, uma foto de toda a turma, e escreveu embaixo todos os nomes, seguindo fileira por fileira, como que uma legenda.

Não foi a primeira vez que eu peguei esses caderninhos e olhei com nostalgia meus ex-colegas de turma, mas uma das pessoas também me chamava a atenção, bem no centro da foto, e era a primeira pessoa a deixar seu depoimento. Procurei o nome, e logo achei no Facebook. O sobrenome não era o mesmo (o último era diferente), não parecia ser exatamente a mesma pessoa, tinha mudado o cabelo, mas era tão familiar que doía. Olhei as fotos lado a lado e tirei a dúvida da qual já sabia a resposta. As fotos de perfil eram de casamento, daí a mudança de nome, e tinham embaixo a tag pró-Bolsonaro. Estranhei um pouco, já que pelo endereço, era de um bairro muito pobre da cidade. Fiquei um tempo olhando e olhando as fotos, com uma sensação estranhíssima de nostalgia, de memória.
Quanto aos demais, não foi tão fácil encontrá-los quanto os da terceira série. Poucos eram bem-sucedidos, tanto é que encontrei o perfil de LinkedIn de um dos colegas com cargo médio-alto numa empresa de engenharia, fiquei quase que aliviado. Talvez seja por conta de ter sido uma escola pública, sei lá. Claro que não foi inteiramente por isso que não encontrei todos: como eram as próprias crianças que escreviam o depoimento, muitas colocaram apenas o primeiro nome. Dos que encontrei, mais uma vez alguns vários citados em processos, perfis normais de Facebook e tal.

Gosto muito, muito mesmo, de De Volta Para o Futuro, e penso naquelas cenas em que Marty encontra os pais nos tempos de colégio, em toda essa coisa de interferir no passado; penso, sei lá, no filme Efeito Borboleta quando o Ashton Kutcher vive e revive a história em diferentes situações possíveis com a menina que ele gosta lá.

Com tudo isso, comecei a pensar nessa filosofia barata de segunda-feira à noite sobre a estatística das coisas. Alguns bem-sucedidos, alguns processados, muitos medianos. Um morto. Dois amores de criança.

Caralho, escrevi demais. Pra fechar: estou aqui agora me abrindo pra um monte de estranhos, só pra poder contar um pouco disso tudo pra alguém. De vez em quando paro de escrever e fico encarando a parede ou a escrivaninha, com essa nostalgia esquisita que sempre me vem quando penso nisso tudo.
Se você leu tudo, obrigado.
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2018.09.13 09:49 ramonchek 5 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

5 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas
We’ve all seen that one Instagram photo: the one with a halo diamond engagement ring that has the caption, “I said yes!” Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Instagram post—it’s just that we’ve seen it many times over. If you’re not into a traditional Tiffany setting or the halo setting (the Tiffany’s modern equivalent), there are still plenty of engagement ring options for you to choose from.Many brides and grooms in the modern era are ditching traditions to make their weddings—and all of the accessories that come with it—truly their own. Here are a few ideas for finding that perfect non-traditional engagement ring that fits your personal style.

1. Go for Another Stone
The easiest way to set your engagement ring apart from the rest is to ditch the diamond. Whether you’re not a fan of the diamond industry because of conflict diamonds or you just don’t like the look of them, going with another stone is certainly a more colorful and non-traditional approach to the engagement ring. Go with your birthstone gem or a stone in a color that you often wear.
A pearl ring might be a good compromise if you want a traditional style without the cookie cutter look of a diamond. If you still want a diamond but don’t want the same old look, diamonds are increasingly available in other colors like gray, black, or even aquamarine.

2. Choose a Non-Traditional Setting
Jewelers are starting to catch on that not every engaged person has a one-size-fits-all kind of style. Luckily this knowledge means that there are far more options for you to get an engagement ring look that you really love. Though the popular pronged setting is perfectly lovely, there are definitely way more settings to choose from that may suit your taste a little more.
The bezel setting is a unique look where the stone is completely encased in a precious metal. This is not only a complete contrast to a typical pronged setting, but it’s also one of the safest ways to set your ring because it’s less likely that the stone will get damaged. (Bonus: the stone is also less likely to rip out your hair when you run your fingers through it!)
Another unique setting style is the bar setting, where the stone (or stones) sits between two thin metal bars. This setting is often used in bracelets, but isn’t seen as often in engagement rings. A bar setting allows the stone to catch a lot of light and gives the ring a really modern, sleek look.

3. Play Around With Unique Bands
The classic wedding band is usually thin, round, and typically plays second fiddle to the large stone. However, there is a lot of room to make the band the star of the show in order to get a truly unique look for your engagement ring.
Try a square band, which is quite a jump from the traditional round band. Square bands create a funky, geometrically intriguing look for your engagement ring and are supposed to have a much more comfortable fit. You could also go with an engagement ring that has several small stones all over the band, often referred to as a forever ring.

4. Go Vintage
If you love old-fashioned things and most of your clothes and home décor comes from an antique store, you might want to consider shopping for a vintage engagement ring. Grab your partner, set a budget, and check out the jewelry section of your local antique store or conduct your search at a weekend flea market.
Many vintage-obsessed brides are on the lookout for art deco rings, which are solitaire gems that are framed with handcrafted geometric metal. Cluster rings and floral rings, popular in the 1960s and 1970s, will also likely set your ring apart from all the solitaire settings that you often see on modern brides. Buying vintage will not only help you stand out from everyone else, but you’ll also have a really great story to tell about your hunt for the perfect ring.

5. Try a More Minimalist Look
Mila Kunis recently gave an interview saying that she and husband Ashton Kutcher spent a grand total of $190 on their wedding rings that they purchased on Etsy. Mila’s wedding ring is thin and minimalist. If you hate the idea of a really ostentatious ring or you’re worried about the expense of a traditional engagement ring, consider just going with a simple band. They’re cheaper, they match with everything, and they aren’t are often easier to replace.

Go With What You Like
Remember, when it comes to modern weddings, the new rule is no rules. Look for a ring that fits your personality, your budget, and one that makes you happy. No one even says you have to get an engagement ring — try a bracelet, necklace, or get a tattoo in lieu of a piece of custom jewelry. Whatever your style, make all of your wedding accessories fit you and not the other way around.
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2018.08.07 23:00 autobuzzfeedbot 42 Facts About Celebrity Couples That'll Make You Believe In Love

  1. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fell in love on a vacation to Lake Como in 2007. During the trip, a tour guide took them to a spot on the lake and told them to make a wish. Chrissy asked for John to be the man she marry and have children with. Six years later, they returned to the same spot for their wedding.
  2. Despite it becoming one of the most successful love songs of all time, "All of Me" was actually written by John Legend as a gift to Chrissy a month before their wedding. And, despite being known for her ~snarkiness,~ Chrissy cried when she heard it.
  3. David Beckham knew Victoria was his soulmate before he'd even met her. After seeing the Spice Girls' video for "Say You'll Be There," he pointed to Victoria and told his friend: "That girl there? That's the girl I'm going to marry."
  4. When they finally did meet in the Manchester United player's lounge, David plucked up the courage to ask for Victoria's number. She wrote it down on a London to Manchester plane ticket, and he's kept it to this day.
  5. Ryan Reynolds realised Blake Lively was ~The One~ while they were dancing together in a deserted restaurant.
  6. For Blake, it was the realisation that Ryan is her best friend — the first person she's ever been with who she "likes" as well as loves.
  7. But after Blake gave birth to their first baby, Ryan reached new levels of love for her. Speaking in 2015, he said: “I’m not one for declarations of sentiment across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I’d ever been in my entire life. I couldn’t believe it.”
  8. Blake and Ryan also show their love through the gifts they give each other. Blake once gave Ryan a book of short stories written by loved ones. And he once gifted her a video compilation of all the people who have had an impact on her life.
  9. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi met backstage at an awards show, and for Portia it was love at first sight. “She took my breath away,” she later recalled. “That had never happened to me in my entire life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry.”
  10. When same-sex marriage was legalised four years after they began dating, the pair tied the knot. On their wedding day, Ellen described Portia as: "My anchor, my safety. I'm going to be with her until the day I die."
  11. In fact, Ellen still can't believe how lucky she is to have found Portia. Speaking shortly after they married in 2008, she said: "Sometimes I'll lie in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever, is out there."
  12. And Portia showed the extent of her love for Ellen when, on her 60th birthday, she acknowledged her wife's dedication to wildlife and set up a campus in her name which would work to save gorillas in Rwanda.
  13. Adam Brody and Leighton Meester might be the '00s TV show pairing of dreams, but they're notoriously private. However, during a Reddit Q&A in 2015, Adam was asked: "How much do you love Leighton?" He answered: "Infinity."
  14. Justin Timberlake frequently finds himself gazing at Jessica Biel and thinking that marrying her was the best decision he'll ever make.
  15. Mila Kunis' first ever kiss was with her now husband, Ashton Kutcher, on That '70s Show. At the time, the pair were just friends and not romantically involved. 17 years later, however, Mila revealed there was something there from the start.
  16. But Mila and Ashton began their relationship as ~friends with benefits.~ Several months into the arrangement, however, Mila realised she was developing feelings for him and so called the whole thing off.
  17. The next day Ashton turned up at Mila's house at eight in the morning, and told her: "Let's move in together." At first, Mila protested that he wasn't ready for such commitment so soon after divorce but then he laid down his trump card and said: "I'm not going to lose you."
  18. Will and Jada Smith prefer the term "life partner" to "husband" or "wife," because they've reached a point where there are no deal breakers in their relationship.
  19. What's more, they even designed their house with a circular floor plan to symbolise their never ending love.
  20. And, this year, they'll have been together for more than half their lives.
  21. Neil Patrick Harris met David Burtka on the street in New York when he bumped into a friend who was hanging out with David. Neil described him as a “brooding James Dean type,” and admired him from afar for years until the relationship ended and the “stars aligned.”
  22. Two years into their relationship, the pair were on their way to an event in New York. David stopped the car and led Neil out onto the street. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. At first, Neil was confused. But then the penny dropped — they were in the exact same spot as when they first met.
  23. These days, the pair talk on the phone "at least eight times a day" and text "25 times a day."
  24. Michelle Obama once said that the key to her marriage lasting was being in a "true partnership" with Barack, in which they both respected each other equally.
  25. And he said that he'd come to learn how to be "thoughtful," and "introspective" so that every aspect of their relationship was equal.
  26. But ultimately for Barack, his love for Michelle can be summed up succinctly: "She is my rock. And I count on her in so many ways, every single day."
  27. Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef both had exactly the same thought when they first met each other: “I’m marrying this guy.”
  28. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer first met in 1978 after her partner, John Cazale, died of bone cancer. She was invited to move into the empty apartment of her brother’s friend Don, who was away travelling. When he returned, she ended up staying and then getting married. Four children and 40 years of marriage later, the pair are more in love than ever.
  29. Oprah Winfrey and her partner Stedman Graham have been together for 32 years, and the talk show host maintains their relationship has lasted because he supports her rather than being intimidated by her.
  30. When she has to spend time away from Stedman for work, Oprah keeps an iPad filled with things he says to her for motivation.
  31. And her pet name for him is "Honey Graham."
  32. If it weren't for Orange is the New Black, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli may never have got together.
  33. When Samira found out that Lauren was married, it was "like a little dagger in my heart," but she vowed to keep their relationship platonic out of a desire to "do the right thing."
  34. After telling her husband how she felt, Lauren spent a year trying to mend her marriage and going through couples' therapy. She had few other gay female friends, and so confided in Samira, and in doing so, fell in love.
  35. Once her marriage had officially ended, Lauren invited Samira to her new home. There, she gave her a ring which Samira now wears around her neck, and a card that said: "Will you be my girlfriend?" Three years later, they tied the knot.
  36. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell may have been together for 35 years, but they've never felt the need to walk down the aisle. Instead, Goldie says a successful, lasting relationship isn't about marriage but "compatibility and communication. You both need to want it to work."
  37. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard make no secret of the fact that marriage is hard work — but she likens the emotional labour to building a toolbox.
  38. But that's not to say they're not fans of the odd romantic gesture.
  39. John Krasinski was such a huge fan of Emily Blunt before they'd even met, that he'd watched The Devil Wears Prada over 75 times.
  40. And the feeling clearly came to be mutual when they did meet. According to Emily, she fell in love with "disarmingly fast" the moment she first saw him in a restaurant. Within 10 months they were engaged.
  41. Emily has credited much of her success to John's fervent belief in and support of her, which makes her feel "invincible."
  42. And, finally, John recently revealed that the "best days" of his life only started when he met Emily.
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